Part 2     From 1945


                             Southern Railways 1945 - 1947

                                 British Railways  1948 - 1964      

The Islands were Liberated in May 1945, and on June 26 the passenger link from Southampton was re-opened by ISLE OF GUERNSEY, but it was not until January 16 1947 that the service between Jersey and France was re-opened.

With BRITTANY not yet ready, it fell to the Dover vessel AUTOCARRIER to make the first journey, and as Saint Malo was still not open, it was to Granville that the vessel made her first call. BRITTANY returned to Jersey on June 5 1946, sailing to Saint Malo the next day on the once a week service.


    FALAISE and BRITTANY a familiar scene in the Saint Malo basin between

    late 1950, when the new lock allowed FALAISE to berth,  and late 1962

    when BRITTANY was withdrawn.                                         101w  10.1k

On January 1 1948 the railways were nationalised, with Southern Railways becoming part of the British Transport Commission which traded under the title of British Railways. BRITTANY gradually got back to her old pattern of working, which apart from the Jersey - Saint Malo service also included excursions from Jersey to Granville, Sark, Guernsey and Alderney.

There were at times rumblings that the ship was loosing money, but after a major refit, it was something of a shock when after BRITTANY closed her season on November 29 1962 it was announced that she was not to return.

After pressure from the Jersey authorities, a limited service was offered by ST. PATRICK but even this ceased on September 27 1964. The final Railway sailing from Saint Malo to Jersey was by the cargo vessel MOOSE on December 19 that year.     

                                                                                                                   Post Card  by IRIS     


   FALAISE and ST. PATRICK in Saint Malo 1963. The former left the port

   for the last time on September 29 1963, closing the route to Southampton.

   ST. PATRICK was operating a reduced service from Jersey, replacing



AUTOCARRIER                     1947     

BRITTANY                      1947 - 1962

ST. PATRICK                 1963 - 1964     



                          French Fishing Boats

With a demand from people in the Manche area to visit Jersey after the war, French fishing boats were used between Carteret and Jersey, with two boats arriving for the first time on August 5 1947.



                               Service Maritime             

            Societe Anonyme de Navigation Cherbourgeoise.   

The company commenced service in 1948 using PERLE DES ILES between Carteret and Jersey, and as Gorey was still a closed port, St. Helier had to be used. Gorey was re-opened for passenger traffic the following year, but at times in early and late season St. Helier was still used.

The vessel was renamed LE CAP in 1951 but was unfortunately lost a few weeks later. She was replaced by TORBAY BELLE the following year, and as traffic gradually built, capacity was increased and new vessels added.

From the time it was formed until the end of 1978 the company was owned by M. B. de Saint-Denis and his wife. It then passed to M. Montfort who operated vedette services at Benodet, but his ownership was short lived, as he sold the company to rivals Compagnie Cote des Iles in January 1981, and although initially the two concerns ran separately, they were gradually intergrated, but the name continued to be used, and appeared n advertismentes for the services.

At the end of 1991 it was announced that the company were to lease their one remaining craft to Emeraude Lines, who would operate the Carteret service, and they purchased the vessel the following year.

PERLE DES ILES                     1948 - 1950       

LE CAP                                   1951 - 1951 (Lost)

TORBAY BELLE                       1952 - 1967

LES DEUX LEOPARDS           1967 - 1977          


          (ex TORBAY BELLE)         1967        

LES TROIS LEOPADRS           1973 - 1984

PEGASUS                            1978 -  1991


               Jersey Fishing & Boating Co. Ltd.

                    t/a Jersey Maritime Services Ltd.             

The company was formed in 1946 to operate marine excursions from Jersey, and provide a ferry service from St. Helier Harbour to Elizabeth Castle. A naval passenger launch was purchased and renamed ST. AUBIN to provide services to the adjacent smaller islands, while a larger vessel was acquired for services further afield.

DAME DES ILES entered service in May 1947, but with passengers carried mainly open on open decks, and with a slow service speed, she was not ideal for inter island services. An extra covered area was added for 1948 but she was not a success and did not return.   

There was not enough traffic so soon after the War, and after only two years both vessels were withdrawn, and Jersey Maritime Services ceased to trade.. The small vessel had been too slow, and she was replaced by a much faster vessel LADY PAT for 1949.

The service to Elizabeth Castle was also short lived, as a DUKW service commenced in 1948, which made the launch operation redundant.

The operation was managed by William C. Cockburn - Mercer who also took command of the smaller vessels, and he continued under the Jersey Fishing & Boating Co Ltd title until early 1955 when LADY PAT was sold.

ST. AUBIN                         1946 - 1948       

DAME DES ISLES                1947 - 1948   

LADY PAT                          1949 - 1955

WILDFIRE launch                   1948


                              Pansart et Cie            


This travel agent company in Saint Malo decided to charter a steamed previously used at Brest to operate day trips to Jersey in the summer of 1950. The venture could not have been a success as it was not repeated.

PLOUGESTEL                        1950        


                    Vedettes Vertes Granvillaises



The company was an off shoot of Vedettes Vertes of Saint Malo, and after the War provided the services to Chausey (see Chausey section).

The company made a few trips from Granville to Jersey, starting in 1950 using the ALBATROS, stating at the time that a regular service would follow.

In 1966 the company had built a vedette able to carry 200 passengers, and intended for excursions to Chausey from both Granville and Saint Malo. Named LA BELLE MALOUINE she was first seen in Jersey on May 18 1967, and then made the odd trip until August 21 that year, when due to the failure of CONDOR I  the vessel arrived in Jersey to provide a limited replacement service.

In 1969 the company commenced a limited regular excursion service from Granville to Jersey using LA BELLE MALOUINE, and this was extended the following year and again in 1971.

With passenger numbers increasing it was decided to purchase a larger vessel to operate solely to Jersey, and with Granville being a tidal dependent port the ship would operate from both Granville and Saint Malo. BELLE DE JERSEY as the vessel was named made a V.I.P trip to the Island on March 13 1972 before taking up service. The ship was owned by .................................... and operated under the title of Vedettes Vertes Granvillaises from Granville and Vedettes Blanches from Saint Malo.

ALBATROS                                  1950 -

LA BELLE MALOUINE                1967 - 1975  (BELLE DE DINARD 1976)      


                              Condor Ltd.                        


The company was registered in Guernsey on March 13 1964, with an authorised capital of £500,000, of which £70,000 of shares were issued, with Onesimus Dorey & Sons Ltd., holding two thirds.

The company was the brainchild of Mr. Peter Dorey and was formed to operate a high speed passenger service from France to the Channel Islands using an Italian built hydrofoil craft, helping to fill the hole left by the withdrawll British Railways’ BRITTANY.   

The concept was to revolutionise transport within the islands in the next decade and eventually challenge on the cross channel services. Few people gave the hydrofoil any chance of success and some thought it would not last a season, but inspite of some teething problems the craft have provided a first class service.

The 1964 season saw services from St.Malo and Granville a some from Cherbourg to the Islands and even a trial trip to Torquay on September 3 1964, but Granville being a tidal port was omitted for subsequent years as was Cherbourg.

As traffic grew services expanded and a second craft was chartered for 1969 and 1970 with a new vessel being built for 1971 in a joint venture with the London based Nile Shipping Company to gain the advantages for new vessels on the British register.

Peter Dorey was committed to the hydrofoil and although the cross channel trial in 1964 showed that CONDOR 1 was not the craft for this service he saw the potential of the Boeing Jetfoil when the it was announced and in June 1972 signed a letter of intent for two 200 seat Boeing 929 jetfoils craft which were to be used on a cross channel service. When the vessels underwent trials Peter Dorey  unlike others decided that they would not be viable and the order was not confirmed.

By September 1972 Commodore Shipping  held one third of the company, and these these were the days of easy cheap travel and to cater for this a third craft joined the fleet in 1974 and a larger vessel CONDOR 5 replaced the original craft CONDOR I in 1976. It was thus a stunning blow when Peter Dorey was lost while taking part in the Fasnet race in August 1979, but his wife Mrs Kathleen Dorey took over the reigns of the company.

The number of passengers continued to grow, and for the 1980 season they replaced the 125 seat CONDOR 3 with the chartered CONDOR 6, able to transport 260 passengers. The vessel was a jet-powered catamaran but the craft ran into technical problems and was returned to the builders at the end of the season.

For 1981 the company again chartered CONDOR 2, but with more competition in the area and a downturn in the numbers of passengers, it was decided to operate only two craft in the following seasons.

The company underwent a major change in 1983, when on August 25

1983 it was announced that Commodore Shipping Co. Ltd. were to acquire the two thirds of the company which they did not already own, with Mr. David Norman being appointed managing director.

The new management set about expanding the trade, with a Sunday service to Herm being introduced for 1984, and in September it was announced that a new 200 seat hydrofoil had been ordered for delivery the following year, and for 1985 the company restyled their colour scheme, the fleet being given a red white and blue colour scheme.

The Condor had for the last few years undertaken their own passenger handling at Sark, and to cater for the extra numbers, the company had a new catamaran purpose built  for the task.

The latest craft CONDOR 7 was indeed a major step forward, and when the Islands were faced with the withdrawal of the Sealink services at the end of September 1986, and the blockade of the Guernsey ramp,  the company reacted swiftly, and introduced an emergency service from Jersey and Guernsey to Poole. In the 18 days that the service operated 18,000 passengers were carried.

The speed with which the company reacted to the situation was due to talks which had been taking place with the Department of Trade for a possible cross channel service in 1987, thus most of the requirements for a hydrofoil cross channel operation had already been investigated.

This emergency service resulted in a cross channel operation being commenced in 1987, this being operated by CONDOR 7 which commenced it’s day in Saint Malo, calling in at the Islands, and onwards to Weymouth, then making the return.

Such was the success of the venture that on September 2 it was announced that a 400 seat 41m catamaran was to be introduced for 1988, to enter service on June 15. Unfortunately the craft was delayed in building, and to fill the gap a smaller craft able to carry 300 passengers was offered - this able to maintain the Channel Islands routes, while to two larger hydrofoils would operate cross channel.  One of the side effects of this was that CONDOR 5 called on certain days at Alderney on her way to Weymouth.

The same pattern was maintained for 1989, but early in the year an order was announced of a  wavepiercing catamaran for delivery in April 1990. Costing £5m and able to carry 450 passengers at 35 knots.

Even before the new craft was due to enter service in 1990, the company let it be known that they intended to build a large ro/ro wavepiercier for the service. The building of the new craft fell well behind schedule, and it was not until August that CONDOR 9, entered service, but she immediately hit problems, resulting in her withdrawal, and this resulted in the company holding back on the proposed ro/ro wavepiercer.

After a winter of intensive testing a computer ride control system was developed which allowed to re-entered service in March 1991 with its problems overcome. The system developed was in the end used by most of the fast craft operators.

Through all the problems, Condor had not lost sight of introducing a ro/ro car ferry service, and to achieve this, it announced on August 27 1992 that the Australian giant T.N.T. had taken a 50% stake in the company.  Not all the craft were part of the deal, thus CONDOR 4 and CONDOR 5 passed to Commodore Shipping Ltd.

TO BE CONCLUDED. ___________

CONDOR I                  1964 - 1976

CONDOR 2                 1969/70   1981

CONDOR 3                 1971- 1979

CONDOR 4                 1974 - 1990

CONDOR 5                 1976 - 1992

CONDOR 6                     1980

CONDOR 7                 1985 - 1993

CONDOR 8                 1988 - 1997

CONDOR 9                 1990 -  

Launches at Sark.

1983 26 March. SILHOUETTE lost at Sark.

1983   SERENITY  chartered.

1984   HERM TRIDENT III chartered as tender.

1985 22 February. launch of CONDOR KESTREL.

1985 9 March. Photo of vessels on slip at St. Sampsons in new  colours.


                                Jersey Lines Ltd.                   

The company was formed in Jersey on January 25 1964, and like Condor Ltd., it hoped to fill the gap left by the withdrawl of British Railways. The company purchased one of the passenger tenders formally used at Plymouth by British Railways, with LA DUCHESSE DE NORMANDIE as the vessel was named arrivibg in Jersey on May 3 1964. She commenced service on .. May, and operated a timetable timetable not unlike that of the BRITTANY in former years plus the addition of some other ports, such as Lesadriex and Pampol.

It was hoped to operate all the year round, but the lost during the winter did not allow this. To help speed the loading and discharge of cars the vessel was fitted with a life in time for the 1966 season, and this allowed cars to be driven on and off

the ships.

In 1967 the company entered the cross channel trade with LA DUCHESSE DE BRETAGNE and ex British Railways vessel, but after operating from Weymouth, Plymouth, Torquay and Southampton to the Islands and Saint Malo, the ship proved to be the downfall of the company  which went into liquidation in November 1968.

LA DUCHESSE DE NORMANDIE      1964 - 1969        

LA DUCHESSE DE BRETAGNE        1967 - 1969      

                             FRENCH LINE  

                Compagnie Generale Transatlantique

When British Railways finally withdrew their services to Saint Malo at the end of the season in 1964 the French decided to replace the services themselves. With FALAISE having been converted into a carferry and placed on the Newhaven - Dieppe route, it meant that there was now a spare from the route. The result was that it was announced on May 28 1965 that LISIEUX was used to commence the service under the banner of French Line, with her funnel painted red.

The service commenced on Saturday July 10, linking ...............

The operation was not a success, it being announced on September 2, that the season was to be curtailed, and it ended on September 26. The service was not revived the following year, but as has been seen above Jersey Line stepped and took over the cross channel routes in 1967.                                 

1965 10 July (Sat). Commenced operating a cross channel service including the Channel Islands. Ceased at end of season.

1965 2 September. Season to be curtailed, to end 26 September.

LISIEUX                                  1965


                              VEDETTES BLANCHES

     Societe des Bateaux de la Cote d'Emeraude "Les Vettes Blanches

The company started out as a vedette operator at Saint Malo, but with the Rance Barrage being built they had to look for other opportunities, and in 1972 the company was used as the operator of the excursion service to Jersey from Saint Malo when BELLE DE JERSEY was purchased.

A further vessel was introduced in 1976 when the catamaran BELLE DE DINARD joined the fleet, and she stayed mainly on the Saint Malo route, with BELLE DE JERSEY operating more from Granville. BELLE DE DINARD was a catamaran, and such was her success that a further nine vessels of that type were to join the fleet in time.

The speed of the catamarans enabled return trips to Saint Malo to be made and also onward trips to Sark or Guernsey. TRIDENT  replaced BELLE DE JERSEY in 1983, and with arrival of TRIDENT 2 in 1985, this allowed BELLE DE DINARD to start a service between Gorey and Carteret.

The fleet were given TRIDENT names for the 1986 season, but things were to change in 1988 when all the  companies of the group were placed under one title Emeraude Lines.

                 See Emeraude Lines  for later details.


BELLE DE JERSEY                  1972 - 1983        

BELLE DE DINARD                   1976 - 1985

TRIDENT 1 (1986)                     1986 - 1987

TRIDENT                                   1983 - 1985

TRIDENT 3 (1986)                      1986 - 1987        

TRIDENT 2                                1985 - 1987       



                      Vedettes Armoricaines                


The company was formed soon after World War 2 and provided ferry services in the Brest area and to the island of Ushent.

In 1969 the owner Messrs Le Brise, widened his operation and on  April 14 commenced a service between Granville and Jersey using KEVRENN. At about the same time he also commenced a service from the French port to the island of Chausey (see Granville section).

In 1972 B.I.A. (Bretagne-Angeleterre-Irelande) forerunner of Brittany Ferries,  decided to operate a freight route from Roscoff to Plymouth which could also carry cars but not passengers. Vedettes Armoricaines purchased the passenger vessel POSEIDON to transport the car passengers, and before the season commenced she operated from Saint Malo to Jersey carrying parties of French school children.

As the traffic to Jersey increased a new vessel BRITTANIA was built for the  service, and in 1979 a new route was commenced from Saint Malo to Jersey using JAGUAR. Such was the tourist trade in the Islands that these routes were extended onwards to Sark and Guernsey.

In 1984 KEVRENN came on the scene again and commenced a service from Carteret, but as the vessel was too long to use Gorey she had to use St. Helier, a much longer journey time than to Gorey, and the route was only operated for two seasons.

JAGUAR suffered a major engine failure in September 1986 and did not return, with her place being taken the following season by the small Russian hydrofoil KOMETA, but she had reliability  problems and missed many sailings.

With more competition and declining numbers the decision was taken in 1988 to sell BRITTANIA, and replace her with KEVRENN, and with KOMETA on the the Saint Malo route the company could not compete. In an effort to stem the flow they chartered AR VRO to operate the Granville service in 1990, while the hydrofoil to maintail the Saint Malo but with little success, and she was not seen again after her sailing on August 8 1990..

AR VRO finished her season on September 30 1990, and that was to be the final sailing of Vedettes Armoricaines to the islands.

The company continued to operate at Brest until about 2002, but which time JAGUAR had joined KOMETA laid up in Brest, and such was their state that on 2004 24 September the Chamber of Commerce ordered them out of the port.

KEVRENN                           1969 - 1976  Granville, then relief

                                            1984 - 1985  Carteret.

                                            1988 - 1989  Granville

POSEIDON                               1972       

BRITTANIA                          1976 - 1988              

JAGUAR                               1979 - 1986

KOMETA                              1987 -  1990    

AR VRO                                    1990



                         Jersey Car Ferries Ltd.


The Company purchased JERSEY QUEEN early in 1972 with the intension of operating a car ferry service between St. Catherines Breakwater in Jersey and Carteret

Permission for this was not granted, and the vessel remained laid up at St. Helier. The following year the ship was used to provide an excursion service in the Islands but she could not compete with the high speed vessels then in service and was withdrawn at the end of the season.

JERSEY QUEEN                            1973


                      Channel Islands Ferries Ltd.             


With the ever increasing number of Jersey residents wishing to take their cars to France there was a need for a carferry service, but British Rail had told the States of Jersey that the rise and fall of tide was too great for the installation of the required ramp. This did not stop a group of people coming forward with a plan to install a Bailey type bridge/ramp in St. Helier Harbour. The result was that the States took over the project, and to cater for the proposed carferry service to Saint Malo  Channel Islands Ferries Ltd was formed. The company ordered a purpose built vessel, and FLEUR DES ILES commenced service in 1973.

The problem with the venture was that there was no ramp outside the lock at Saint Malo, and the ship had to enter the basin on every arrival and departure. This restricted the service to only one round trip per day, there bye curtailing its traffic. The result was that the company ran into difficulties in December 1975, and although a rescue attempt was launched by Commodore Shipping, the ship was sold before the deal could be finalised.

FLEUR DES ILES                   1973 - 1975         


                         Compagnie Cote Des Isles               

A French company was formed in 1973 to operate a new service between Portbail in Normandy and Gorey. They purchased the small COTE DES ILES., which was replaced after two years with the chartered AIGRETTE V

In January 1981 the company took over the Carteret company Service Maritime, which continued to trade under its own name, and in 1983 the company bought  PECONIC QUEEN..             

Following the withdrawl of AIGRETTE V at the end of the 1984 season the company ceased to trade under its own name.

The associated company of CNTM (Jersey) Ltd continued until 1988 and Service Maritime until the end of 1991.

COTE DES ILES                  1973 - 1974

AIGRETTE V                           1975 - 1984

Vessels which came under the control of the company due to acquisitions -


LES TROIS LEOPARDS          1981 - 1983            

PEGASUS                                 1981 - 1991         

PECONIC QUEEN                    1983 - 1987    

                                  Hovercross Ltd.                     

                                P.Q. Cruises Gorey Ltd.

The company commenced a Gorey - Carteret service in 1975 using a sidewall hovercraft., but after three years the company was re-structured and acquired PECONIC QUEEN from America.

The company still had difficulties and failed at the end of 1981, with a new company P.Q. Cruises Gorey Ltd. being formed early the following year to operate the ship

This operation was no more successful, and early in 1983 the ship passed to the control of  Service Maritime. ( Comp Cote des Iles )

GH 2024                                     1975       

GH 2018                                1976 - 1977        

PECONIC QUEEN                 1978 - 1983       



                                  Emeraude Ferries                  


The company commenced service in 1977 when they introduced the carferry SOLIDOR on the route between Saint Malo and Jersey, and later joined with British Rail to offer a service from Guernsey.

The ship suffered a couple of incidents, resulting in the charter replacements to fill the gap.

SOLIDOR was the first vessel to the painted in the red / green of the new Group.


SOLIDOR                              1977 - 1989

NORDLICHT                              1978

EMS                                           1984

SOLIDOR new colours in February 1988, cats in 1989.

                          C N T M (Jersey) Ltd             

           Compagnie Normande de Transport Maritime (Jersey) Ltd

                           (formed by 18 May 1983)

The company was formed to take over the operation of PECONIC QUEEN in 1983 and was a subsidiary of Compagnie Cote Des Iles. The company continued to be used even after the vessel was sold.

PECONIC QUEEN                 1983 - 1987


                           Emeraude Lines S.A.

Emeraude Lines was formed in 1988 by the amalgamation of Vedettes Blanches, Vedettes Vertes Granvillaises, Emeraude Ferries, plus various travel companies, and this started an expansion programme both in vessels and routes.

A new company needs a new colour scheme, and SOLIDOR was the first to show it off in 1988, this being a white hull with red and green bands, and the red and green replaced the stylish blue and red on the catamarans the following year, and even was added to in 1993 with a further red band at waterline level.

Four extra catamarans were acquired, two companies were taken over in four years, a to a new French, and a further French port (Dilette) introduced to the network to overcome the tidal restrictions of Carteret. Added to this was the replacement of  SOLIDOR on the Saint Malo service. After only five years the company took the step of joining the high speed carferry club, and had  EMERAUDE built in 1994 but she was not a success, resulting in vessels having to be chartered before SOLIDOR 2 came back off charter.

The company found their required fast carferry in 1996, when the catamaran SOLIDOR 3 was built, and she was able to provide the excursion service from Saint Malo, as well as the carferry traffic.

This was at the time that the number of passengers started to decline, resulting in a contraction of services and the fleet. The decision was taken to replace the ageing catamarans with one larger passenger vessel, and a smaller carferry to maintain the excursion traffic onwards to Guernsey.  

NORMANDIE EXPRESS joined the fleet in 1999 but one vessel could not offer the frequency of services as before and those to the smaller French ports were withdrawn, as were calls at Gorey.

Behind the scenes, all was not well with the company, the outlay for the new vessels, the problems with EMERAUDE, and becoming involved with sending some of the catamarans out to the Caribbean for the winter months, and their late return resulting in having to charter in vessels to cover. Indeed TRIDENT 5 spent two years out there without returning.

NORMANDIE EXPRESS was withdrawn late in 2002, and Emeraude were left with only their carferries SOLIDOR 4 which had joined the company in 1999, and SOLIDOR 3, together with their vedettes operation at Saint Malo. But such was the position that even this was sold off in early 2003 to Navix, but this did not stave off the inevitable, and on October 2 2003 the company filed for bankruptcy having lost €3 million in the year. Emeraude were given 90 days to sort things out, but this was not helped when the States of Jersey arrested SOLIDOR 5 on October 6 and held her for three days.

To help overcome some of their difficulties, it was announced that SOLIDOR 4 was to be chartered to the Government of Senegal and she was repainted in their colours, and renamed ALINE. The charter did not take place as the ship developed a problem with one of its waterjets which kept her in Saint Malo.

The service to Guernsey was withdrawn on November 1, and on November 20 2003 it was announced that the company had been sold to the French company Sogestran for 1.3 million euros, and that they would take over the charter of SOLIDOR 5. The purchase included ALINE / SOLIDOR 4 and SOLIDOR 2 which was out in South America.

It was a sad end to a company which had contributed so much to the Channel Islands.

See Emeraude Jersey Ferries for further history.

1989 Fleet colours changer to red and green.

1993 Extra bands round bottom of hulls.

TRIDENT 2                                1988 - 1989    

TRIDENT 3                                1988 - 1996

SOLIDOR                                   1988 - 1989

TRIDENT 4                                1988 - 1997    

SOLIDOR 2                                1989 - 1993


TRIDENT 5                                 1990 -  1999      1996/97 not seen

                                                                        1998 late back then to S of F

TRIDENT 6                                 1990 – 1993      Acquired for Portbail service

TRIDENT 7                                 1991 – 1998   

MONT ORGUEIL                         1992  -             Jersey - Portbail line acquired

PEGASUS                                   1992 – 1997     Acquired 1993

EMERAUDE                                      1994   

ELBA NOVA  (chartered)                    1994          To cover for EMERAUDE

SAINT EUGENE V  (chartered)          1996

SOLIDOR  3                               1996 -

EMERAUDE EXPRESS               1998 and 1999  

NORMANDIE EXPRESS             1999 – 2002

SOLIDOR 4  / ALINE                   1999 – 2003

SOLIDOR 5                                  2001 – 2003


Alizes joins                                  1999



                        Goury - Alderney Line  

                                   Hag Marine Services                  

                  1991 Company now trade as Sea Fox S.A.


In 1988 the company commenced a service from Goury and Dilette to Alderney and Guernsey using a small 65 passenger vessel. At times the vessel also called at Jersey.

The company was mentioned as being involved with the  operation of TRONDENES when it commenced in 1992

Last call at Guernsey was   September 19 1992.

SEA FOX                          1988 - 1992     



                        Jersey - Portbail Ferries


The company was formed to operate between the two ports, but in a contracting market, after only two years the business and vessel was sold to Emeraude Lines at the end of 1991.

MONT ORGUEIL                 1990 - 1991               


              Island Ferries (Channel Islands) Ltd     

The company was registered in Alderney on Thursday 13 February 1992, with an authorised share capital of £100,000,. The company’s intention was to operate services linking Alderney to Cherbourg and Guernsey.

The company purchased a small ro/ro vessel TRONDENES from Norway, and the first trip from Cherbourg to Alderney was on July 21 1992, followed two days later by one to Guernsey. Due to the restrictions on services between the islands the company was unable to operate as they wished, and even with the introduction of a service to Weymouth, the company failed, it being announced on Thursday September 9 1993 that the company was to be would up, this being agreed at a General Meeting held on September 23.

TRONDENES                     1992 - 1993      



This company was set up in 1992 as a subsidiary of the French State owned SNAT (Societe Nouvelle Armement Transmanche) to operate between Granville and Jersey with some onward calls to Sark and Guernsey, and in essence took over the routes of Vedettes Armoricaines.

The company purchased the catamaran BRITTANIA, and for the following year had a bigger vessel SAINT MALO built for the Saint Malo / Jersey / Guernsey route, and until her delivery, a chartered vessel was used to commence the service. There were not enough passengers to sustain all the services offered, and the company entered into a sharing scheme with Condor Ferries on the Saint Malo route in 1994, with those vessels involved having the other companies logo displayed.

It was a severe setback when on Easter Monday April 17 1995, SAINT MALO, when rounding La Corbiere on Jersey’s south west corner took the inside passage and struck a rock, causing a large tear in the port hull. Pictures of the incident appeared in all the newspapers, and it was lucky that no lives were lost.

The vessel was replaced by a chartered vessels until she returned to service in August, but the incident brought the end of the company.

After mush speculation, it was as CONDOR FRANCE that the vessel returned to service in 1996, having been chartered to Condor Ltd.

BRITANNIA remained laid up in Cherbourg until sold.

BRITTANIA (II)                           1992 - 1995  


    / SAINT MALO (chartered)             1993

SAINT MALO                            1993 – 1995

SAUD (Chartered)                              1995  


                              Granville Island Line   

This company commences operations between Granville and Jersey on April 25 1997 using SAINT EUGENE V, the vessel which had been chartered the previous year by Emeraude Lines when their TRIDENTS encountered problems. The service did not last long, as the vessel suffered a major engine problem on July 29 whilst inward bound to Jersey, and following discharge she proceeded to Cherbourg and did not re-enter service.

SAINT EUGENE V                        1997

                                      Alizes Cote des Isles                                   

The gradual withdrawal of Emeraude Lines from the their Normandy services to Gorey, saw a group of French businessmen form Alaizes in 1997. They purchased COTE DES ILES and commenced services from Portbail and Carteret to Gorey. The company could not find enough passengers to maintain these links, and in 1999 joined forces with Emeraude Lines who purchased NORMANDIE EXPRESS and both company names appeared on the hull of the vessel. COTE DES ILES was used on its formed links until the end of the 2000 season and was then laid up, and the partnership dissolved.     

Alaizes was removed from the hull of NORMANDIE EXPRESS for 2001, and the vessel was withdrawn in 2002

Alizes Cote des Isles was re-financed in 2001 by ten shareholders in Portbail and Carteret, with COTE DES ILES returning to service in July, with the hope that the service could be maintained during the winter months, but this was not to be the case. After only a short period COTE DES ILES was withdrawn and laid up at Cherbourg.


COTE DES ILES                  1997 -   2001       




                  Le Conseil General de la Manche  

The collapse of Alizes Cote des Iles and the withdrawal of Emeraude Lines from their excursion services at the end of the 2002 season resulted in there being no passenger services from Normandy to the Channel Islands. With no operator coming forward to fill the gap the Conseil General for Manche decided to purchase two vessels its self, and operate services under contract (as is the case in a number of other Departments). After a tendering process, the contract was awarded to the French Connex company who set up Societe de Navigation de Normandie and traded under the name Hugo Express, and services commenced in August 2003. The operation ran into difficulties and from April 1 2005, management passed to SMN who operate the services under the title Manche Iles Express.   

                             Hugo Express

Service commences with  Societe de Navigation de Normandie (Connex) as operators in August 2003, trading under the name of Hugo Express.

2005 April 1  SMN take over the operation

2010 June 1  Fins’t Mer takes over management.

                          Manche Iles Express   

VICTOR HUGO          2003 - current   

MARIN MARIE           2003 - current

TOCQUEVILLE           2007 - current  ( last seen in March 2010 and laid-up

                                                          In Saint Malo )



                     Emeraude Jersey Ferries       

On November 20 2003 it was announced that the French company Sogestran had acquired Emeraude Lines S.A. for 1.3 million, and that they would take over the charter of SOLIDOR 5.

ALINE                                       2003 - 2004

SOLIDOR 5                                     2003 - 2005


EMERAUDE GB                               2004 - 2005

EMERAUDE FRANCE                        2005


                                           HD Ferries   

The company commenced a car ferry service between the Channel Islands and Saint Malo in March 2007 with chartered HD I, which they later purchased. It was a bold step, offering low cost travel, but the vessel was not ideal for the route and suffered a number of “incidents” with quays and other craft. On top of this the ship had a major problem with one of its thrust units in the middle of its first season.

The company withdrew in September 2008.

HD 1                                       2007 - 2008

                  Compagnie Corsaire      

In 2003 the French company Navix  acquired from Emeraude Lines their vedette  services at Saint Malo, and formed Compagnie Corsaire to operate them. In 2007 the company commenced a service to Jersey, and had JACQUES CARTIER built in Australia.

JACQUES CARTIER                    2007 - 2010  Vessel currently laid up in

                                                                                                                                                                                     Saint Malo


                                Vedettes du Cotintin

This company based in Carteret commenced operations on July 1 2010 operating an all the year round service to St. Helier using a high speed RIB. From September 1 2010 the company was allowed to use Gorey, and thus cut down passage time, and also cut out the rough waters off the south east coast of Jersey during bad weather. The company will also operate trips to the other Channel Islands and Chausey if required.

The company withdrew their service in September 2011 but remained available to provide charter services if required. The company then became involved in the construction of the off shore wind farms north of Le Havre.

On November 15 a small landing craft was added to the fleet, to provide a cargo service from Dielette to the Islands.

ESQUINA                            2010  -  current