This web site is being developed to cover in the main, passenger vessels which have operated in the Channel Islands area, and be complementary to, but NOT include “mail boats” which can be found in Channel Islands’ Railway Steamers published in 1985.

The information is grouped under three areas - Private Cross Channel, Channel Islands to France and vice versa, and the services from Guernsey to Sark and Alderney. These are each divided into two parts, part one being pre 1940, and part two from 1945 to the present.

Also included is information on some lifeboats, States craft, and fleet histories of a couple of shipping companies of interest, some coverage of French vedette services at Saint Malo and Granville.

Also there are some pictures of the harbours in the area covered.

The information on the services is based mainly on a year by year study of local newspapers and the official port movements books. To this is added information gleaned from magazines and society newsletters.  

The ship data has been gathered from the ship owners direct, the annual registers of Lloyds Register of Shipping, Customs Registers, the Closed Registers of Shipping. Mercantile Navy Lists, Lloyds Confidential Indexes.

Finally my thanks go to all who have helped with information, illustrations and to the masters and pilots who have helped produce some of the pictures included in this web site, many of whom have become personal friends as they flashed past me in my boat.   

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