The main arm of Creux Harbour was built in the 1860’s, with a article in the press of August 13 1867 stating the “The Harbour Works at Sark have been suspended due to the failure of the contractor Mr. James Le Page. About £1,000 worth of work has been completed, leaving about £3,000 to be completed”.

On March 12 1868 the press announced that “ Messrs T. Le Gros & Co of Jersey are to resume work on Sark Harbour, but it will be another two summers before it is completed.

1894 November 2. A new slip was in the course of construction.

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Sark's two harbours,  Creux on the left and  La Maselin to the right, with Harbour Hill winding upwards. Interestingly both are reached via a tunnel.                                                                                                                   

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The Harbour Hill, up which the horses and carriages not longer have to climb, the tractor and trailer having replaced them.                                                        


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   An interesting shot of Sark Harbour before the south arm was built. The   vessels in the foreground are COURIER (I) and RESCUE (II).

  Just visible in the background is AQUILA on an excursion from Jersey. The

  latter seen July 1892 and end on 1894.

                                                                                Picture  :  P. Godfray   No. 803      

    ALERT (I) seen in Creux Harbour between July 1885 and the end of 1894.

  Note the south jetty has yet to be built. 201w  92.1k

Above and below are two pictures which show Sark Harbour with its northern exit still open and a bridge over the gap, and the new slip which was in the course of construction in November 1894.

The upper picture clearly shows the old tunnel entrance at the top of the beach.

The lower picture shows the steamer ALERT (1885)

ALERT built July 1885

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The blocked up northern entrance can be seen in this picture taken on 3rd July 2014, with yacht masts seen in the harbour beyond.

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Creux Harbour after the filling in of the north entrance, but before the south pier was .built. Note the north pier is being re-bult.

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Creux Harbour showing the slipway which was constructed during 1894, and the filling in of the harbour’s northern entrance and the area of land infill on which a shed has already be built. Also shown is the south arm which must have been built at the same time. ALERT is in the harbour with the funnel colours which were adopted in 1900.                            

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Creux Harbour with NEW FAWN in the entrance.                                   101w  15.1k   

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                                 A unique picture of Creux Harbour taken between April 1927

                                and March 1931, with RIDUNA and COURIER (II) moored

                                outside the harbour, the small coaster LOCKSLEY against the

                                quay, and JOY BELL at her stern.                              301w  141k


                     LOCKSLEY  (131grt, 1884) was a regular visitor to Sark,

                                bringing coal, and after discharge would proceed to Ronez

                                 Quarry, Jersey to load a return cargo of stone for England.

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     COURIER (II) and JOY BELL II outside Creux between May 1931 and

    February 1933.                                                                                                         058  191k

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     COURIER and JOY BELL III pictured between May 1934 and 1940.          w  

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Creux in the mid 1970’s, with WHITE HEATHER II and WHITE HEATHER III alongside the slipway.                                                      


                                  LA MASELINE HARBOUR

On April 11 1936 Sark’s Chief Pleas decided by 14 votes to 4 to build a new harbour at a cost of £45,000. This to allow larger vessels to berth and thus increase the number of visitors. In the event due to the Second World War, it was to be 1948 before the new quay was used.

In early 1954 a timber platform was constructed over the outer set of steps, the work being undertaken by Charles Le Quesne Ltd., of Jersey. The platform was part of the original design of the jetty.

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SARK COAST arriving in 1948 when the jetty had just been completed. Later

a platform was built over the first set of steps to increase the width of the quay.                                                                                                                                          315web  80k

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ISLAND COMMODORE approaching the jetty, note the fender / piles now in place half way along the first set of steps.                                             

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    La Maseline  from Point Robert, with COMMODORE QUEEN alongside.                                                                                                            101w  24.8

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ILE DE SERK at La Maseline with L’ETOILE DE SERK moored alongside WHITE HEATHER III   can be seen in the background.  

Note: The whole lower section of the steps has now been covered in.

Picture between 1974 and 1983.                                                                  

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BON MARIN DE SERK alongside the jetty. Note the Coles mobile crane on the quay.  Picture between August 1983 and June 1991.                         

                                                                              Picture  :  Guernsey Press Co. Ltd.  S2  070w  322k  

The tunnel through which traffic passes to La Maseline Harbour. Note the horse drawn carriage.      

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The Harbour Hill passenger trailer “Toastrack” was introduced to eliminate the need for horses to pull passenger carriages up the steep hill from the   harbour, and was initially operated by Mr. Charlie Falle. So successful did this prove that a second trailer was added in June 1978.