The First Fifty Years

On January 15 1850 an advertisement was placed in the newspaper by Henry P. Maples, stating the the screw steamer COLLIER would commence a service between London and Jersey on 20th, and operate three times a month.
In fact two steamers arrived in Jersey on February 2 1850. One was COLLIER and the other was DIRECTOR. The former soon returned to operating from Shoreham on the services maintained by H. P. Maples on behalf of the London, Brighton & South Coast Railways. DIRECTOR was replaced late in the year by two vessels, CAESAREA  and SARNIA especially built for the service commencing in October and December that year being owned by the London, Jersey & Guernsey Screw Navigation Company whose Trustees were John Mauger Junior, John De Putron both of Guernsey and Edward Lawson of Rotherhite. Their time on the route was short lived as they were withdrawn in late February 1851.

Cheesewright & Miskin commenced in 1852, but they did have to fend off a competitor in 1876, when it was announced on May 15 that there was to be “Extra communication with London by new the steamer STANNINGTON from 27 May. Operated by H. P. Maples” and she arrived for the first time on May 23.
As with most things research can be misled by reporting in the newspapers, and above is one example, as the advertisement is signed by H. P. Maples, but an article in the paper a couple of days later states that the vessel has been purchased  by the
London Trading Company, company which did not exist, and Maples only chartered the ship.
STANNINGTON was joined on July 7 by the small Guernsey vessel COMMERCE, but she suffered a number of mishaps and withdrawn at the end on March 1877, although she continued to feature in the advertisement for the service.
Quite when the Maples service ceased is unclear, but from January 1878, STANNINGTON had been added to the Cheesewright advertisement.

                                CHEESEWRIGHT & MISKIN
                                   SARNIA S.S. CO   
                  LONDON & CHANNEL ISLANDS S.S. CO.
                                                                                    Incorporated April 2 1899

The following year in March 1852 it was announced that the steamer WILLIAM MISKIN was to be placed on the London - Channel Islands station, and she arrived for the first time on Tuesday 13th April, thereby starting a service which except for the Second World War was to last until May 1968    
During this period up until 1940 three names dominate the service, those of Cheesewright (three members of the family), Miskin and Ford.
In the early years the service traded at Cheesewright & Miskin, the proprietors being Henry Cornfoot Cheesewright, William Thomas Miskin, and 1863 the London berth moved to Fenning’s Wharf, London Bridge, S.E., while their office was at 62 Lower Thames Street, London, with the Guernsey agent being J . Mauger, and in Jersey J. H. Smith had his office at 12 Esplanade, St. Helier.
The partnership would appear to have continued until about 1869 when in March that year STAPERAYDER  was registered to both owners.
By the following year H. C. Cheeswright is shown as sole owner, and remained so up to 1889, this also applied to STANNINGTON, but by 1875 the service operated under the title Cheesewright & Cheesewright, the second Cheesewright being Frederick (son ?) who became owner of the vessels by 18 October 1889, when . SCOTT HARLEY (I) registered in London to him.

                                             Mr. Fred Cheewright

It is difficult to establish exactly what transpired in the early 1890’s as SCOTT HARLEY (I) was sold to the Sarnia Steamship Co. in March 1891 but came back under the ownership of Frederick Cheesewright in January 1896, and at times the service was referred to as being operated by the London Steam Packet Co., the London S. S. Co. and also the London Trading Company, but that I think is down again to the way newspapers reported things in those days.

Things were put on a proper business footing in 1899 with the incorporation on April 2 of the London & Channel Islands Steamship Co. Ltd., with 405 shares being taken by Mr. Stanley Cheeswright and 485 by Mr. Matthew Wharton Ford., hence the managers being shown as Cheeswright & Ford, and at the first A.G.M. Stanley Cheeswright was appointed Chairman.
At the meeting on November 9 1899 it was noted that SCOTT HARLEY had been sold for £7,500 to Foreign buyers due to being too small, and that SAXON had been fixed to run for six months at £450 per month, and two months later on January 9 1900 it was decided to purchase a steamer which was under construction, she was to be ISLAND QUEEN.
The Channel Islands service had operated from the British & Foreign Steam Company Wharf but from May 4 1899 they moved berth to the East Dock,  London Docks. Following on from this a change in the vessel, with an advert for the London & Channel Islands S. S. Co. Ltd in the paper of November 8 1899 stating that “the new and fast SAXON is to leave London Dock on Saturday 11th. Signed Cheesewright & Ford.
SAXON maintained the service until 24 July 1900, and on August 6 ISLAND QUEEN arrived in Jersey, which started a line of QUEEN named vessels which was to last for 46 years. The vessel was the papers stated built for Shipping Investments Ltd a firm which provided finance for the shipping world, and its manager was Mr. Charles Henry Pile. They had become involved with the company in about 1897, and ISLAND QUEEN was mortgaged with them on the day she was registered.
Likewise when MAY QUEEN was purchased in May 1901, the vessel was first registered to Shipping Investments Ltd., before being sold to other owners (who defaulted), before joining the L. & C. I. Sg Co. fleet six months later.
MAY QUEEN was acquired by Bill of Sale dated MAY 11 1901,but she proved too small, and was sold in July 1903.
At a Board meeting held on May 25 1903 it was noted that negotiations had been entered into with Shipping Investments Ltd for the purchase of a new steamer which they were building.
A fresh agreement with Shipping Investment Ltd was noted on September 17 1903,
and at two E.G.M.’S held in May 1905 it was recorded that Mr. Charles Henry Pile had subscribed to 1,000 shares in the company at £1.10s.0d per share and a further 10d at a later date. This resulted in he and Mr. John Pile (his son) being appointed to the Board.   

To be continued


Vessels which have operated the London to Channel Islands service


1850  COLLIER Feb 5  to July 12, then Aug 18 intensive to Nov 2, then to end of         year   Henry P. Maples.
1850 DIRECTOR Feb 5 to Nov 28
1850 MALCOLM BROWN March 10 to Aug 28       
1850  CAESAREA from Oct 10 , to Feb 18
1850  SARNIA from Dec 21  to Feb 25
1851 Jan Adv for Caesarea and Sarnia inc DIRECTOR.
1851  CAESAREA, SARNIA service ceased in Feb
1851  COLLIER all year from Shoreham.
1851   LADYBIRD from  May 17  to Oct 31
1852  COLLIER and LADYBIRD all year. And some PARIS

1852  WILLIAM MISKIN from April 13
1853  WILLIAM MISKIN to Feb 13 , then FOYLE FROM April 28.
1854  FOYLE   missing Jan - April.
1855  FOYLE   missing Jan - Apr  
1856  FOYLE  missing Jan - Feb
1857  FOYLE to May 30 , then METROPOLIS from June 8
1861  METROPOLIS (lost) then ESK from Apr 8
1862  ESK
1863  ESK
1864  ESK
1865  ESK
1866  ESK
1867  ESK
1868  ESK to Jan then STAPERAYDER
1871     "
1872     "
1873     "
1874     "       
1875     "      
1876     "         STANNINGTON from 23 May, COMMERCE from 7 July.
1877     “         STANNINGTON  and COMMERCE (finished end of March
1878     "         STANNINGTON
1879     "             "
1880     "             "
1881     "             "
1882     "             "
1883     "             "
1884     "             "
1885     "             "
1886     "             "
1887     "             "
1888     "             "
1889  STAPERAYDER till June 4, STANNINGTON till Oct 19, then SCOTT
                                                                                                    HARLEY (I)
1892     "
1893     "
1894     "
1895     "
1896     "
1897  SCOTT HARLEY (I)  till Nov 11, then NORMA 2 December (3 trips)
1898  ALEXANDER PIRIE  Jan 11 to April 5, then SCOTT HARLEY (II) April 19
1899  SCOTT HARLEY (II) to Nov 5, then SAXON  Nov 13
1900  SAXON to July , then ISLAND QUEEN (I)  from Aug 6
1901  MAY QUEEN from July 7.

----------------------------SHIP HISTORIES–––––––––––––––––––––––––


Built             Wakefield Pim, Kingston upon Hull  1852
Tonnage       74  33/    burthen   
Dimensions  100.6  17.6  9.9  under new form
Screw steamer   engine room  28’  49  77/100 tons
schooner rig, standing bowsprit, master William Thomas Miskin

1852  April 13. Arrived on first call
1853  Fenruary 13. Last regular call.

1853 26 April. WILLIAM MISKIN sailed Guernsey en route for Australia. Arrived
        Port Simon 1 August and sailed 11 August.

1852 19 February. Registered in London
Owners  Henry Cornfoot Cheesewright  32 shares
            William Thomas Miskin           32 shares
            Both of Lower Thames Street, London.
1853 April 4. Bill of sale to Francis Pegler, Lime Street, London and
                                      Benjamin Smith Lloyd, Aberhurel Lane, London
1854 September 13. Registered in Sydney to
             Joseph Cartwright Rofsiter, Sydney  42 shares
             Frederick Gordon Korff.                  22 shares  
1856 February 22. Registered in Hobart to
              Isaac  Wright, Hobart               
              William Thomson.
1859 July 11. Registered in Melbourne to
              Howard Smith           16 shares
              Sam Bourn Skmner   16
              Edwin Fowler            11
              James Fowler            11
              Arch Kerr                  10

To Dunedin , New Zealand  22/1863

No further details.

                                                                                                                                                                   Picture  :  Jersey Heritage Trust collection

                                                 WILLIAM MISKIN  



FOYLE          1853 - 1857                        On 115

Built             James Lang,  Dumbarton  5. 1829
Tonnage       136 35/94    
Dimensions   122’0”  x  19’1”  x  12’1”
Propulsion     Paddle steamer.  

1853 27 April. Arrived in Jersey on London service.

1857 30 May. Last call.

1829 25 May. Registered in Londonderry to
                Trustees of Foyle Steam Boat Company
1838 July 30. Registered in Londonderry to
                 Trustees for Londonderry & Glasgow S. P. Co.
1844 August 2. Registered in Glasgow to
                 Trustees for Glasgow & Liverpool Sg. Co.
1847 February 3. Registered in Hull to
                   William Batchelor Brownlow
                    William Hunt Pearson
                    George Holmes.
1853 April 12. Registered in London to
                   Henry Cornfoot Cheeswright
                    William Thomas Miskin
                   Bill of sale was March 7 1853.
1859 June 23. Registered in Hull to
                   Zachariah Charles Pearson
                   Ship had been converted into a sailing vessel.
1861 May 17. Registered in Sunderland to
                    George Clifton Pecket.
1862 September 30.  Vessel lost.

                                                                                                                                                                  Picture  :  Jersey Heritage Trust collection


                                                                                                                                                                   Picture  :  Jersey Heritage Trust collection

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METROPOLIS                      1857 - 1861

Built             Victoria Foundry Company, Greenwich  5. 18577
Tonnage       427 burthen  337.46grt  229.47nrt
Dimensions  150’ bp x 24 x 12’
Propulsion    Screw steamer.  80hp.

1857 23 May. Launched.
1857 9 June. First visit to Jersey

1861 12 February. With a pilot aboard, vessel hit the Rouaudiere Rock, and was
          put ashore on the Buts.  Total loss.
1857 May 21. Registered in London to
               Henry Cornfoot Cheeswright     24 shares
               William Thomas Miskin            24 shares
               Charles Joyce                            8 shares
               Frederich George Westmorlam    8 shares


ESK                            1861 - 1868         On 22021     

Built                              Glasgow 1859
Tonnage       349grt  237nrt
Dimensions  177.0’ x 24.4’ x 11.9’
Propulsion              60nhp

1861 8 April. Arrived Jersey on first voyage
1864 8 June. Commenced a round trip to Plymouth from C.I. Every 14 days.

1864 Finished service.

1859 January 22. Registered in Leith to
                 James Hay, Merchant.
                 George Menzies, shipbuilder.
                 Hugh Morton, engineer.
                 Thomas Aitken, steam packet agent.  
1861 April 3. Registered in London to
                  Henry Cornfoot Cheeswright  32 shares
                 William Thomas Miskin         32 shares.
                 Of  Lower Thames Street, London.
1869 April 3. Registry closed, sold Foreign.

                                                                                                            Picture  :  Jersey Heritage Trust collection

                                                                                 Picture  :  Jersey Heritage Trust collection


STAPERAYDER                       1868 - 1889         On 55065

Built           Henderson Coulborn & Co, Renfrew  3. 1866
Details from LR98/99
Tonnage      217.24grt  128.97nrt
       1874   256grt  217ud  155nrt
Dimensions 115.8’  x  22.1’  12.2’
       1874   131.3’ x  22.2’ x 12.2’
Vessel lengthened 1874 and 1887.

1868 25 May. Arrived Jersey for first time.

1877 10 June. In collision in London River, off service for about 10 days.  
1889 4 June. Last call at Jersey. Finished after 545 voyages.

1868 In MNL Owned by Peter L. Henderson  POR Liverpool
1869 In MNL Owned by Josn Thompson  POR Liverpool.
1869 March 24. Registered in London to       was Liverpool 71/1867
                      Henry Cornfoot Cheeswright     32 shares
                      William Miskin                         32 shares

To new London registry 1874

1870 In MNL Owned by Henry Cornfoot Cheeswright - sole owner.
1874  Vessel lengthened now 256grt  155nrt   131.3  x  22.2’  x  12.2
       Remained same to MNL 1889
1890 In MNL Owner  William H. Kirkaldy, Monkwearmouth.
LR 1911/12 Printed owners “T” Stm. Coasters Ltd. (Robinson Brown & CO. Mgrs)
                 Entry over printed - Owners Trove, Flag French, and vessel noted
                 as broken up.

                                                                                                                                                                     Picture  :  Jersey Heritage Trust collection

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STANNINGTON                       1877 -  1889        On 67297

Built                                         South Shields 1871
Tonnage       222grt   140nrt
Dimensions  127’5” x  21’1” x 10’5”
Propulsion              45hp

1877 STANNINGTON commenced on service, having been purchased by the
         London Trading Company. Remained until 1889. Was on the C.I. Route for
         Mr. Maples in 1876.
1878 Purchased by Henry C. Cheesewright.
1886 21 March. Went ashore at East Cliff near Dover, refloated and arrived London
       28 March in tow of tug SUSSEX for repair by Nelson Dry Dock.
1889 October 19. Last trip.                                                                                                

1873 MNL Owner Charton Humble.
1874/1875 MNL Owner Chas Jas. Lacy.
1876 MNL Owner Loire & Thames Transit Co. Ltd.
1877 MNL Owner C. M. Farquharson, Dunkeld.
1878 MNL Owner Chas. K. Farquharson, Guernsey.
1879-1889 MNL Owner Henry C. Cheesewright.
1890 MNL Owner Thomas B. Williams, London


SCOTT HARLEY (I)               1884 - 1897         No 95 ?

Builder          Murdock & Murray, Port Glasgow.   Yn.             Comp 10.1884
Tonnage        379gr  266ud  176net
Dimensions   148.3  22.6  11.1     Q45  B42  F26
Propulsion     C  2cyl  20" x 40" -27"  75
P.O.R            London

1889 October 28   First call
1891   Capt Wetherall master.
1893 June 23  Vessel in collision, beached later refloated.
1897 November 11 Last call                                                                                                                

1884 Registered 9/1884 in Cork.
1889 18 October. Registered in London to Frederick Cheeswright.
1891 2 March. Bill of Sale to Sarnia Steamship Co. Ltd,.
1896 21 January. Bill of Sale to Frederick Cheeswright.
1897 14 December. Bill of Sale to Shipping Investments Ltd.,  Charles Pile, Mgr.
1898 31 March. Register closed, sold to Norway, renamed BARDEN.
LR 1901/02 BARDEN  Owner H. Ellefsen.  POR Flatey.  Fl Iceland.
LR 1911/12 Same owner.  Entry overprinted, now KONGSHAVG,
             Owner M.H. Kongshavn. POR Haugesund.
1917 6 April. Sunk by a German submarine off Faserburgh, while  on passage
            Blyth to Sandnaes.


SCOTT HARLEY (II)              1898 - 1899         On 96106

Builder          J. Fullerton & Co., Paisley.          Yn.           Comp  6.1891     
Tonnage       403gr  280ud  159net
Dimensions  157.0  23.2  11.2       Q81  B12  F25
Propulsion   T 3cyls  14",22" & 35" - 30"    80

1898 18 April. First call
1899 November 5  Last call.    

1891 Built for Scott, Harley & Co., Cork.
1898 Sold to Shipping Investments Ltd.                                             
1898 Late. Sold to Cheeswright & Ford.                                              
1899 9 November. Sold for £7,500

LR 97/98 Owner J. H. Scott c/o Shipping Investments Ltd. ( C. H.  Pile Mgr.)
LR 98/99 Owner London & Channel Islands S. S. Co. ( Mgr  Cheeswright & Ford)
1899 Sold to Maats. Banka Transport, renamed MUNTOK.                  
LR 1911/12 MUNTOK Owner: Banka Transport Maats. POR Batavia  Flag Dutch.  
    Entry overprinted, now  SRI PREANGER, Owner Oei Tjouw Bie.  POR Batavia.      Flag Dutch
LR 1913/14 SRI PREANGER, Owner Oie Tjouw Bie.
    Entry overprinter, now SCOTT HARLEY, Owner Mutual Trading Ltd.,
     POR Singapore.
LR 1914/15 Owner Mutual Trading, crossed out, now Lim C. Chui.
LR 1915/16 SCOTT HARLEY ex SRI PREANGER. Owner Lim C. Chui,
LR 1924/25  Entry overprinted Owner now Teo H. Lai.
LR 1931/32. Owner Teo H. Lye (Teo Teow Peng, Mgr)
LR 1935/36 Same as above, entry overprinted, now HARLEY (38422)
    Owners Heap Eng Mon S.S. Co. Ltd. In Sup HARLEY entry overprinted
     Broken up.

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SAXON                         1899 - 1900         On 110006

Owner (1901)  Elwin Hawthorn, London.
Built Middlesbrough 1898
495gr  252net 80HP
163.2  26.0  12.2      

1899 9 November. Vessel fixed to run for 6 months at £450 per  month.      
1899 November 13  First call.   On charter.
1900 July 24 Last call.

                                                                                    Picture  : WSPL  301w  629k  

SAXON in the River Avon.                                                                301w  629k


ISLAND QUEEN (I)              1900 - 1913         On 112739                

Builder           A. Vuijk, Capelle a/d Ysel.     Yn 182   Comp 1900
Tonnage         613grt  313nrt   
                     1900 617gr  281net
Dimensions     176.4  x  27.0  x  13.1
Propulsion       3 cyl 15.5”, 25.5”, -42.6”    99NHP   10kts

1900 August 6 First call. Newspaper reported that the vessel was built by Pile & Co., London. Her trial trip from Sunderland where she had been engined by North Eastern Marine Co, gave a speed of 12 knots.
1912 October 31  Last regular call.
1913 Worked potato season, and last call August 30.
1913 November. Sold for £8,035.

1900 30 July. Registered in London to London & Channel Islands Steamship Co.
             Ltd.  Mgrs Stanley Cheeswright  and Matthew Wharton Ford.
             Vessel mortgaged with Shipping Investments Ltd
1913 8 December. Register cancelled, sold Italian buyers.

1913 Sold Foreign, renamed CANDIANO      
LR 1919/20 CANDIANO, Owner Soc Romagnola di Nav.  ( P. Cagnoni, Mgr.)
LR 1923/25. Entry overprinted, now ZARA. (Did this take place ?)
LR 1925/26 CANDIANO  Owner Soc Armatrice Radivo - Frausin,  POR Trieste.       Entry overprinted,  burnt 4/1925.
From CR 2nd quarter. CANDIANO. On voyage Fiume-Tripoli (Turkey).  4th April       1925  Damaged by fire at  Brindisi. Sold to be broken up.

                                                                                                   Picture  :               301w  1.2m  

ISLAND QUEEN (I)  Departing Jersey.                                                    

Picture  :  F. W. Hawks  

ISLAND QUEEN alongside in Jersey.



MAY QUEEN                     1901 - 1903         On 112772  

Builder          J. Meyer, Zaltbommer.  1900
Tonnage       342gr  91net
Dimensions  137.0  136.4  23.05  8.35
Propulsion     C   16" 35" - 24", G.J. Grey, South Shields .50NHP  300IHP, 9.5kts

1901 3 July. Vessel has been purchased.                        
1901 7 July.  First call.
1903 5 July.  Last regular call. (Sold next day)
                  Replaced by OCEAN QUEEN (1903)

1900 November 7.   Registered in London to Shipping Investments Ltd.,  
                Mgr Charles Henry Pile.
1901 January 19. Bill of sale by Shipping Investments Ltd., to William Stanley
               Hannan, Truro, Cornwall, with mortgage by Shipping Investments Ltd.
1901 May 11. Bill of sale by Shipping Investments Ltd., to London & Channel Islands                 Sg. Co. Ltd.,  Hanley Cheeswright and Matthew Wharton Ford Mrgs.
                Mortgage with Shipping Investments Ltd.
1903 July 6. Bill of sale by London & Channel Islands S. Co. Ltd., to Shipping                 Investments Ltd.
1903 July 9. Certificate cancelled, sold to French subject.

LR 1903/04 Owners as above. Entry overprinted, now MARIE  (No 7 in Sup) From                 Sup, Owner J. A. Delmas & Co. POR Dakar   Flag French.
LR 1909/10 Owner J.A. Delmas & Co. Entry overprinter, owners now Soc Anon des                 Messangeries Africaines. POR Dakar.
LR1918/19  Owners as above, 342gr 215  91.
LR1919/20 Not in,  or shipbuilders and not found in CR

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OCEAN QUEEN             1903 - 1906         On 118318     V.F.H.M.

Builder               J. Meyer, Zaltbommel Bommel, Holland.  1903
Tonnage         421gr  172net
                   421.26gr  283.34ud  171.71reg
Dimensions 151'  24'1"
                 151.0  24.1  11.07  
Propulsion  One engine, triple expansion, surface condensing by J. Bokslgag,
                 Zwolle,    13" 21" 34" -24" 80NHP 500IHP  10Kts.

1903 September 2 In service.
1906 March 2 Ashore at Guernsey.

1903 September 1. Registered in London to London & Channel Islands Sg. Co. Ltd.,
            St. Dunstan's Buildinds, St. Dunstan's Hill, London.  Mgr  Stanley
             Cheeswright & Matthew Wharton Ford.
1906 14 May. Certificate given up, vessel lost off Guernsey.


WAVE QUEEN             1906 - 1908       On 118029          VDCM

Builder             Langeveld en Van Vliet, Nederhardinveld. Yn. 13   July 1903
Tonnage        295gr  128net
                    295.27gr  210.42ud 128.39net
Dimensions 130.0  22.0  9.75
Propulsion   One engine, 2cyl compound, surface condensing by MacColl & Pollock,
                  Wreath Quay, Sunderland. 13.5"  31" -24"  50NHP 300 IHP  8.5kts

1906 June 4  First call at Jersey as GALE.
1906 June 18 Arrived as WAVE QUEEN.

1908 May 15 last call.

The vessel was built in 1903, and was registered in Liverpool on
1903 July 11. to Gale Shipping Co. Ltd., 8A Drury Buildings, 23 Water Street,                   Liverpool., and the ship was mortgaged with Shipping Investments Ltd.,
                  34 Great St.Helen's, London
1906 May 29. Bill of sale to Shipping Investments Ltd., Mgr: Charles Henry Pile.
1906 May 29. Bill of sale to London & Channel Islands Sg. Co. Ltd., Mgr: Stanley
                 Cheeswright & Matthew Wharton Ford.
1906 June 14. Registry in London to London & Channel Islands Sg. Co. Ltd.,                  St. Dunstan's Buildings, London,  and ships name changed to WAVE   
190815 July 15. Bill of Sale by L & C.I. Sg Co Ltd., to Shipping Investments Ltd.,                  Mgr: Charles Henry Pile.
1910 March 10. Bill of Sale by Shipping Investments Ltd, to William Reid Aiken, 53                  Regent Quay, Aberdeen, register to Aberdeen March 15
1910 March. Bill of sale of 20 shares to Elsie Aiken.
1910 May. Bill of sale of 20 shares to Lancelot Newton.
1911 January 16. William Reid Aiken died, and shares to Elsie Fordgce/                  MacDonald/ Aiken
1911 May 19. Bill of sale by Elsie Fordgce/MacDonald/Aiken of 24 shares to
                   Richard Taylor.
1913 August 22. Bill of sale by Elsie Fordgce/ MacDonald/ Aiken of 20 shares to                   George McDonald.
1913 August 26. Mgr: George McDonald.
1919 25 November. Lancelot Newton dies, shares to Frances Elena Newton.
1920 12 February. Bill of sale by Richard Taylor of 24 shares
                       to George McDonald.
1930 March 22. Bill of sale by George McDonald of 44 shares to Herbert Elliot.
1930 March 22. Bill of sale by Frances Elena Newton/ Dowel of 20 shares to                    Herbert Elliot, 2 Collingdon Road, Cardiff  (Sack and bag merchant).
1930 May 6. Bill of sale by Herbert Elliot to the Brittany Steamship Co. Ltd.  Mgr:
                  Herbert Edward Elliot.

Note: Register states- Closed 18 December 1934, except so far as relates to mortgage details. Vessel sold for breaking up, had stranded at Warden Point, Isle of Wight.        

                                                                                                 Picture  : A. Duncan  305gs  338k  

WAVE QUEEN seen in her latter days when owned by the Brittany S.S. Co. Ltd.

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FOAM QUEEN (I)                1908 - 1911         On 123987  

Builder               Van Vliet & Co., Hardinxveld   7.1906
Tonnage         518gr  234net  367ud 600dw
Dimensions  159.0  26.3  11.2      Q82  B14  F18
Propulsion      Single screw, T 3cyl 13",21" & 34"-24"  76nhp

1908 May 21 First call at Jersey as BOREAS.
1908 September 3 First call as FOAM QUEEN.
1911 July 26  Last call

History from Ships Register’s ___________
1906 August 4. Registered at Liverpool as BOREAS to Shipping Investments Ltd.,
1906 August 22. Bill of Sale to Gale Shipping Co. Ltd., Baltic Buildings, 9 Redcross
                       Street, Liverpool. Joseph Gale Mgr.
1908 May 5.       Bill of Sale to Shipping Investments Ltd. Charles Henry Pile, Mgr.
1908 July 15.     Bill of Sale to London & Channel Islands Steamship Co. Ltd., St.
                       Dunstan's Buildings, St. Dunstan's Hill, London. Matthew Wharton                         Ford, Mgr.
1908 August 17 . BOT sanction name change to FOAM QUEEN.
1908 August 29.  Registry to London 84/1908.
1911 July 24.             Bill of Sale to Alex L. Secretan & Co. Ltd., 564/573 Salisbury
                        House, London. Alexander Levin Secretan Mgr. Sold for £7,500 a
                         loss of £147.15s.5d
1911 August 26. Arrested by Customs for alleged gun carrying.
1911 October 26. Bill of Sale to George Paget Walford, 17 Great St. Helens, London.
                         Mgr owner.
1911 October 28. BOT sanction name change to GILDA.
1913 April 15.      Registry closed, sold to the Government of Paraguay. Further
                         note, vessel transferred to Paraguayan Government flag on March                           12 1913 at Asuncion, Paraguay.

Details taken from Lloyds Registers ___________________
LR 1916/17 Owner: Paraguayan Government.
LR 1917/18 Owner: A Haverbech & Hijos. POR Valdivia, Flag Chile.
LR 1930/31 Owner: Bode y Cia. Lda.  POR Iquique.  Flag Chilian.
LR 1932/33 Owner: Fontbona y Cordeero Ltda.  ( Joaquay Fontbona
              & Cia, Mgrs)  POR Valparaiso.
LR 1939/40 Owner: Fontbonay Cordero Ltda., POR Valparaiso
LR 1941/42 Entry as 1932/33, with a note in the colum 186/41

From  CR 1941, GILDA, 1906, 518gr Chl
         10 November. Fire broke out on a lighter alongside the GILDA while           discharging imflamable cargo at Ancud. The steamer was subsequently           destroyed.

Picture  :  WSPL  201w  52.0k  



LONDON QUEEN (I)              1911 - 1925         On 129160   

Builder                Van Vliet & Co., Hardinxveld.  12.1910.
Tonnage          660gr  348net  700dw
                              599gr  279net  415ud
Dimensions    169'5"  28'1"                  
                   169.5  28.1  11.7    Q84  B14  F25     
Propulsion   T 3cyl  14", 23" & 39" -27" 75nhp
Passengers   133

1911 January 5.    First call at Jersey.
1925 October 29.  Last call.
1925 November 8. Struck rocks off Guernsey, but made port.
       November 20. Towed from St. Peter Port to Southampton by  tugs SIR
               BEVOIS and AJAX     

Details from Ship Registers ______________________
1910 December 9. Registered in London as LONDON QUEEN to London &
                          Channel Islands Steamship Co. Ltd., Mgr Matthew Wharton Ford.
1926 March 8.      Register closed, sold to D/S A/S Risoy (M. Clausen Mgr),
                         renamed RISOY.

Details from Lloyds Registers. ___________________
LR 1926/27 RISOY, entry overprinted, now PILAR, (90471)  Owner : Anon
                 Comercial (Braun & Blanchard Mgrs)   POR Punta Arenas.
LR 1940/41. Owner: Soc Anon Commercial Braun & Blanchard. Flag Chilian   
                  POR Punta Arnas.
LR 1941/42. Owner: Martinez, Pereira y Cia. Lda.
1926 (late).   Sold to Martinez, Pereira y Cia S.A. Naviera, Valparaiso, renamed
                 PILAR ?.

LR Owner of vessel remained the same up to 1984/85


Picture  :  WSPL  201w  53.9k  



French trade —––––––––––––––––––––––-

January 14 1911. The local newspaper reported that  “The directors have decided to enter service to the two French ports of St. Brieuc and Morlaix, and that the company would now trade as the London, Channel Islands & Brittany S.S. Co. In fact it is doubtful if the name was ever used, and certainly it was not in the Islands.

Two vessel were purchased for this trade, they were SAXON QUEEN and NORMAN QUEEN.

1912 September. Venture not a success and vessels sold.


SAXON QUEEN (I)               1911 - 1912         On 118127     HBJT       

Builder         Langeld & VanVliet, Hardinxveld.  Yn. 27   8.1904
Tonnage       276gr 95net   
Dimensions  130.0  22.2  9.8
Propulsion   C 2cyl 16" & 36" -24"   Richards, Westgarth & Co.  70 RHP      

1911 Vessel purchased.
1912. Vessel sold.

1911 Made only three calls to Jersey, February 17, February 25, and one call
              on May 12 1912 First two replacing FOAM QUEEN.
1911 July 27. Port of Registry to be changed from Liverpool to London.
1912 July 24. Bill of sale to the "Saxon Queen" S.S. Co. Ld., 180 High Street,
             Hull. Mgr: John R. Rix.

Details taken from Lloyds Registers —–––––––-
1904 Vessel built as HURRICANE for Gale Shipping Co. Ld. (J. Gale, Mgr)
                 POR Liverpool
LR 1905/06 HURRICANE  Owner- Gale Shipping Co. Ld. (J. Gale, Mgr)
                 POR Liverpool
LR 1909/10 Owner- Shipping Investments Ld. (C.H. Pile, Mgr) POR Liverpool.
LR 1911/12 SAXON QUEEN Owner- London & Channel Islands S.S. Co.                    Ltd., POR London
MNL 1913. SAXON QUEEN Owner: The Saxon Queen S.S. Co. Ltd., 180
                 High Street, Hull. Mgr: John R. Rix.  POR Hull 1912.
LR 1915/16 Owner- Humber Coasters Ld. (R. Rix & Sons, Mgr)

LR 1920/21 Not in.  NO FURTHER DETAILS

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NORMAN QUEEN (I)              1911 - 1912         On 62970  

Builder        J. Scott & Co, Kinghorn.    Comp. 1.1890
Tonnage      416gr -498gr  339ud 200net
Dimensions 165.2 25.1 12.3           Q59  B48  F54   Len 1920  189.6
Propulsion  T 3cyl  16",25" & 42" - 30"  97 nhp  NB 20

1911 October 7  First call at Jersey
1912 June 12.  Or 19 Last visit at Jersey

1912 September. Venture not a success and vessel sold.

History from Ship Registers  —––
1890 Built as ABBOTSHALL for London & Kirkcaldy Sg Co. Being
                  registered in Kirkcaldy on January 4 1890 to John Thomson
                  Stocks, M.O., Kirkcaldy. Manufacturer.
1898 February 16. Owner died, and joint executors are Robert Stocks and
                   Harris Lawrence Stocks.
1898 July 5. Bill of Sale by Robert Stocks and Harris Lawrence Stocks to
                    Harris Lawrence Stocks.
1910 May 11. Bill of Sale to Stocks Turnbull & Co. Ltd, 475 High Street,
1911 May 22. Bill of Sale to The Goole Shipbuilding & Repair Co. Ltd.,
1911 September 14. Bill of Sale to London & Channel Islands Steamship Co.
                 Ltd., St. Dunstan's Buildings, St. Dunstan's Hill, London.  Matthew
                 Wharton Ford, Mgr.
1911 September 22. Registry to London, register dated September 25.
1911 September 30. Name change sanctioned, NORMAN QUEEN.
1912 September 17. Registry closed, sold German subject,  HELGOLAND.

Details taken from Lloyds Registers —–––––––-
LR 1918/19 HELGOLAND, Owner: Lubeck-Koldinger Dmp G.m.b.H.
LR 1923/24 Owner: Lubeck - Koldinger Dmp GmbH.
LR 1927/28 Owner: See-Quarantane Reed K.K. Skriver G.m.b.H.,  POR
LR 1930/31 Same entry as 1927/28
LR 1934/35 Owner: Reed K.K. Skriver G.m.b.H.  POR Lubeck.
Same up to and including 1949/50
LR 1953/54 Owner: Overprinted, now Interoceana Schiffs G.m.b.H., (Lubeck
                  Linie A.G., Mgrs)
LR 1954/55 Owner Lubecker Seetransport GmbH. (Mgr Lubeck Linie A.G.,
Same up to and including 1957/58. Not in 1958/59.
CR for quarter ended June 30 1957. Vessel broken up.



CHANNEL QUEEN (I)             1912 - 1920         On 135145     

Builder        Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing Co. Ltd., Yn 151.  10.1912
Tonnage      670gr  327net  800dw                               
Dimensions  175.0  27.9  10.9      P19  Q33  B511  F26            
Propulsion   T 3cyl  15",25" & 40" -27"  109nhp


Built in 1912, the vessel made her first call at Jersey on October 15, and remained in service until she was sold in February 1920 for £45,000 to the Limerick S.S. Co. with delivery in July, and she made her last call at Jersey on June 26.

History from Ship Registers —–

1912 September 30. Registered in London to London & Channel Islands                           Steamship Co. Ltd., Mgr Matthew Ford.
1920 May 21.     Bill of Sale to Limerick Steamship Co., Limerick.
1920 July 9.        London registry closed, to Limerick 3/1920.
1920 July 16.      Name change sanctioned  KILCLOHER.
1928 May 21.     Bill of Sale to The Bay Steamship Co. Ltd., 68 Bishopsgate,
                        London,  for use in the Hudson Bay area.
1928 July 6.       Registry to London 226/1928.  
1928 July 24.     Name change sanctioned  BAYNAIN.
1932 February 12. Bill of Sale to the Ardrossan Dockyard Ltd.
1932 February 16. Bill of Sale to George Alexander Kerr of  Zamboanga,
                           Phillipian Islands.
1932 September 28. Registration cancelled, sold Phillipine Island Co. Advised                             by Vice Consul in Zamboanga, Phillipine Islands.

Details taken from Lloyds Registers  ---------------

LR 1931/32 BAYNAIN, owner: The Bay S.S. Co. Ltd., overprinted,
                    now George A. Kerr, POR London.
LR 1932/33 BAYNAIN, owner overprinted, now Bay Shipping Co.
                  ( F.L. Zimmermann, Mgr ). POR Zamboanga P.I., Flag Utd States
LR 1937/38 BAYNAIN, same details as above.
LR 1939/40 BAYNAIN, Owner Philippine Cutch Corp.  POR Z'mboanga P.I.
LR 1940/41 BAYNAIN, owner Philippino Cutch Corp, overprinted now
                   Bakau & Kenya Extract Co. Ltd., POR Sandakan, Flag British.
LR 1945/46 Same as 1940/41

LONDON QUEEN              

A new vessel LONDON QUEEN has been constructed by Van Llert & Co., Hardingfeldy, first voyage some 10 days ago.169,6” 28’  671dw  9.5kts  
133 pass  saloon for 22  2 state rooms  1  4 berth cabin  1 8 berth.


ISLAND QUEEN (II)             1914 - 1914         On 136668        

Builder              De Merwede Van Vliet & Co, Hardinxveld. Yn 110  4.1914
Tonnage        740gr  349net  723dw
Dimensions 180.0  28.1  12.3   187.7(oa)  Q105  B11  F23
                                  187’8”  28’1”  14’2”
Propulsion    Single screw, T 3cyl  14",22" & 37" -24"   99RHP

1914 March 16. Vessel launched last week at Harlinxvely, Holland.
1914 April 20.   Vessel now at Dundee where she is being fitted with boilers.
1914 May 7.      First call.
1914 June 4.     Photo of vessel in newspaper at top of North Pier.
1914 July 6       Last arrival in Jersey, and after discharge sailed on 7th for
                       Goole, having been sold the local newspaper stated to
                       Australian buyers, as it was decided that she was too large
                       for local waters.In fact she was sold to New Zealand buyers.

History of the vessel has not been traced in the Registry Books, and the following is gleaned from Lloyds Registers —––––––

It should be remembered that C.H. Pile was owner of Shipping Investment
Ltd., an investor in L. & C.I. S.S. Co.  

LR 1914/15 ISLAND QUEEN Owner: Shipping Investment Co. Ld.
                   (C.H. Pile, Mgr)
LR 1915/16 LARANAH Owner: Holmans Ld., POR Melbourne.
LR 1926/27 Owner: W. Holman & Sons Proprietary Ld.,POR Melbourne.
LR 1939/40 Owner: W. Holyman & Sons Proprietary Ld. POR Melbourne.
LR 1954        Owner: W. Holyman & Sons Proprietary Ltd., Melbourne.
LR 1955/56 Owner: Holman & Sons
LR 1956/57 Owner: Overprinted, now Compania Naviera Lanena Ltd., POR                                                                                                            Panama.
LR 1958/59 Owner: Compania Naviera Lanena Ltda., POR Panama.
LR 1959/60                   "
1959 18 October.  LARANAH Sank 100 miles sw of Manila after  striking a
                           submerged object, her crew were saved. Vessel   owned by
                           Chip Hong Nav.                                            MN 12.59 P278


Vessels providing the Channel Islands service during World War I

1914  ISLAND QUEEN (2)        sold July             

1915   CHANNEL QUEEN        4 - last 25 March              
         LONDON QUEEN          5  - 11 May

1916  LONDON QUEEN           to 30 March   then from 16 October       
        CHANNEL QUEEN         7 July                          
         ISLAND QUEEN (3)       Pass from 13 April   to 23 November.  

1917   LONDON QUEEN          January,  then only 2 calls
          CHANNEL QUEEN         all year        

1918  CHANNEL QUEEN          all year.
         LONDON QUEEN           From from 15 September


SOUTHERN QUEEN                               

1915 6 March. Advert in Jersey paper states vessel is building, but nothing                          further could be found.

ISLAND QUEEN (III)            1916 - 1916         On 139121      

Builder             Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing Co. Ltd. Yn 175  4.1916
Tonnage        822gr  390net  827dw
Dimensions 180.2  180.0  30.15  13.0
                             187'7"  30'1"  14'        B27  F26
Propulsion   One engine, triple expansion, inverted cylinders, 15", 25",
                   40" -30”    81.66NHP 700IHP  10Kts.
Passengers   16 Return 60 pass 15 crew.

1915 March 17. Advert states vessel is building.
1916 March 31. Delivered to company.     
1916 April 14. Entered service
1916 November 23.  Last call.

1916 November. Requisitioned by Government, and used as a Q ship
1917 Sold to Shipping Controller.                          
1917 December 10. Sold for £40,000 to the Government (Shipping
                 Controller), and later renamed PRIVETT. It is stated as having
                 sunk off the south coast of England, but was later raised and put                  back in service.
                It is reported that the vessel sank two German submarines, U85 on
                March 12 1917 and U34 on November 9 1918 near Gibraltar.        

The following is taken from the Jersey Evening Post of December 24 1919.
The ISLAND QUEEN, became H.M.S. PRIVET Q19 under Lieut Percys Athins, Commander. Vessel was in Straits of Gibraltar on Saturday 9 November 1918 when she intercepted a German U Boat. After the top of the funnel was blown away and one mast lost overboard the ship cleared for action, seven shells from the 4.7 gun were fired and the submarine sunk.
-Note that was only two days before the end of the War.-

1919 July 31. Registered in  Limerick as FOYNES having been sold to
                    Limerick S.S. Co. Ltd, Limerick. Mgr: Lewis Morley.

1939 January Bombed and sunk at Valencia by Italian aircraft during the
                    Spanish Civil War.    

History from ship registers —––––––––––––––––––––-

1916 March 22. Registered in London - No 52
                  Owner: London & Channel Islands Sg. Co. Ltd., St.Dunstan's
                   Buildings, St.Dunstan's Hill.    Mgr: Matthew Wharton Ford.
1916 March 22. Mortaged 64 shares with Goole S.B. & Rep Co..
1917 December 10. Mortgage discharged.
1917 December 10. Bill of sale to Crown.
1917 December 14. Register closed, vessel sold to His Majesty represented by
                  the Shipping Controller.

1919 July 31. Registered in  Limerick 4/1919 as FOYNES owned by
                    Limerick S.S. Co. Ltd, New Docks, Limerick.
                    Mgr: Lewis Morley.

1939 June 26. Certificate cancelled, ship a constructive loss in Valencia
                     Harbour in consequence of being bombed by aircraft.

Subsequent history gleaned from Lloyds Registers —––––––––

LR 1937/38 FOYNES, Owner: Limerick S.S. Co.
LR 1938/39 FOYNES, Owner: Overpasted, now Mid Adlantic Shipping
                 Co. Ltd. POR Limerick. Name overprinted, sunk in port by
                 aircraft 1.1939.
LR 1939/40 Not in.
LR 1940/41 FOYNES, Owner: None. Entry overprinted, Sunk in port
                 by aircraft 1/1939-Refloated.
LR 1941/42 CASTILLO RIAZZA, Owner: Spanish Government.
                 ex FOYNES 41

LR 1946/47 Same as LR 41/42.
LR 1947/48 CASTILLO RIAZZA, Owner: Empresa Nacional "Elcano" S.A.
LR 1949/50    POR Cadiz
LR 1954/55 Owner  Empresa Nacional "Elcano" S.A., Cadiz.
LR 1956/57 As above.
LR 1957/58 Owner: Empresa Nacional "Elcano" de la Marina Mercante.
LR 1958/59 Owner: Overpasted, now Naviera del Nalon S.A.

LR 1959/60 Owner Naviera del Nalon, later renamed MINA SORRIEGO

                  Owner: Naviera del Nalon S.A., POR Gijon.
LR 1965/66  Same as LR 62/63                 "
LR 1966/67  Not in

ISLAND QUEEN at the top of the New North Quay at Jersey July 6 1914.


SOUTHERN QUEEN                               

1915 6 March. Advert in Jersey paper states vessel is building, but nothing                          further could be found.



ISLAND QUEEN (IV)             1920 - 1933         On 145082     

Builder         Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Sunderland.   Yn 1159       
                  Wear Concrete Building Co. Ltd., Sunderland.    7.1920
Tonnage      689gr  355net 500ud    
Dimensions 173.5  28.1  12.9     Q86  B15  F25      
Propulsion   Single screw, T 3cyl  13.5",22" & 36"-30" 97nhp
Vessel shown as being built in July 1920, yet being registered as a new ship in
November that year.

1920 December 10 First visit.  Cost £56,000.
1933 February 23  Last visit. Replaced on the service by LONDON QUEEN.
1934 Sold to Monroe Bros, renamed KYLE QUEEN.

From Ships Registers --------------------------------
1920 4 November. Registered in London 544/1920 as ISLAND QUEEN a new vessel, Owner: London & Channel Islands Steamship Co. Ltd, Moscow
House, 4 Eastcheap, London. Matthew Wharton Ford, Mgr.
688.79grt, 354.69nrt.

1934 22 February. Bill of Sale to Monroe Brothers Ltd., Liverpool.
1934 7 March.       Name change sanctioned KYLE QUEEN.
                             Note- Vessel remained registered in London.

1935 29 April.        Bill of Sale to The Khedivial Mail Steamship & Graving
                             Dock Co. Ltd., 117/118 Leanenhall Street, London.
1936 13 January.     Letter from British Consulate, Alexandria stating that the
                              vessel has been sold to H.E.M. Ahmed Abboud Pasha,
1940 15 May.         Registered in London, 150/1940. Owner: His Majesty,
                            represented by Ministry of Shipping. Percy Robert Privett
1940 24 October. Registry closed, vessel sunk by enemy action.

From Lloyds War Losses —––––––––––
1940 28 May.        Vessel Ostend for Downs with troops, refugees and army
                            lorries was sunk by E-boat in position 51.20N, 2.16E.
                            Crew 21, 210 passengers. 189 lost. 16 crew lost.
                            2nd Officer states sunk by submarine.

Details from Lloyds Registers —––––––

LR 1934/35 KYLE QUEEN, Owner: Monroe Bros. Ld.. Entry overprinted
                           now ABUKIR (Sup 88379)
                          From Sup Owner: Khedivial Mail S.S. & Graving Dock Co.
                           Ltd.,  ( Lord E. Hamilton, Mgrs).

LR1935/36 ABUKIR, Owner: Overprinted, now H.E. Ahmed Abboud Pasha,
                          POR Alexandria.
LR 1937/38 ABUKIR, Owner: Overprinted, now Pharaonic Mail Line S.A.E.
LR 1939/40 ABUKIR, Owner: Pharaonic Mail Line S.A.E., POR Alexandria
LR 1940/41 ABUKIR, Owner: Overprinted, now Ministry of Shipping
                                 (General Steam Nav. Co. Ltd., Mgrs)
LR 1941/42 Not in


CHANNEL QUEEN (II)            1922 - 1939         On 146138     

Builder         C.Rennoldson & Co, South Shields.      Yn 195  10.1921
Tonnage      710gr 490ud  320net   
Dimensions  180.4  28.0  12.1       Q105  B11 F24
Propulsion   Single screw, T 3cyl 13.25",22" & 37" -27    102nhp

1922 March 4  First visit, and then only odd visits until 1923 when three ship
                   service commenced.
1924 November 30. When entering St. Sampsons Harbour, vessel was driven
                 down onto the South Side of the South Pier, causing bow damage.
1924 December 13. Capt. Sutton died at home in Shoreham, had been
                 in command for the past two years.
1938 17 December. Last seen in Jersey.

From London Customs register 584/1921--------------

1921 4 October. Registered in London to London & Channel Islands S.S.
                        Co. Ltd.
1939 4 January. Bill of sale to Brook Shipping Co. Ltd
1939 7 February. Vessel renamed WESTON. RG 1002/1939, dated
                        12 January 1939
1941 3 July. Bills of sale of 8 shares to Arnold Boothroyd Grace and 56 shares
                  to George William Grace.
1945 23 October. Arnold Boothroyd Grace died, and the 8 shares went jointly
                 to George William Grace and Doris Vera Grace.
1946 12 November. Two bills of sale of all shares to the Holderness Steam
                  Ship Co. Ltd., Hull.
1946 20 November. Registry to Hull.

1939 Sold to Brook Sg. Co. Ltd., (Comben Longstaff & Co.
        Ltd. Mgr), London,  renamed WESTOWN.
1941 Acquired by G.W. Grace & Co. Ltd., London.
1947 Acquired by Holderness S.S. Co. renamed HOLDERNOOK.
1956 Acquired by Glynwood Nav. Co. Ltd., renamed LOGHOLDER.
1956 December 27  Arrived Dover to be broken up.          SB 8.56     MN 1.57

LR 46/47 WESTOWN ex Channel Queen 39  Owner George W.Grace & Co.

FOAM QUEEN (II)               1925 - 1943         On 145716  

Builder        London & Montrose Sb & Rep Co. Ltd., Montrose.   Yn 93       
Tonnage      811gr  (801.98) 404.45net  577.16ud 1100dw                    10.1922 Dimensions  189.2  188.7 30.35  12.55
Propulsion   Single screw, T William Beardmore & Co. 14", 24" & 40" -27"
                  75NHP 79RHP  625IHP  9kts

1922 Built as RIVER EXE for D.R. Llewellyn, Merrett & Price Ltd.,
                 (Merreth Bros Mgrs), Cardiff.
1925 December 24. Acquired.        
1926 January 10 First visit as FOAM QUEEN

1943 November 2 Lost. Torpedoed by E boat off Dundeness Head.

From Ships Register BT110/1227-------
1922 4 November. Registered at Cardiff as RIVER EXE, 31/1922, Owner:                   D.R. Llewllyn, Merret & Price Limited, Aberdare House, Mount                   Stuart Square, Cardiff.  Mortgaged with Barclays Bank Ltd.
1925 18 December. Bill of sale to London & Channel Islands Sg. Co. Ltd.,
                 Moscow House, 4 Eastcheap, London EC3. Mgr: Matthew
                  Wharton Ford.
1925 19 December. Register closed, to London
From London Register —–
1925 22 December. BOT sanction name FOAM QUEEN.
1930 1 January. Office now at Melbourne House, 4 Eastcheap.
1934 20 February. Office now at 15/18 Lime Street, London EC3.
1937 19 August. Certificate to change name of owners to British Channel
                   Islands Sg. Co. Ltd.
1940 28 June. Mgr now: Leonard Gayton Bohn, 24 Chelmsford Gardens,
                   Ilford, Essex.
1943 24 September. Address now 35 Crutched Friars, London EC3.
1943 26 November. Register cancelled, vessel torpedoed and became a                     constructive total loss.

From Lloyds War Losses —–––––––––
1943 2 November. Vessel Goole and Southend for Bristol, cargo coal was
                  attacked by E-boat in vicinity of C.1 buoy off Hastings.
                  Crew 15 and 3 gunners. 11 lost. Stern blown away, remainder
                  of vessel towed to Dover where cargo discharged. Later towed
                  to Mucking Flats for experimental purposes.


LONDON QUEEN (II)             1933 - 1946         On 163319  

Builder        Burntisland S.B. Co.Ltd.,            Yn 174    2.1933
Tonnage     781gr  573ud  429net 1,160dw
Dimensions 195.0  30.7  12.4
                  201’6”  30’9”  14’6”
Propulsion   Single screw, T 3cyl  14",24" & 40" -27"  129 nhp

1933 March 6 Took up regular service.
1946 July 31  Left Jersey light for Swansea at the end of service for B.C.I.S.

From London Register 18/1933 --------
1933 21 February. Registered to London & Channel Islands S.S. Co. Ltd.
1937 Owners name changed to BCISC
1947 1 January. Bill of sale to British Channel Traders Ltd.
1947 12 September. Bill of sale to Queenship Navigation Ltd.
1948 30 January. Bill of sale to Belfast, Mersey & Manchester S.S. Co. Ltd.
1948 20 February. Registry to Belfast.

1946 July 31  Left Jersey light for Swansea at the end of service for B.C.I.S.C.
1946 Transferred to British Channel Traders (later Queenship Navigation Co).
1947 1 January. Bill of sale to British Channel Traders Ltd.
1947 12 September. Bill of sale to Queenship Navigation Ltd.
1948 30 January. Bill of sale to Belfast, Mersey & Manchester S.S. Co. Ltd.
1948 20 February. Registry to Belfast.
1948 Renamed STORMONT by  Belfast, Mersey & Manchester S.S. Co. Ltd.
1950 June 3. Proposal to change name by Belfast, Mersey & Manchester S.S.
                 Co from STORMONT to CAVAN.                         Lloyds L
1950 14 June. STORMONT Sd Belfast for Liverpool.
1950 19 June. CAVAN ex STORMONT sd Liverpool-Belfast.

1953 Transferred to Zillah Sg Co., renamed NORTHFIELD.
1956 March 31 Arrived Preston to be broken up by T.W. Ward Ltd.   MN 4.56

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          Line drawing LONDON QUEEN

COPYRIGHT :  © George Roper             

               Line  drawing   LONDON QUEEN   dated  15 March 1942  depicting   the  vessel  in  her  WW II
          wartime grey colours and her armament.     Drawn by  George Roper  who served on the vessel during
          the conflict.
          Illustration courtesy Captain P. Gill, Guernsey.


ISLAND QUEEN (V)              1934 - 1940         On 163464    

Builder        Burntisland SB Co Ltd,             Yn 180   5.1934
Tonnage     779gr  573ud  430net  1160dw
Dimensions 195.0  30.7  12.4   B14  Q110  F25
                  201’6”  195’bp  30’9”
Propulsion  Single screw, T 3cyl  14",24" & 40"-27"  112 nhp

1934 May 12  First visit. Replacing CHANNEL QUEEN on the regular service.
1940 June 12. Last call at Jersey.
1940 July 14. Vessel sunk.

From London Register 43/1934 —–––––
1934 1 May. Registered in London  Owner : London & Channel Islands Steam
                   Ship Co. Ltd.
1940 14 July. Vessel sunk.

From Lloyds War Losses–––––
Vessel on passage Blyth to Cowes with a cargo of coal was attacked by aircraft 4 cables from A buoy E. of Folkestone Gateway L.V.  Vessel sank while in tow 350 degs. half mile from Folkestone L.V. Crew 13, 3 lost.

COPYRIGHT :  © PHOTO ONE           

          Line drawing ISLAND QUEEN  


JERSEY QUEEN (I)              1937 - 1940         On 165361

Builder        Burntisland SB Co. Ltd.              Yn 201   12.1936
Tonnage      910gr  647ud  518net  1330dw
Dimensions 197.2  32.2  13.1   Q122  F25
                  204’6”  197’bp  32’3”
Propulsion  Single screw, T 3cyl 14",24" & 40" -27"  129 nhp

1936 December 12. Launched.                                  
1937 January 24  First visit, arrived with cargo of coal, and remained on tramp
1940 15 May. Last call at Jersey.                         
1940 October 5  Lost.

From London Register 259/1936 dated 4 December 1936––––––

Vessel sunk.

From Lloyds War Losses––––––
1940 6 October. Vessel Blyth for Plymouth, cargo coal struck a mine 1.5
                  miles 160 degs. St.Anthony Point. Crew 13 and 1 gunner,
                  2 crew lost.

COPYRIGHT :  © PHOTO ONE           

               Line drawing JERSEY QUEEN


                                         taken over by

                                COAST LINES LTD

In the 1930’s Coast Lines Ltd., were expanding their shipping interests by a number of takeovers, and in 1936 made advances to the London & Channel Islands Sg. Co. This led to an agreement in the October which created 5026 new shares, and Coast Lines taking a total of 6257 of the company shares. The Pile family withdrew their interests in the company and Sir A. Read was appointed a director and the changes were approved at a Directors meeting held on November 13 1936.



NORMAN QUEEN (II)             1937 - 1937         On 132859  

Builder       Dublin Dockyard Co., Dublin                    12.1911
Tonnage     863gr  593ud  428net  1090dw  
Dimensions 200.2  30.6  12.5
                 210’0”  30’7”  14’11”      Q115  B9  F34
Propulsion  Single screw, C 2 cyl  22" & 46"-30"  87 rhp

1937 January 8. ANGLESEY COAST has been purchased by company, to
                     be renamed NORMAN QUEEN.                                     JEP

                     Vessel did not visit Jersey.

Ship history —––––––––––––––––––––
1911 Built as ENDA for Michael Murphy Ltd. (T. O'Dowdy Mgr) Cardiff.
                 Was Registered 24/1911 at Cardiff.
1929 1 August. Registered 27/1929 at Liverpool as ANGLESEY COAST

From Liverpool register,--------------- 1929-----------
1929 1 August. Renamed  ANGLESEY COAST.
1937 1 January. Bill of sale to L & CI S.S. Co.

To London Registry 8/1937––––
1937 5 January. Registered as ANGLESEY COAST to London & Channel
                Islands S.S. Co.
1937 7 January. NORMAN QUEEN ex ANGLESEY COAST sd Partington
               for  Manchester.                                                            LL 8.1.1937
1937 11 January. Name changed to NORMAN QUEEN, BoT RG 1696/1936
1937 31 May. Bill of sale by L & CI SS Co, to Kyle Shipping Co. Ltd.
                  (Monroe Bros Mgr)
1937 14 October. Name changed to KYLECROFT, MoT RG 1377/1937.
1955 June 8  Arrived Llanelly to be broken up by Rees Shipbreaking Co. Ltd.
1956 2 May. Registey cancelled- Vessel broken up.


In January 1937 the company considered changing its name due to its expanding not wholly to the Channel Islands, and at an EGM held on May 31 1937 it was decided that it be changed to –

      British & Channel Islands Shipping Co. Ltd.

- but at at meeting held on June 18 1937 it was decided that due to deference to the opinion expressed by the Jersey States  officials,the name of the company should be changed to –

           British Channel Islands  Sg. Co. Ltd.,

and the said name be applied for and approved.

In early 1939 the funnel colours were changed. The company house flag was removed, and replaced with a black topped cream funnel divided by a white over blue band.



NORMAN QUEEN (III)            1938 - 1941         On 166353     

Builder        Burntisland SB Co. Ltd.              Yn 216   2.1938
Tonnage      957gr  647ud  541net 1325dw      
Dimensions 204.5(oa)  197.2(rl)  32.2  13.1     Q122  F25
                  204'6"  197bp  32'3"
Propulsion  Single screw, T 3cyl  14",24" & 40" -27"  129 nhp

1937 December 31. Launched by Miss Mary Bohn.
1938 February 23. Vessel made her maiden voyage about a week ago.        JEP
1938 March 13. Arrived Jersey on first call.
1940 May 20.  Last call.
1941 March 8. Lost.

From London Register 26/1938 —–––––––––––-
1938 28 January. Registered to British Channel Islands Shipping Co. Ltd.
                     Mgr M.W. Ford.
1940 28 June. Mgr L.G.Bohn.
Vessel lost.

From Lloyds War Losses —––––––––
1941 8 March. Vessel sunk by E-boat  1 mile west of South Haisboro Buoy,
                    East of Cromer while on voyage London to Boston, Lincs, with
                     a cargo of timber. Crew of 13 and 2 gunners.
                     12 crew and 2 gunners lost, 1 crew prisoner of war.

COPYRIGHT :  © PHOTO ONE           

                Line drawing NORMAN QUEEN   

A picture of NORMAN QUEEN with the new funnel colours adopted in 1939.


—----------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                Merger of the
           Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany S.S. Co
                             British Channel Islands Sg Co.

                                                June 15 1938

In January 1937 Coast Lines continued their takeovers of smaller companies, and made an approach to the  P CI & B to which the company agreed and the change took place at the AGM held on March 2 1937 when the directors were replaced, and the company placed under the management of the London & Channel Islands S.S. Co., but continued to trade under its own name.
At the same time the goodwill of the Bristol to Channel Islands route was purchased from the Bristol City Lines of Steamships Ltd. and agreed on  May 31 1937, and the operation was placed under the Plymouth , Channel Islands & Brittany S.S. Co. name.
The two ships which which operated these services NEW VERDUN and COOMBE DINGLE which had been acquired by bill of sale dated June 17 1937 from The Bristol City Line of Steamships, were soon replaced with new tonnage, EMERALD QUEEN arriving in May 1937 and SAXON QUEEN in March 1938 . Both new vessels were registered to the Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany SS Co Ltd.
This setup was not to last long, as at an EGM of the Plymouth, Channel & Islands S.S. Co held on June 15 1938 the agreement dated March 31 1938 for the sale of the company to BCIS was approved.

Vessels of P, CI & B SS        —-
NEW VERDUN             acquired with company.      Sold 13-12-1937
EMERALD QUEEN     new build May 26 1937
COOMBE DINGLE     to company June 17 1937     Sold 28-10-1937
SAXON QUEEN           new build March 1938

1938 6 September. Bill of sale for EMERALD QUEEN and SAXON QUEEN by Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany Steam Ship Co. to British Channel Islands Shipping Co. Ltd.

This setup was not to last long, as at an EGM of the Plymouth, Channel & Islands S.S. Co held on June 15 1938 the agreement dated March 31 1938 for the sale of the company to BCIS was approved.  EMERALD QUEEN and SAXON QUEEN passed to BCIS by bills of sale dated 6 September 1938.


EMERALD QUEEN                 1938 - 1947         On 165464                

Builder       Industrieele Maats "De Noord", Alblasserdam.   Yn 566  5.1937
Tonnage     481gr  366ud  258net  648dw
Dimensions 169.1(oa) 163.8(rl)  26.4  10.0
                  163.8 26.4 10.0  169.1(ol)  Q43  F23
Propulsion  Oil  8cyl  94 nhp

1936 1 December. Launched as WELSH COAST for Coast Lines Ltd.
              Transferred before completion to Plymouth, Channel Islands &
              Brittany Steam Ship Co. (The company having just been acquired by
               Coast Lines.
1937 26 May. Delivered as EMERALD QUEEN.
1937 27 May. Sailed New Waterway for the Tees.
1937 14 August. First visit to Jersey. Local newspaper states “built for                  Bristol/CI service but at present on coastal trade”.
1937 26 October. Commenced regular service on Bristol / Plymouth.   
1938 6 September. Bill of sale to British Channel Islands Shipping Co. Ltd.
1939 23 August. Last call at Jersey before WWII.
1946 23 March.  Took up the London - Channel Islands route after the War.
1946 July 29  Left Jersey bound Guernsey on last trip for British Channel
                    Islands Sg. Co.
1947 February. Transferred to Tyne-Tees Steam Shipping Co. Renamed
                     GRAMPIAN COAST.

From London Register 117/1937–––––––
Dated 19 May 1937.
Registered to Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany Steam Ship Co., Victoria
                Wharves, Plymouth. Mgr James William Read, details by James
                William Ratledge, (P, CI & B SS Co.)
1938 6 September. Bill of sale by Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany Steam
               Ship Co. to British Channel Islands Shipping Co. Ltd.
1947 20 February. Bill of sale by British Channel Islands Shipping Co. Ltd.
                 to Tyne Tees Steamship Co.
1947 27 February. Register to Newcastle.

From company records–––––––––––––
From BCIS to Tyne-Tees 1 January 1947 for £32,500
From CCS
In March 1937. Coast Lines Ltd. purchased the Dutch MIMAJA which was building with the DENBIGH COAST and HAMPSHIRE COAST.
She was launched as WELSH COAST but two months later was transferred to the Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany S.S. Co. Ltd and renamed EMERALD QUEEN.

Further History.—––––––––––
1963 23 March. GILDA ex GRAMPIAN COAST sailed Blyth for London.
1963 Sold to Spiridione Lucci, Italy renamed GILDA.                        MN 7.63
LR 1964/65 Owner: Spiridione Lucci.
LR 1965/66 Owner: S. Coccolo.
1978 Has been sold by Scordino Coccolo & Figli, Italy and converted into a                       floating restaurant, moored at Porto Garibaldi.              MN 2.78

Picture  :   © COPYRIGHT  PHOTO ONE  

GRAMPIAN COAST photographed at Jersey November 20 1959.

Picture  :                                 

Pictured departing St. Peter Port.

COPYRIGHT :  © PHOTO ONE           

          Line drawing  EMERALD QUEEN  


SAXON QUEEN (II)              1938 - 1943         On 166365                

Builder       N.V. Boele's Schpsw & Masch., Bolnes     Yn 868  3/1938
Tonnage     482gr  350ud  264net  629dw
Dimensions 169.5(oa) 162.2(rl)  26.4  9.8    169.5(ol)  Q44  F21
Propulsion  Single screw, 8cyl Humboldt-Deutzmotoren oil engine.

1937 Ordered by Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany S.S. Co. Ltd.
                          following the takeover by Coast Lines Ltd.
1938 22 January. SAXON QUEEN launched.      
1938 28 February. Ran Trials.
1938 2 March.     Sailed New Waterway for Antwerp.
1938 15 March.   First visit to Jersey.
1938 6 September. Bill of sale to British Channel Islands Shipping
                             Co. Ltd. following merger with P, CI & B

1940 18 June.       Last call at Jersey before WWII.
1943 January       Transferred to British Channel Traders Ltd.
1946 4 October.  Left Jersey for Liverpool at the end of her service to the
                          Channel Islands, only made 3 trips in 1946.

From London Register 42/1938––––––––––––––
1938 18 February. Registered to Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany S.S.
                     Co. Ltd.  Mgr Matthew Wharton Ford, Off of (P, CI & B).
1938 6 September. Bill of sale to British Channel Islands Shipping
                      Co. Ltd.
1940 28 June. Mgr L.G. Bohn
1943 20 April. Bill of sale to British Channel Traders Ltd.
1943 27 April. Mgr J.W. Ratledge (BCT)
1947 26 February. Bill of sale to Coast Lines Ltd.
1947 1 March. Registry to Liverpool
From Company records —––
1947 1 February. From British Channel Traders Ltd. to Coast Lines Ltd., For
                 £13,235, renamed DORSET COAST.
1961 22 November. From Coast Lines Ltd to Union S.S. Co. of South Africa
                for £25,000. Port of registry to Cape Town.

1947 1 February. From British Channel Traders Ltd. to Coast Lines Ltd.,
                 for £13,235, renamed DORSET COAST.
1947 26 February. Bill of sale to Coast Lines Ltd.
1951 Transferred By Coast Lines, Ltd., to their South Africa subsidiary, Coast Lines (Pty.),. Renamed  MATABELE COAST.                                 MN 2.51

LR 1954/55 Owner: Union S.S. Co.
LR 1966/67 Same as 1954/55
Note COAST removed from names MN 2.68.
LR 1967/68 - To be broken up - reported first quarter 1968.

COPYRIGHT :  © PHOTO ONE           

          Line drawing SAXON QUEEN  



—------------------------       To be continued       —–––––––––––––-

The flag dates back to the start of the service, the first positive identification is found in the first Jersey Almanac produced in 1859, under the heading London Steamers and the named vessel being METROPOLIS. The advertisement in the same Almanac states that the operators of the service are Cheesewright & Miskin.

                                                                                                                        Picture  :  T.W.S. Renouf

                S.S. ESK depicted flying the company house flag from a painting dated 1861