SARK LAUNCHES                  

TERESA OF SARK              1972 - 1983

Owner          Roussel Navigation Co. Ltd.

Operator       Isle of Sark Shipping Co. Ltd.

Built             Cheverton Workboats Ltd., Cowes  1972

Dimensions   40’  x  11’6”  x  4’           

Propulsion     2 x Thornycroft / Ford diesels.  15kts

Passengers    46

1972 March 21. Launched.

1972 March 24. Delivered Guernsey.

1973 April 12.   Returned to service, with stern cockpit enclosed, and

                        provision of extra entrance door each side aft.

1975 April 18.  On trials after having new General Motors Detroit diesel

                        engines installed, and top of cabin built up to allow extra


1983 March.     Sold to Boscome & Weymouth Sea Cruises Ltd.

1994 13 October to 29 January 1995 vessel registered as a fishing vessel at

                       Poole with markings PE 195.      Info from F&A Dept website.

Picture : © PHOTO ONE 686/1  007cw  120k  

TERESA OF SARK photographed on August 16 1972, before the   alterations at the aft end of the cockpit.                                                                        

Picture : © PHOTO ONE  686/6  009cw  54.0k  

TERESA OF SARK returning to St. Peter Port  28 August

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  004cw  11.3k  

TERESA OF SARK        August 14  1974                                  

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 75/C4/33 010cw  46.2   

Sark to Guernsey  4 July 1975               


L’ETOILE DE SERK                       1974 - 1992

Owner          Isle of Sark Sg. Co. Ltd.

Builder          Guernsey Boatbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd.

Built on a      Jack Powles 45’ glass fibre hull.

Dimensions   45’  beam 14’6”

Propulsion     2 x General Motors Detroit diesel engines  19kts

1974 June 8.   Launched by Scotch derrick.

1974 June 17. Named in Creux Harbour, Sark by La Dame de Sark.

1974 June 24. Entered service with the 18:00 sailing to Sark.

1992 December 23. Loaded on SLOMAN RECORD having been sold, and

                         left bound for Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  101cw  24.6k     

L’ETOILE DE SERK off St. Peter Port  August 28  1974.         

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 1424cw  811.6k  

Another shot taken August 28 1974.                                                          

Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE 402cw  9.2k  

Approaching Sark August 13 1981.        

Picture  : © PHOTO ONE 202cw  87.0k  

Pictured arriving St. Peter Port   June 26 1991                                    


L’ESPRIT DE SERK                        1975 - 1992

Owner          Isle of Sark Sg. Co. Ltd.

Builder         Guernsey Boatbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd.   1975

                    Built on a Jack Powles glass fibre hull.

Dimensions   53’8”  x  14’6”  x  5’     Passengers  97    

Propulsion    2 x General Motors Detroit diesel engines  19kts  

1975 June 10. Floated pm.

1975 June 17. Passed DOTI trials.

1975 June 18. Maiden voyage     

1992 November 24. Loaded on to KORA for transport to Rotterdam, having

                     been sold to a Dutch buyer.

2015 By this date vessel was named BRASAO DA CIDADE and operating

                    across the Portuguese river Roa Limia between Viana do Castelo                     and Cabeelo for Passelo Fluvial, see web site.

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 1643cw  52.0k  

L’ESPRIT DE SERK    July 14 1975                                                 

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  008cw  17.62k    

Passing under Point Robert, August 13 1981.                                     008w  23.4k

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE    

Another shot August 13 1981.                                                           009w  14.6k


                      CONDOR LAUNCHES at Sark  

     Used at Sark to transfer passengers from the Condor hydrofoils to the      harbour.


1977 SKYLARK  Acquired by Condor , sold at end of 1980  

1978 JOANNE OF SARK  built.

1981 SILHOUETTE acquired

1983 26 March. SILHOUETTE lost at Sark.

1983   SERENITY  chartered to cover the loss of SILHOUETTE

1984  HERM TRIDENT III  chartered.

1985  CONDOR KESTREL built.

Picture : © PHOTO ONE   320cw  116.9k  

WHITE HEATHER II  Pictured off Sark   September 17  1974      

Picture : © PHOTO ONE  301cw  140.3k  

WHITE HEATHER III   Pictured off Sark September 17  1974                                   

Picture : © PHOTO ONE  C9/15 305cw 76.1

WHITE HEATHER III  approaching CONDOR 5 to ferry her passengers to the harbour. 28 July 1976                                                                    

Picture : © PHOTO ONE  76/C9/1  315cw  84.8k      

Passengers disembark across WHITE HEATHER III into WHITE HEATHER II.                                                                                                                     

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  76/C9/2  301cw 112.7k  

WHITE HEATHER III  alongside  WHITE HEATHER II in Creux Harbour.   September 1976

The latter vessel remained moored overnight at Sark, while the former returned to St. Peter Port with Alf Taylor and some crew.  



SKYLARK (ex Herm) was purchased by Condor Ltd from R.W. Taylor and she replaced WHITE HEATHER II but the service was still operated by Alf Taylor, the latter remained laid up at St. Peter Port.


For the 1978 season the tender service was placed in the hands of the Isle of Sark Shipping Co. using SKYLARK (ex Herm) and initially TERESA OF SARK which was replaced mid season by the newly built JOANNE OF SARK.


Owner            Roussel Nav. Co. Ltd. (Mgr  Isle of Sark Sg. Co. Ltd.)

Built               1978 .

Dimensions     42’ x  15’

Single screw   G.M. 6V53

Passengers     46

1978 August 31.  Entered service.

1988 31 December to 24 May 1993 vessel registered as a fishing vessel at

                      Folkestone with markings FE 65.   Info from F&A Dept website.

Photo : © PHOTO ONE 001cw  36.6k  

JOANNE OF SARK   Pictured off Sark 13 August 1981                       



Built            Camper & Nicholson

Dimensions 45’ x 12’6”

Passengers  86

1981   Acquired from Herm Island Ferries by Condor Ltd., for use as a tender           at Sark.

1983 night of 27/28 March broke from her mooring at Sark and was smashed

          to pieces on rocks.

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  2551acw  68.96k  

SILHOUETTE operating at Sark as the Condor Launch  August 13 1981.

SERENITY        Chartered in 1983 to replace SILHOUETTE

Picture  :  © Dave Hocquard   

SERENITY seen moored to the Condor pontoon in St. Peter Port September 24 1983.

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE   

Vessel seen at Dartmouth in September 1986.

1984   HERM TRIDENT III chartered as tender.


Built            Marine & General,    1985

Tonnage      28grt

Dimensions  52’ x 20.5’   

Propulsion   2 x DAF 300hp diesels.

Passengers  100

1985 February 22. Vessel launched by Mrs. Anne Guilbert

1988 11 May. CONDOR 8 entered service, and as she could berth alongside           the La Maselin jetty at Sark there was no requirement for a tender to           transfer passengers, and thus the vessel was redundant.

1989 ? Sold to J. A. Thompson (Torbay Seaways), Brixham and renamed


1999 4 November. SEAWAYS EXPRESS arrived Jersey upon sale to South            Coast Cruises Ltd., and renamed SOUTHERN BAY ROSE in 2000.

2016 Sold early in year to Jetstream Tours, Rochester and renamed

                                                                                       JACOB MARLET

Picture  :               

CONDOR KESTREL seen at the St. Sampson’s yard and with the amount of people on the quay it could be the day of her launch 22 February 1985.

Picture  :  © John Bougourd  

CONDOR KESTREL returning to St. Peter Port after a day ferrying at Sark.


Private Launches.

A number of private launches are able to carry up to twelve passengers operate under licence, and two are shown below.

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP93/2/30  201cw  31.86k   

ISABELLA OF SARK seen ashore at the yard at St. Sampson’s on March 6 1993, owned by Sir Peter Miller and chartered to Isle of Sark Sg. as required. Built 1989 and sold by July 2010.

L’ESPRIT DE SERK (II) Owned by John Carre, and based at Sark, the vessel was built on a Halmatic hull by Guernsey Boatbuilders.

Early in the morning of 28 December  2003 she broke from her mooring at La Maseline, and was smashed to pieces on rocks.

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  301cw  105.7k   

L’ESPRIT DE SERK (II) Based at Sark, and seen arriving there on August 14 1996.

Picture  :  ©  PHOTO 201acw  40.0k  

Another shot on 14 August 1996, showing her making a call at La Rosiere Steps Herm.  

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 96w  153k  

Seen departing St. Peter Port May 27 2003.


The small NON PAREIL owned by George Guille has for many years provided trips around the Island for visitors.

Picture  : ©  Des Lyver.  201acw  24.8k  

A perfect day for a trip round Sark.

Picture  : © Des Lyver.   003cw  101k  

Emerging from the Moie De Mouton Cave, Sark.

Picture  : © PHOTO ONE  72acw  136k  

Seen under the cliffs of Dixcart Bay.


Based in Guernsey and owned by Buz White who operates as Guernsey Boat Charter. The vessel was rebuilt from a fire damaged hull in 1992, and is licenced to carry 12 passengers.

Picture  : © PHOTO ONE 2032CW  31.2k  

ACCESS CHALLENGER outward bound from St. Peter Port 25 February 1998.


The vessel is based in Sark and owned by Ray Lowe, and operates under the banner of the Eventgroup, and provides a charter service as required.

Built at Penryn, Cornwall, and completed in July 1998, she is a Cygnus 38’ and is powered by two Cummings 6BTA engines giving a speed of 20 knots, and is MCA certified as a passenger vessel able to operate up to 60 miles offshore.

Following the loss of L’ESPRIT DE SERK in December 2003, TE-AROHA took over the provision of the summer twice weekly service from Sark to Herm.

Picture  : ©  0866acw 44.6k

Sark based TE-AROHA seen approaching La Maseline 4 July 2014 .