ST PETER PORT                            

                                            Picture  :  Norman Grut.  209w  59.5k  

An aerial shot of St. Peter Port in 1929 showing the newly completed New Jetty with electric  cranes, but before  the  building of  the waiting  rooms and offices.

                           Picture  :  The Photographic Greeting Card Co. Ltd.  3226     207w  122k  

A lovely aerial view of the Harbour     before the marinas, ro/ro berths, and fish quay. In No. 3 Berth is BR ELK / MOOSE and in No. 6 Berth is COMMODORE QUEEN.  Picture 1965 / 1966

                                       Picture  :  David Rolfe Photography Ltd.   211w  144k  

St. Peter Port Harbour, now with two ro/ro berths, two marinas, a fisherman’s quay, and at the end of the New Jetty, the passenger pontoon which the Harbour Authorities purchased from Condor in 1995. Picture 1996/1997.


                                                                   Picture  :  LL. 31    

Well known picture of Castle Cornet with the French Bateaux Ecole des Pilotes ELAN anchored in the Pool.       

                                                 Picture  :                                       ,601w  11k  

St Peter Port harbour in 1932. Entering harbour is the new ISLE OF SARK with the Sark boats JOY BELL and JOY BELL II at the Albert Pier.

                                        Picture  :  Photochrom Co. Ltd.,  No. B4705,  315web  100k  

A view taken in about 1939, with a London Boat at the No. 8 Berth, with the funnel colours adopted in 1939, of a cream funnel with black top divided by a white band over blue band. This replaced an all cream funnel with the company house-flag thereon.


                                   Picture  :M & L National Series,  320web  157k  

This picture shows JERSEY COAST at the No. 8 Berth, the company moved to No. 5 Berth at the  White Rock in 1947. Note the two very tall cranes  at the White Rock.

Picture  :  PHOTO-PRECISION LTD 2277  101a  82.99k  

A view of the Harbour in the summer of 1948. Left to right are ISLE OF JERSEY, HERM COAST a Commodore Cruises vessel, FELIXSTOWE and JERSEY COAST.

                                        Picture  : Judges’  25084,  201w  

A 1950 / 1951 picture of the New Jetty with ISLE OF SARK un-usually in the G.W.R. berth on the west side of the jetty. Note the new type Stothert & Pitt cranes, and on the right of the picture is the back of one of the cranes brought to the Island after the War.

Picture  :  COLOUR MASTER BY MEXICHROME PROCESS PT28720 309w  161k  

This post cards taken in the summer of 1960, shows mailsteamer ST. HELIER or ST. JULIEN departing bound for Jersey, while on No. 8 berth is the small inter-island vessel RIDUNIAN. Just visible on No. 9 berth is m.v. IRENE.

                                     Picture  :  Guernsey Press c. Ltd.   GPG  133      205w  117k  

Mail steamed SARNIA departing, with B.R. ELK / MOOSE at No. 3 Berth. Picture 1961/62.


                                           Picture  :  British & Overseas Wholesale Ltd.  G46

CAESAREA departing St. Peter Port 1961.

                                                         Bamforth & Co. Ltd.  ET 5610R    GZ 017w  

The post card states that the B.R. Steamer is entering the port, whereas it is s.s. SARNIA backing out of the port - pictured between 1969 and 1972.


                          Picture  :  The Guernsey Press Co. Ltd.,  303wa  394k

The Harbour in 1973, at the New Jetty are l to r  JERSEY QUEEN, LES DEUX LEOPARDS and LA DAME DE SERK with the Pilot boat FLYING CLOUD alongside.


                                    ST SAMPSON’S

Picture  :  Stroobant, Vaudin & Keats Ltd.  PT29601   201w  170k              

St. Sampson’s Harbour seen between September 1969 and June 1971. Bottom left is the Inner Harbour, with on the North Side the sheds and slip of John Upham’s shipyard, above which is the power station. Further on is the North Quay with COMMODORE QUEEN alongside, then the Old North Pier, Abrahams Bosum, and the New North Pier, where bulk cargos are discharged.

On the South Side is La Crocq Pier and then the South Quay where these days liquid cargos are discharged.

Picture  :  One Madia Solution  No. 1/98   

St. Sampson’s Harbour as it is today, the upper part of the Harbour has been turned into a marina, while land reclamation in the foreground has produced the Longue Hougue Reclamation area.