St Helier Harbour post 1945

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1947 DAME DES ILES is seen alongside the S.R. Mailboat, Dorey’s SARNIA is at No. 4, with ST. HELIER on the North Pier.                2657  533k

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 The pictures above and below were taken on the same day May 12 1948.    

On the Albert Pier in No. 2 berth is FLUOR (Capt. Campbell), in No. 3 is HASLEMERE (Capt. O’Dell).  On New North Pier No. 6 berth is ST. PATRICK (Capt. Pitman) which had arrived at 09:45, and on the La Folie tanker berth is CHARTSMAN (Capt. Tregenna)                                                 166w  16.1k

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The back row of yachts in the English Harbour are l to r NANCY BET, MOONRAKER, ROSE ANN and DESSIE.                                   131w

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St Helier Harbour with berthed at the Albert Pier Pier No 1 berth PERLE DES ILES (from Carteret), in No 2 a British Railways cargo boat, and in No 3 mailboat ISLE OF GUERNSEY. On the New North Pier is Weymouth mailboat ST HELIER.  Pictured summer 1948.


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July 1949, with R.M.S. ST. HELIER in the pier heads departing, with BRITTANY in No 1 berth, and in the distance HMS DIADEM.

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ISLE OF SARK entering harbour in the early 1950’s just after the completion of the re-building of the Victoria Pier London boat berth in May 1951. Card dated June 1953.

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A lovely early morning shot of the Harbour, with ST. JULIEN about to depart, further up the Albert - on the drying berths - are SHERBORNE  Aug 1956 1962) and TRENTONIA. Picture June 1960.

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Picture of St. Helier Harbour between 1951 and 1953, showing BRITTANY berthed alongside ISLE OF SARK taking on fuel. KENTISH COAST is in the Victoria Pier London Boat Berth, and on the New North Quay is a Southern cargo boat in No. 6 Berth and the Weymouth FREDOR in No. 7.

On the South Pier is the newly opened St. Helier Yacht Club clubhouse.   


Picture  :  The Photographic Greeting Card Co. Ltd., London.  J202   

St. Helier Harbour 1959 with ISLE OF SARK departing, HOC VINES in the London Berth, Victoria Pier, and BRITTANY at No. 1 Berth on the Albert Pier.

                                                                                                              301  935k

Picture : No details but No. PT28647

Before Port Control was built on Victoria Pier. CAESAREA is seen leaving

with GUERNSEY COAST at the London berth. Picture 1961.      045  952k     

Picture  :  Gordon, Son & Deyermond Ltd.  J245  201w  118k  

CAESAREA with BRITTANY in No. 1 Berth, about to depart. Pictured in the summer of 1961 or 1962.         

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Picture : E. Ludwig - John Hinde Studios  2J24   

After the construction of Port Control on Victoria Pier.  On the Victoria Pier tanker berth is SHELL WELDER in the London berth is JERSEY COAST. Departing is SARNIA while at No. 1 berth on the Albert Pier is APPINGEDAM.                                                                         036  618k  

Picture : N.P.O.  Belfast Ltd. 355  930k    

St. Helier Harbour entrance pictured on 2 September 1964 showing  the tanker B.P. SUPERVISOR anchored in the pierheads due to engine failure as she was leaving. In the No.1 berth Albert Pier is ST. PATRICK operating the Saint Malo service, and on the Victoria Pier is TRENTONIA.

Picture  :  N.P.O. Ltd.  35179C  313w  1.29m  

SARNIA departing the Harbour in 1966. Note TORBAY BELLE alongside the South Pier (extreme left), and L’ESPERANCE middle foreground, being made ready for demolition. The States tug DUKE OF NORMANDY (II) is at No. 2 Berth, Albert Pier.     

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Picture  :  NPO 96851C

1972  Berthed at the Albert Pier - THV PATRICIA at No 1, KEVRENN and BELLE DE JERSEY at No 3.

Picture : NPO 96019C

Looking towards the Harbour entrance in 1972 with Elizabeth Castle in the foreground, before the land reclamation at La Collette commenced in early 1973

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Picture  :  Jarrold & Sons Ltd. J219  

The Harbour in the about 1973 / 74, with SARNIA at No. 3 Berth.      203w  134k