List of Herm Vessels and Crews

                                                                           Picture  :               

Scene at the Town Church slip in about 1954, with Fred Zabiela’s LADY JUNE and Percy Ferguson’s FERMAIN III.                                       Gz301  904k

                                                           Picture  :               

The same two boats as above, but with FERMAIN V on the inside, and LADY JUNE now with a wheelhouse, and sporting a light blue hull, as is ISLE OF HERM - the colours of the new Herm Combine. FERMAIN VI is on the outside.  Picture after 1964.                                                                      Gz324  933k

                                                                                       Picture  :  Tenant of Herm    

Herm launch ARROWHEAD with Len O’Brien at the wheel, leaving the Island with the White House Hotel in the background.                                       301w  1.27m



                        Picture  :               

Another picture of the slip, with LADY JUNE using the steps in the steps in the corner to load passengers.                                                                      Gz025 729k



Picture : by Norman Grut, Published by Guernsey Press Ltd.  GPG 121  P55752

Above and below two pictures taken about five minutes apart. Above LADY JUNE is departing the slip, while MAYWOOD moves to take her place. Below MAYWOOD is loaded and moving off while FERMAIN V waits to  load.

Note that the same people are in the queue on the slip waiting to board..

                                                                                   Picture  :  Bamforth & Co Ltd. ET 6102   

Note - MAYWOOD now with an after shelter.  

Picture : Precision Ltd.

This picture was taken sometime between 1968 and 1972, and shows l/r unknown herm boat, LADY DOROTHY, FERMAIN VI, ISLE OF HERM, ISLAND QUEEN, FERMAIN V.

                                                                             Picture  :  N.P.O. Ltd. C2148 80214C  301w 1.11m   

HENRY ROSE II comes alongside the steps on the east side of the Albert Pier


                                                                                  Picture  :  N.P.O. Ltd.  C2120-56152C    

MARTHA GUNN swings off the slipway, with a Herm Ferries launch alongside. The former commenced service on April 23 1949.                     Gz042  1m

                                                                                Picture  :  John Hinde  Studios  2J63 gz043 1.06m     

CLACTON GAZELLE of Newton’s Herm Ferry in the Inner Harbour. Card Post marked 1973                                                                                   



                                      Arrow Speedboats Ltd.

                                       Blue Arrow Speedboats

           Owner Bernard D. Gosheron, Les Piverts, Mont-au-Pietre, Jersey.

The 1952 return gives the owner as G. Judd, with only BLUE ARROW and BLUE ARROW I operating, and nothing in the following years.

                                                                                                                        Picture  :  

                    A BLUE ARROW launch at the end of the Albert Pier.           301w  147k

                                                                                                                             Picture  :    303  138k                       

                   A small section of a 1948 post card, showing a BLUE

              ARROW moored in the “Pool”.                                   

The years the craft operated is based on the registration of crews with the Harbour Authorities.

BLUE ARROW I              On 182249          POR Cowes 1948

Built                                    Wotton Creek,  1948

Tonnage          5grt  3nrt

Dimensions     30.0  8.3   3.0    

                      rd 28.9  8.5  3.7

12 pass  2 crew

1949 and 1950

BLUE ARROW  II               On 182250    POR Cowes

Built                                     Wotton Creek, 1948

Tonnage                      5grt  3nrt

Dimensions     30.0  8.6  3.1    

                        rd 28.9  8.5  3.7

10 pass  2 crew

1950 and 1951



Dimensions    30.0  8.6  3.1         

10 pass  2 crew

1950 and 1951

BLUE ARROW  IV        On 182253

No record of this vessel operating under this name. See JERSEY ARROW

BLUE ARROW  V          On 182255      


Buily                                  Wotton Creek 1948

Tonnage                     3grt  2nrt

Dimensions     30.0  8.6  3.1   12 pass  2 crew

Operated 1949 and 1950

BLUE ARROW VI            On 182256

Built                                   Wotton Creek 1948

Tonnage                    3grt  2nrt

Dimensions     30.0  8.3  3.8   

                      22.1  6.5  3.0

12 pass  2 crew

Operated 1949 only


Built                            Wotton Creeks 1947

Tonnage              3grt  2nrt

Dimensions  22.1  6.5  3.0

                                           23.0  6.6  3.6            100bhp

12 pass  2 crew

From 1949 return   

                                                                                                                Picture  :                            300wa 71.6k      

FLYING CHRISTINE after sale to St. John’s Ambulance, and conversion into an ambulance launch, pictured July 22 1952 when launched?.       

1963 10 January. Vessel broke from her moorings early in the day and was smashed against the Connaught Quay and is considered a write off.


                                                                                                            Picture :  G.P.C. Ltd  300wa  99k  

The Railway vessel BRITTANY made and excursion from Jersey to Sark every Monday during the summer months, and the Herm boats were used as tenders.

Here CAPWOOD is loading passengers at the steps in Creux Harbour while a launch is on its way out.                                                                


                                           Herm Ferries Ltd.

                                           t/a  Herm Seaway  

                                HERM SEAWAY EXPRESS Ltd.

                                                 No 30603 Registered 16.02 1996

                                Late 2000 company acquired by Trident Charter Co. Ltd.

                                                  Company dissolved 10.11.2008

The introduction of the trading name Herm Seaway occurred in 1973 when the newly built HERM CLIPPER was put into service, replacing two of the older units of the fleet. The other vessels in the fleet also had Herm Seaway added to their hulls, and the HF on the bow shields were altered to HS.  

By the mid 1990’s the falling tourist numbers resulted in over capacity on the Herm route, and to address this there was consolidation of three of the companies. To facilitate this, on 16 February 1996 two new companies were formed, Herm Seaway Express Ltd. No 30603 and Munson Herm Ferry No 30606.

This allowed ALOUETTE and TYPHOON to be removed from the Herm route, leaving only LADY DOROTHY and HERM CLIPPER to challenge TRIDENT CHARTER on the route. Even this could not reverse the downturn in passengers, and in late 2000 both Herm Seaway Express Ltd., and Munson Herm Ferry Ltd were sold to the Trident Charter Co. Ltd., thus ending nearly sixty of competition on the Herm route.

LADY DOROTHY was sold early the following year, while HERM CLIPPER remained until February 2007 when she to was sold.

ISLE OF SARK              1930  -  1931       

ISLE OF HERM             1931 -   1951   1959  -  1972

CAROL LINDA               

Built            Lloyds Aldert Yard, Woolston.   1922

Length        50’0”    12’ 0”   5’6”

Reg            47.4  11.85

Propulsion  Thorneycroft Diesel  90hp

The vessel was built in 1922 as DESIREE by Lloyds Albert Yard, Woolston for their own account. She arrived at Guernsey in March 1930 being register on March 25 to J. H. Legg, James H. Legg & H. H. Cook, and renamed ISLE OF SARK a month later, and used on the Sark run.

In 1931 due to Southern Railways wanting the name for their new Cross Channel vessel, they approached the owners who agreed to rename the vessel ISLE OF HERM, which took place in September that year.

On April 5 1937, James Harold Legg became the sold owner, who on May 27 1940 sold her to F. J. Kelsick of Guernsey. He remained the owner until January 21 1946 ownership reverted to James Legg, and then on May 29 1947 she was acquired by Island Shipping Co., who were commencing services to Sark. With the demise of that service ISLE OF HERM passed to Joint owners in London on January 18 1951 and registry was transferred to that port.  

The vessel remained working on the River Thames until August 28 1959 when she was again registered in Guernsey, this time to H. T. Ingrouille. The next change occurred on September 11 1962 when she was sold by Lloyds Bank to H. L. Renouf, who kept her until February 8 1968 when she passed to Herm Ferries Ltd.

With a new large vessel being built, ISLE OF HERM was put up for sale in 1972, and on January 19 1973 she passed into the ownership of Fair Deal Monopolies  a Jersey company being renamed CAROL LINDA on April 6, and arriving in Jersey on April 29.

The vessel did not enter service in 1977 due to engine trouble, and then remained laid up, being later sold to Frank Holden for conversion into a fishing boat. She was cut in two and had a gantry add at the “new” stern, but saw little service (if any) until being towed out to sea and scuttled.

See - Jersey Small Passenger Vessels for pictures of CAROL LINDA

                                                        Picture  :  PHOTO ONE  701/1  002  568k

ISLE OF HERM  pictured on August 16 1972 during her last weeks in service, inbound to St. Peter Port on the last sailing of the day.                         

                                                                          Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE   683/1 302web 124k

HIGHLAND LADDIE in use as a fishing boat August 2 1973          


Late 1976 sold to the Foudroyant Trust, Portsmouth.

                                                                                             Picture  : unknown                        301w  448k  

CAPWOOD disembarking passengers at low water using a dinghy.         

                                                                  Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE   101w 7.77k  

CAPWOOD         16 August 1972.                                                   



Owner        R.W. Taylor

Operator     Herm Ferries Ltd

Dimensions 35’ x 11’4” x 2’6”

Proplusion  B.M.C. Diesel  90ho  9.5kts

Was operated at Southampton by Favourite Boats.

1954 Arrived in Guernsey from the Margate area.

1957 Acquired by Herm Ferries

1972 Acquired by R.W. Taylor.

1977 Sold to Condor Ltd., for use as a Sark tender.

1980 Sold at end of season.

                                                                     Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  724/2

SKYLARK inward bound to St. Peter Port July 1974



                                                                       Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  724/3

Photographed August 28 1974


Owner /

Operator     Herm Ferries Ltd.

Built            J.D. Hainsworth Marine, St. Peter Port   Comp May 1966

Dimensions 42’ x 13’ x 2’6”

Propulsion  B.M.C.  Diesel  100hp  8.5kts

Passengers  76

1966 Built as ISLAND QUEEN.

1986 Sold  Gosport Ferry (PHFC) , renamed SOLENT PRINCESS and used

in a consortium on Portsmouth Harbour Tours.   

1996  PHFC left Portsmouth consortium.

1997 November. Vessel on the sales list for £27,950.

1998 Owned by Paignton Pleasure Cruises and used on the Torquay - Paignton


2013 early bought by Cremyll Ferry Company name retained, now blue hull.

                                                                        Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  300wa 61.4k

ISLAND QUEEN photographed 28 August 1974                             

                                                                          Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  81/6C/12/3 301aw

Off Herm August 27 1981.                                 


LADY DOROTHY             1968 - 2000  


Built              C.P. Wilson for Herm Seaways.  Comp May 1968

Dimensions        50’ x 13’ x 3’6”

Propulsion            Leyland diesel  180hp  9.5kts

Passengers        96

1968 Vessel built for Herm Ferries Ltd.

1996 February 16. Owner became part of the new company Herm Seaway             Express Ltd. cn 30603  

2001 March 20. (GEP)  Vessel has been sold, and will move to Ullswater. She             will be taken to Poole and then transported to her new home by road.

            Owner  Ullswater Navigation & Transit Co.,  Glenridding.

                                                                                                        Picture : © PHOTO ONE  689/1

LADY DOROTHY moored with other during the lunch time break August 16 1972.


                                                                          Picture : © PHOTO ONE   689/2

In the Little Russell  26 July 1974                                                     305wa

                                                                                                                Picture : © PHOTO ONE  004c 89.4k

Leaving Herm  14 August 1996                                         

                                                     Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE   CP98/2/6  201c 663k  

LADY DOROTHY alongside HERM CLIPPER on the Castle Emplacement

undergoing refit February 26 1998.



Built                              J.D. Hainsworth (Marine) Ltd., Castle Emplacement.  Yn 023  1973

Tonnage        19grt

Dimensions   54’  x  16’6”  x  3’8”        

Propulsion   Thornycroft 6cyl diesel   180hp  10kts

Passengers    100   

Built to replace ISLE OF HERM and CAPWOOD.

1973 May 14. Launched by Mrs. Mary Wood, wife of the tenant of Herm.

1980 April.  Wheelhouse rebuilt with a funnel atop.

1996 February 16. Owner became part of the new company Herm Seaway             Express Ltd. No 30603.  

2000 Late in year owners acquired by the Trident Charter Co. Ltd.

2007 February. Sold to S.S. Jamieson, Torquay, name retained.

2009 Sold to Greenway Quay & Ferry Services Ltd., renamed CLIPPER.

2015 Early. Owners withdraw from Tor Bay ferry services, and vessel sold to

                 Clipper Cruises Ltd., Torquay, name retained.

                                                                                                     Picture : PHOTO ONE  754/5  300wa  

Inward bound to St. Peter Port 28 August 1974                                         



                                                                        Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  312c 398k  6c/81/12/5  

Approaching Herm, 27 August 1981, showing the alterations made in April 1980 to the wheelhouse with a funnel atop.


                                                                     Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  313c  373k

Another taken on 27 August 1981  6c/81/12/6

                                                                             Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  91/1b/14 005cw 192k

Arriving St. Peter Port 29 June 1991                                                         




                                               Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  91/1b/18  030cw 216.3k

HERM CLIPPER  Departing  29 June 1991                                       



                                                                                        Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  1613c  363k

Off Herm August 14 1996.       

                                                                       Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP98/2/7  203cw  723k

HERM CLIPPER with LADY DOROTHY February 26 1998.


                                            Inter - Island Ferry

Was acquired early in 1975 by L. O’Brien owner of Herm Express Ferry, but will continue under the Inter-Island banner, and the vessels will have HERM ISLAND FERRY on their hulls.

MAYWOOD was advertised for sale in January 1976, and was sold before the start of the season to Tagoa Ltd of Lowestoft to provide trips at that port.

                                                   Picture : © PHOTO ONE 688/1  300wa 139k

Arriving St. Peter Port   August 16 1972                                  

                                                                                         Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  007c 489k  

MAYWOOD in the Little Russell   August 24 1974.                                        

                                                                    Picture  : © PHOTO ONE  1975/c8/34 2229 346k

MAYWOOD with her two red fleet members on October 28  1975, shortly before her sale. On the inside of ALOUETTE is HARPOON.              


                                    Herm Express Ferries                               

                          HERM SEAWAY EXPRESS Ltd.

                                           No 30603 Registered 16.02 1996    

                        Late 2000 company acquired by Trident Charter Co. Ltd.

                                             Company dissolved 10.11.2008

In 1967 Len O’Brien purchased SILHOUETTE and ALOUETTE, two sister vessels which had been operated in the Portsmouth / Southsea area by Mr. Knopp.

In early 1975 owner acquired  Inter - Island Ferry and its vessel MAYWOOD, which was given a red hull, and the hull titling was altered to HERM ISLAND FERRY.

By the mid 1990’s the falling tourist numbers resulted in over capacity on the Herm route, which saw consolidation of three of the companies. To facilitate this, on 16 February 1996 two new companies were formed Herm Seaway Express Ltd. No 30603 and Munson Herm Ferry No 30606. With this ALOUETTE was sold to be used on the Fermain Bay service.

1975 MAYWOOD  sold early 1976

1981 SILHOUETTE sold to Condor.


Owner            Len O’Brien t/a Herm Express Ferries

Built               Camper & Nicholson

Dimensions    45’ x 12’6”

Passengers      86

1967 Acquired by Len O’Brien

1981 Sold to Condor Ltd., for use as a tender at Sark.

1983 night of 27/28 March broke from her mooring at Sark and was smashed

        to pieces on the rocks.

                                                                           Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  0005  76.8k   

SILHOUETTE    August 28 1974                                                  

                                                                                                 Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  1676c  656k  

Outbound to Herm.   July 26 1974                                                                                                         

                                                                                                       Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE


SILHOUETTE operating at Sark as the Condor Launch  August 13 1981.




Owner            Len O’Brien t/a Herm Express Ferries

Built               Camper & Nicholson

Dimensions    45’ x 12’6” x 3’

Propulsion      Parsons Porbeagle  (Ford)   46hp    8.5kts

Passengers     85


1966 Acquired and brought to Guernsey

1976 Sold to Inter-Island Ferries so the company could keep the kiosk at the top        of the Crown Pier.

1980 March 12. Vessel advertised for sale in Jersey Evening  Post for £9,000

1985 early. Vessel rebuilt with higher gunwalls and wheel house moved forward.  

1996 16 February. Owner became part of the new company Herm Seaway Express Ltd. No 30603 and ALOUETTE was sold to be used on the Fermain Bay service.

                                                          Picture : © PHOTO ONE  725/1 310wa 148k

ALOUETTE photographed  August 2 1972                                   

                                                                                                Picture : © PHOTO ONE 1665c 629k

Herm to St. Peter Port July 14 1975.

                                                                                                         Picture : © PHOTO ONE  81/6C/12/2    

ALOUETTE  Leaving Herm  August 27 1981.                             

Vessel was re-built early in 1985, the sides being raised and the steering position position moved forward.   

                                                                                                              Picture  :  John Hinde Studios  201w  159k

A post card of ALOUETTE departing the Victoria Marina.

                                                                                                                         Picture  :  PHOTO ONE  CP91/1b/7a  1573c 139k

Leaving St. Peter Port   June 29 1991                                             

Vessel had been re-built early 1985, the sides being raised and the steering position position moved forward.   

                                                                                   Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE CP97/2/3  1536cw  56.7k

ALOUETTE being used as a Fermain Ferry. April 21 1997





                                             RON MUNSON

                                   MUNSON HERM FERRY

                               MUNSON HERM FERRY Ltd.

                                                 No 30606 Registered 16.02 1996    

                          Late 2000 company acquired by Trident Charter Co. Ltd.

                                                  Company dissolved 10.11.2008

By the mid 1990’s the falling tourist numbers resulted in over capacity on the Herm route, and the consolidation of three of the operators. To facilitate this, on 16 February 1996 two new companies were formed Herm Seaway Express Ltd. No 30603 and Munson Herm Ferry No 30606, which resulted in TYPHOON being removed from the Herm service, and she was then used as the Jethou supply boat.

HARPOON  1966 - 1977      

TYPHOON 1978 - 1999

Built              D.J. Le Page, St. Sampson’s  1966

Dimensions  35’  x  17’  x  4’   

Propulsion   B.M.C. Sealord  100hp    7.5kts        

Passengers   66          

Vessel designed by Ron Munson.

1965 November 11. Keel laid.  1966 June 14.     Launched as HARPOON.  

1978 Renamed TYPHOON  .        

1996 16 February. Munson Herm Ferries Limited formed. Vessel then used as                  the Jethou supply boat.                    

1996 September 20. Advertised for sale in the Jersey Evening Post.

1999 Vessel sold to M.D. Barrow, Torquay. Name retained.

2007  Sold to Greenway Quay & Ferry Service, Brixham renamed

                                                                               TORQUAY BELLE.

2015 Owners withdrew from services in Tor Bay, and the vessel was sold to

         Clydelink, Glasgow. Renamed RIVER VIKING.

2018 Vessel was intended to operate a river taxi service, but this did to happen,

        and she was still at Rothesay Dock at Clydebank in mid 2018.

                                                                                        Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 687/1 101w 8.4k

HARPOON      August 16 1972                                                              

                                                                               Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CT01 28k

Inwards on July 26 1974                                                                                               

                                                                                              Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  687/4  11w  7.8k

August 28 1974                                                                                                                                         

                                                                                               Picture :  © PHOTO ONE  CT04 023c 409k

Inwards July 14 1975                                                                                      

Picture  : © PHOTO ONE  060cw  67.6k

Now named TYPHOON and with Ron Munson at the helm, vessel departs Herm on 27 August 1981. Notice the alterations to the steering position, the porthole being replaced with a large window, and the removal of bow handrails.

                                                                                                  Picture : © PHOTO ONE  CP97/1/  015cw  120k

TYPHOON awaiting sale on the Careening Hard in St. Peter Port February 13 1997

                                                                                         Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP98/2/8  201w  45.0k  

Undergoing refit on Castle Emplacement February 26 1998.              



                                    Trident Charter Co. Ltd.

The Company was formed on November 26 1968, with the intention of operating high speed craft between St. Peter Port and Herm.

The first craft was  a single hulled vessel, but subsequent vessels built have been catamarans. New craft were built in 1972, 1974, 1984, and at times were chartered to the Isle of Sark Sg. Co for the Sark route.

The big step came in 1989 when the company acquired the hull of a large catamaran which had been built for a private owner but not completed. This vessel became HERM TRIDENT V able to carry 250 passengers, and she was also able to transport most of the cargo requirements to the Island. When a sister vessel was introduced in May 1991 there was little room for any other operators.

There was not even enough passengers for this new vessel, and from 1993 one of the vessels was chartered out during the day to the Isle of Sark Sg Co. replacing their fast launches (sold 1992), and this continued until the end of the 2005 season. In the evenings the vessel was used on the Herm run if required to provide extra capacity.

By the late 1990’s over capacity was was still a problem, and this was resolved in late 2000 when Trident Charter acquired  Herm Seaway Express Ltd. and Munson Herm Ferry Ltd included the two vessels then being operated, LADY DOROTHY and HERM CLIPPER. The former was sold early the following year, while HERM CLIPPER remained until February 2007.

Herm Seaway Express Ltd., and Munson Herm Ferry Ltd., were both dissolved on 11 November 2008.

Trade for the company has picked up due to the ever increasing number of cruise liners which now call at St. Peter Port and the company provides tender services as required.



Built             Dorset Lake Shipyard, Poole.  1969

Dimensions  42’  x 12’     38 passengers.

Propulsion      Twin Cummings  each 185hp  28 knots.

Passengers      38   

1969 May 30. Arrived St. Peter Port

1973 Sold at the end of the summer to MacAlpines for use on the Clyde.

                                                                        Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 684/1 300wa 86.4k  

HERM TRIDENT   16 August 1972                                                  

HERM TRIDENT II        1972 -    1990

Built             E. Palzeaird, St Sampson’s 1972


Dimensions  60’  24’  3’9”                        

Propulsion   2 x Detroit 8v  53n diesels, each 280shp     15.5kts

Passengers   100 later 250.   

1972 July 1. Entered service

1973 May. Improvements carried out, new fully upholstered seating, radar and   

           ship to shore radio installed.

1975 March.  Cabin extended to side of vessel, to allow milk raft to be driven

           on board. Now able to carry 133 passengers

1990 Sold to Dart Pleasure Craft, renamed KINGSWEAR BELLE

  Picture : © PHOTO ONE  685/1 300wa

HERM TRIDENT II  seen arriving St. Peter Port  August 16 1972

 Picture : G.P.C.  013  654k

HERM TRIDENT II entering St. Peter Port when new.                          

                                                                        Picture : © PHOTO ONE 685/2

HERM TRIDENT II   July 26 1974, before  the passenger  cabin was extended to the side of the vessel.                                                                   

                                                            Picture : © PHOTO ONE 685/3


Ro/Ro to Herm. A Land Rover aboard HERM TRIDENT II  July 26 1974.

Note Major Wood at the cabin entrance           

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 75/C4/24 ct01wa 015c 559k

Returning to St. Peter Port  July 1975                                                        


HERM TRIDENT III               1974 - 1989    


Built             J.D. Hainsworth (Marine) Ltd. Yn 024, Castle Cornet  1974

Dimensions   51’  18’6”  3’9”    

Engine          2 x Detroit diesels each 280hp    18/20kts

Passengers   94       

1974 May 30. Launched. Delivered Monday June 13.

1974 June 6. Entered service.

1977 Spent much of the season operating to Sark for the Isle of Sark Sg Co..

1984 Chartered to Condor Ltd for tender duties at Sark.

1986 Chartered for use at Ramsgate

1989 By July she was in Djibouti having been sold to Nour Travel Ltd., and

                 renamed NOUR TRIDENT, being skippered by Paul Mahy.

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  101w  10.7k  

HERM TRIDENT III    August 28 1974

 Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  75/C4/26 25.6k  

Inbound to St. Peter Port  July 1975

  Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 006c  447k  

Arriving Sark  July 28 1976 for Isle of Sark Sg. Co.                                             

                                                                                              Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 004 56.7k  

HERM TRIDENT II and HERM TRIDENT III pictured August 29 1974




HERM TRIDENT IIII           1984 - 1990  

Built            Marine & General, St. Sampson’s., 1984


Dimensions  69’  x 30’  250 passengers

Propulsion   2 DAF DKS 1160m           12 kts

Passengers   250

1983 June 5. Launched by Mrs. Bunty De Putron at St. Sampsons.

Directors of company Mr. Charlie Wilcox and Mr. John Du Putron.

1984 May. Completed. Vessel had been completed by owners.

1991 Sold, renamed SPRITE OF FIFE.

1993 Owners reported in liquidation.

                                                                                                                                      Picture  :                       301w  1m   

Company post card of HERM TRIDENT IIII when new.                         


                                                                                                                                Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  001  39.68k

HERM TRIDENT IIII     September 25 1984                                     


                                                                                                            Photo    John Bougard  115w  157k  

Approaching St. Peter Port.


HERM TRIDENT V                       1989 -  Current     

Built Marine & General, St. Sampsons

1987 February 24. Note in press that a catamaran hull  MEROVINGIAN PRINCE was under construction at Marine & General, but that the purchaser had died.   

1989 Vessel completed as HERM TRIDENT V.

1993/94 Winter  Vessel lengthened.


                                                                                                 Picture  :  Company Post Card    

HERM TRIDENT V   entering St. Peter Port.             

                                                                                                                       Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  

At the North Pier steps.  October 28 1989.  

                                                               Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP91/1b/10a 016c 15.0k

1991 June 29 .  Now with a blue hull, and before lengthening.          


                                                                         Picture : © PHOTO ONE CP93/4/0

HERM TRIDENT V pictured on May 6 1993 about to commence her charter for the season to Isle of Sark Sg. Co. She was lengthened at the end of the year.        



                                                                                                            Picture : © PHOTO ONE 010acw2  193k

The lengthened vessel approaching Herm  August 14 1996                     


                                                                                                                                Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE   201 230k

Arriving Herm Jetty    June 30 2009                                                                                  


HERM TRIDENT VI        1991 -      

Built             Hull built in London and fitted out by owners. 1991





1991 May. Introduced into service.  Write up July 18, replaces HERM

            TRIDENT IIII


1994 June 14. While moored at the end of the New Jetty the vessel was

           rammed by NORMAN COMMODORE when entering, the contact            virtually demolishing the vessel. The remains were taken to St. Sampsons            where she was rebuilt.

          She re-entered service 13 April 1995 and then mainly operated the Sark           service for Isle of Sark Sg. until September 2005 when the arrangement



                                                                                                              Picture : © PHOTO ONE  CP95/1/17 301cw  112.2k

Vessel at St. Sampson’s March 17 1995 in the process of being re-built, following     having been hit by NORMAN COMMODORE. Note the new design of the wheelhouse, and that the upper deck extends to the full width of the saloon.                                                                                                         

                                                        Picture : © PHOTO ONE  010acw  247k  

HERM TRIDENT VI passing along the east coast of Sark while on charter to Isle of Sark Sg. Co.  August 14 1996.


                                                                           Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP96/1/24a 301w  652k  

HERM TRIDENT V and HERM TRIDENT VI photographed March 8 1996, the former completing refit, and the latter being used as a working platform.


                                            Herm Island   

In late 1988 the Tenant of Herm was unable to come to an agreement with Trident Charter for the transport of the goods needed by the Island, this resulted in the Island having their own supply vessel built. The vessel HERM SEAHORSE was built in Hull, and made her own way to Guernsey, her first trip to Herm being on 29 March 1989

HERM SEAHORSE           1989 -           

Built              Hull  1989

Dimensions   46’  X  14’  

Engine          Single screw  

Cost             £70,000

                                                                                                                      Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  101cw  54.8k  

HERM SEAHORSE  on her way to Herm June 6 1993                       


Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  005acw  119k

Seen at her berth at the top end of the jetty in Herm harbour on 24 August 1990.

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Above and below, two pictures of HERM SEAHORSE approaching St Peter Port  August 29 2013.

COPYRIGHT  ©  PHOTO ONE  0125acw 47.8k  


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