CAMBRIA                       1894 - 1895              On 78849

Owner          Ailleret & Co., Port Bail.       

Builder         T. Redhead & Son, Preston.    2.1879

Tonnage       176gr  5net        

Dimensions  118.7(rl)  20.4  9.9       

Propulsion    Paddles, SR, 2cyl 32.5" - 45"    109 NHP

CAMBRIA operated on the route between Portbail and Gorey for the 1894 season only, during which she suffered boiler problems, and was not seen again.

She was owned at the time by Ailleret & Co and was shown as being registered at Havre and Portbail between 1894 and 1900.


1894 July 2. Last Friday CAMBRIA sustained a mishap, and will require a new boiler.             Suspended for 6 weeks.

1894 September 1. Advert for cheapest, shortest and most direct route to the              continent   Jersey - Portbail  by ASSISTANCE.

1894 September 25. ASSISTANCE still in service.

1895 March 9. CAMBRIA on Portbail service.

1895 March 19. Gorey  Carteret service resumes next month, CAMBRIA is running                    between Gorey and Carteret.

1894 July 2. Last Friday CAMBRIA sustained a mishap, and will require a new boiler.             Suspended for 6 weeks.

1894 September 1. Advert for cheapest, shortest and most direct route to the              continent   Jersey - Portbail  by ASSISTANCE.

1894 September 25. ASSISTANCE still in service.

1895 March 9. CAMBRIA on Portbail service.

1895 March 19. Gorey  Carteret service resumes next month, CAMBRIA is running                    between Gorey and Carteret.


Vessels history, details for CAMBRIA from Lloyds Registers - owners

1879/80  T. Redland,  POR Liverpool

1880/81  T. Thornton, which is below and crossed out, above Balensi Bros, POR Gibraltar

1881/81  Balensi Bros, POR Gibraltar. Crossed out  T. Hayes

1883/84  T. Hayes, POR Gibraltar

1884/85  T. Redhead  POR Gibraltar   was at Liverpool 1.1884

1885/86  W.H. Ross & Co   POR Liverpool

1886/87  T. Redhead & Son

1889/90  T. Redhead & Son

1890/91  Southport S.S. Co. Lim.

1891/92  Southport S.S. Co. Lim.   crossed out now  W. Whittle

1892/93  W. Whittle   POR Liverpool

1893/94  W.T. Williams,  POR Ramsgate  crossed out now Dansey & Robinson

1894/95   Dansey & Robinson of Teddington, Middlesex

1895/96  Ailleret & Co.  POR Havre

1900/01  Ailleret & Co.  POR Port Bail

1901/02  Missing

1902/03  Scarboro Harbour Commissioners    POR Scarbor  1900

1913 Sold to Hull owners  1913.

Note - vessel kept her name through this period.

                                                                                                                                          Picture  :   

         CAMBRIA pictured at                                                                    301web  777k


CELUTA                 Data LR 1923/24            1921-1923

Owner          Cie Transinsulaire de Nav

Builder         Lobnitz & Co., Renfrew                         2.1906

Tonnage       222gr  74net

Dimensions  125.9(rl)  20.1  10.1

Propulsion    Single screw,SR 3cyl 10",16" & 26" -22"    63 NHP

The ship was purchased by Cie Transinsulaire de Nav. in 1921 for their services to Jersey from Granville and Saint Malo the vessel being renamed CELUTA before her first call at Jersey from Granville on August 12. Except for a short overhaul in early 1922 she maintained the services until her final call on January 5 1923, when her owners went into liquidation. CELUTA and the company’s SAINT HELIER were auctioned in June 1923 but failed to reach their reserve price, the CELUTA’s being F40,000 but she was sold later in the year.

The vessel was built as a tender being completed in February 1906 as BERYL for Cia Mexicana de Vap del Aguila and registered in Vera Cruz. The title of her owners was altered by 1912 to Cia Mexicanada de Petroleo "El Aguila", S.A., and in late 1915 she was renamed YOSKYL, and her owners became Anglo-Mexican Petroleum Products Co. Ltd., and her port of registry was Nassau N.P.

In 1917 the French Government  found that they were short of small coastal vessels and purchased the ship and in 1918 she was renamed COCCINELLE and took up service from Granville to Chausey.   

As mentioned she became the CELUTA in 1921, and following the collapse of her owners she passed late in 1923 to the Department du Finistere, renamed  ENEZ EUSSA, registered at Brest, and used to maintain the service between Brest and the island of Ushant. She maintained the service until 1961.

                                                                                                                        Picture  :    

    CELUTA                                                                                 301 web  114k

                                                                                                                                                                                  Picture  :       

     Vessel in Granville harbour.                                                                           305  web  180k

                                                                                                                                                          Picture  :          No.2

     Vessel when operating to Chausey from Granville as COCCINELLE, seen here in   the Sound.                                                                                    310 web  128k


                                                                                                                                           Picture  :  GABY  Artaud Pere et Fils.

     Pictured here at Le Conquet when ENEZ EUSSA, and supplying the island of   Ushent - Ouessant - from Brest and Le Conquet.                                315web  82k


CHAMOIS                            1897   






Unable to find any details in registers of vessel.

1897  On Gorey-Carteret

                                                                                                                                                                 Picture  :  LL  79

    CHAMOIS depicted at Dieppe, and the card is post marked 1905.   301web  471k



CHANNEL QUEEN               1895 - 1898             

Owner          Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany S.S. Co. Ltd.

Builder         R.Craggs & Sons, Middlesbrough.  Yn 116  Comp 9.1895

Tonnage       1895  350gr  112net

                    1896  385gr

Dimensions   177.0(rl)  24.0  10.0

Propulsion    Twin screw, SR, 3 cyl 13" 20" & 32" -20"   800 IHP

The ship was built to replace COMMERCE, being launched on July 13 1895. She ran trials on September 10 off Whitby and made 16 knots. Her maiden was on  September 14 when she left Plymouth, and after calling at Guernsey arrived in Jersey at 11.45 pm.  

She had alterations carried out during her overhaul in April the following year which increased her tonnage, but the ship was not to have a long life, as when approaching Guernsey on February 1 1898 she hit rocks and was lost.

                                                                                                                                                               Picture  :      

    CHANNEL QUEEN in St. Helier Harbour.


COMETE                            From 1856 - 1867

GRANVILLE                                  1868 - 1871

Owner         M. Durand, Granville.

Builder        C. Mare.           London      1841

Tonnage      89.2 Burthen

Dimensions 143.2  18.5


This vessel was built in 1841 as COMET for the Gravesend New Steam Packet Company and was used on the Thames. Acquired by M. Durand of Granville in 1856 she arrived in Jersey from London as COMET on July 4, sailing the same day for Granville. She entered service on July 20 as COMETE,  and remained on the service until October 18 1859 when it was stated that she is to be withdrawn and moved to the Cherbourg – Le Havre route. This did not in fact occur, and she again took up the Granville service on December 18 1859  under the ownership of the  La Societe Granvillaise but four years later on December 6 1863 the company went into liquidation. Who then operated the vessel is unknown, but in December 1868 the service and vessel was acquired by the London & South Western Railway.

COMETE left Jersey for Southampton on January 1 1868 where she underwent an extensive overhaul, returning to the Island on May 14 1868 now named GRANVILLE.

The vessel remained in service until October 9 1871, when she sailed from Jersey for Southampton, and it was announced on November 13 1871 she had been sold to owners in Cardiff and had left Southampton. Early in 1872 the ship was owned by a Mr. C.  McConochie  in Cardiff but she was never registered to him, and it was not until December 28 1872 that a Mr. John Boyle had her registered at that port. She did not remain long in his service, as her registry was closed on July 13  1875 upon being broken up.       

                                                                                                                                                  Picture  :  Jersey Heritage Trust collection

                                  A  P. J. Ouless sketch with COMETE being the upper vessel and

                                 VENUS the lower.  Dated  May 3 1858


                                                                                                                                           Picture  :  Jersey Heritage Trust collection


                                                                                                    A P. J. Ouless sketch of COMETE dated November 7 1866.   

                                                                                                                                            Picture  :                            

    COMETE undergoing refit in Jersey between January 1 and May 14 1865


                                                  GRANVILLE a pen and ink sketch of vessel.     




COMMERCE                        1874-1897                  

Owner          1874   Wm W. Bird.    (1895/96  P,CI & B)

                    188.    The Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany Steam Ship Co. Ltd.

                     Manager Onesimus Dorey, Appointed March 11 1887

Builder          Ogier, Guernsey.  4.1874 (Data gives 12/1874)   

Tonnage        1874 121gr 49net    

                    1888 126gr  30net

                    1889 132gr  34net

Dimensions   105.4(rl)  20.6  9.6

Propulsion    1874 2 engines Vertical  1874 Hoskin, Bermondsey.            

                    Single screw, SR, 2cyl 18" & 29" -16"  NB 1890 28NHP

                    Two compounded inverted direct acting engine.

                     Compounded by John Stewart, Blackwall 1875

                    19" & 29" - 16"     40 HP   NB 1878

Passengers    1879 Return 58pass

                    1883 Return 58pass and 179 excursions.


On April 18 1873 it was announced that an order had been placed by Mr. Bird with Guernsey builders P. Ogier for the construction of this vessel. In fact she was owner by 8 shareholders, with Mr. Willam Waren Bird  holding most shares, and his son William Waren Bird Jun being appointed managing owner. She was launched by  March 26 the following year, and ran trials from St. Sampsons on April 28. The following day she ran an excursion to Jersey.

Her maiden voyage from Guernsey to Saint Malo was on May 29 and then ran between that port, Saint Brieuc and Plymouth, but she experienced machinery problems and had new equipment installed in London the following year, resuming service on April 10 1875.

Interestingly when first built she was registered in Jersey for two months before being transferred to Guernsey, with the main share holder being Wm Bird (Sen) and the managing owner being his son Wm Bird (Junior).

She changed route the following year and operated from London to the Channel Islands, arriving for the first time in Jersey on July 7 1876, but she was a very small vessel for this service and it was withdrawn on March 31 1877.

She reverted to the Saint Briac-Guernsey-Plymouth route with her passenger accommodation  reinstated in June 1877 with O. Dorey now acting as agent, and calls at Jersey were re-instated in June the following year. The ship operated the first of many excursion from Jersey to Sark on September 16 that year (1878) and at that time had a passenger certificate for 58 passengers  or 179 excursionists.

It would appear that ownership of the vessel changed in 1878 to O. Dorey & Co. and the newspapers state on April 17 1885 she was re-launched from the patent slip in St. Peter Port having undergone overhaul upon sale but no new owner was mentioned, just that she now flies a new flag.

When the vessel was re-registered on May 14 1888 the owners were given as The Plymouth, Channel Islands & Brittany Steam Ship Co. Ltd. with manager as Onesimus Dorey, who was appointed on  March 11 1887, but no bill of sale was mentioned.

COMMERCE continued in service until January 14 1898  when she was sold to William Reid Aiken of Aberdeen. It was unfortunate for the company that barely two weeks later their main vessel the CHANNEL QUEEN hit rocks and was lost.

 COMMERCE remained in service until April 29 1911 when she was wrecked in Aberdeen Bay.         

                                                                                                                                                              Picture  :    

                                                                                                                                                Picture  :     

                 In the floating dock in St Helier Harbour.

                                                                                                                                            Picture  :     

         COMMERCE seen at Sark on the far side of ALERT (I)   Picture has to be 1897

  or before.

                                                                                                                           Picture  :   


    A distant view of COMMERCE passing through the pier heads at St. Helier with

  L&SWR’s HONFLEUR in the foreground.                                                 230k  



COMMODORE QUEEN (1)   1961 - 1969                 On 182216

JERSEY QUEEN (2)             1972 - 1973

Operator (1)    Commodore Shipping Co. Ltd.

Operator (2)    Jersey Car Ferries Ltd

Builder        Stockton Construction Co. Ltd., Stockton-on-Tees. 1944

Tonnage      309grt  147nrt

Dimensions 159'10"   24'8"  6'3"

                  147.0  22.5  10.0 reg dimns.

Propulsion  Twin screw, Davey Paxman & Co. (Colchester) Ltd., 12 cyls oil engines .


This vessel was built in WW II as LCG(M) 181  (Landing Craft Guns Medium), and after the War was converted into a day passenger vessel by Bolsons at Poole for the New Medway Steam Packet Co. Ltd.,  Mgr A.H. O'Keffe.  Named ROCHESTER QUEEN she entered service in 1948 operating between Sheerness and Herne Bay in the Thames Estuary.

The ship was not a great success, and was advertised for sale over a long period even being chartered by P. & A. Campbell Ltd for a sixteen week period in 1954 to run extra trips from Brighton before being sold in 1956 to Bremer Seebader of Bremen (Wangerooge Dienst GmbH), for service on the River Elbe Estuary being renamed HEIN MUCK.  

She spent only four years in Germany, being purchased in late 1960 by Commodore Shipping Ltd.  of  Guernsey, following the purchase of that company by Mr Markham. Renamed COMMODORE QUEEN she arrived in Guernsey on January 10 1961, and after small alterations she was transferred to the Lion Shipping Company before entered service in May that year and was mainly used on excursions from Guernsey and Jersey , and arrived in Jersey for the first time on May .. , but she was a rather slow and at times unreliable vessel. On June 16 1962 the vessel was transferred back to the ownership of Commodore Shipping, and gradually as the smaller vessels were disposed of she took over more of the Guernsey to Sark and Alderney services. Following the introduction of the hydrofoil CONDOR I in 1964 she saw even less excursion work, and from 1966 remained solely on services to Sark and Alderney.

Commodore withdrew from these services at the end of September 1969 with COMMODORE QUEEN making her last trip to Sark on September 30, after which she was laid up in St. Sampson’s Harbour.

She remained there until June 30 1971 when she left for a refit at Cherbourg and was then purchased on July 14 by D.I.H.Clarke, and arrived in the River Medway on September 11, where she was allegedly involved in the Scientology sect.

She remained there until May the following year, when she was purchased by Lisarg Development Co for use by Jersey Car Ferries, a company which hoped to commence a side loading roll on/roll off service between the eastern coast of Jersey and nearby France. The ship arrived back in Guernsey for conversion on May 12   1972, and once the work was carried out she arrived at Jersey on July 30 as JERSEY QUEEN, the bill of  sale date to Lisarg being July 17.

The company could not obtain permission to run this service, and the ship remained laid up until early the following year when after a further refit she entered service on June 16  1973 operating a passenger excursion service from St. Helier for the summer. She then remained laid up in Jersey until May 12 1974 when she left for Poole where she was again laid up, but was “sold” to Jersey Car Ferries Ltd. on August 30 1974.

Late that year the ship proceeded to Gweek in Cornwall where she was re-fitted for duties as a survey vessel, being registered to Mr E.E.P.Goodeve on December 16. The ship sailed from Falmouth on March 29 1975 for Las Palmas en-route for work on a contract to Decca Surveys. She arrived at Port Harcourt on April 24 and began hydrographic surveys of the Escravos River.      

The ship remained registered in Guernsey all this time, and on August 6 1976 her owners became K.G. (Specialist Ships) Ltd.


                                                                                        Picture  :            230  136k   

   Arriving St. Sampson’s from Germany at the end of her delivery voyage.    


                                                                                                                Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  100ac  209k  

Approaching Jersey for the first time May 9 1961. Note the house flag, a gold lion on a blue background, later adopted for the Commodore fleet.            

                                                                                                                                  Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  584/5 120c  207k  

On a round the island cruise June 21 1961                                         

                                                                                              Picture  :        320w  373k         

   La Maseline Harbour  1961                                                              

Picture  :  The Guernsey Press Co.  201w  61.0k   

This picture must have been taken on one of her inaugural voyages, as the person standing on top of the wheelhouse is waiting to hoist the flags which can be seen underneath him in front of the bridge.

                                                                                                                                                Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  020c  192k

Departing Jersey for Guernsey light ship June 14 1962                           


                                                                                     Picture  :  Guernsey Press Co  PN5054  305w  117k     

   Leaving St. Peter Port  1962  Note the horse box.                                   

                                                                         Picture  :  Guernsey Press Co. GPG 191 200wa  82.17k    

    In Maseline Harbour 1963 or after.                                                   


                                                                                   Picture  :  John Hinde Ltd.  2J105 111w   


  Being  unable to enter Creux Harbour, meant that the ship in strong eastl’y winds   had to anchor in Grande Greve. Her passengers having to descend the steep cliff   path and be taken out by tender. Here we see the tender WHITE HEATHER II

  just leaving the ship.                                                                                

                                                                                            Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  025c       

JERSEY QUEEN arriving St. Helier July 30 1972                        

                                                                                            Picture  : 305w     

   Departing Carteret  1973                                                                  



CONDOR 1                  PT 50                   On 30584

Owner          Condor Ltd.

Builder         L. Rodriquez, Cartiere Navali, Messina, Sicily.   Yn 88   3.1964

Tonnage       127gr  71net

                    Gross tonnage 127   Nett tonnage  70.7  Load displacement 60 tons

Dimensions   91'6"  35'2" 4'11"

                    91.6 feet  Beam over foils 35.2 feet Draft hull borne 11’10”

                                                                        Draft foil borne 4’11”

Propulsion    Twin screw, V12 Mercedes Benz oil engines  1350hp    

                    Max speed  37 knots     Service 33 knots

Passengers    140 - 136 when bond is carried. Crew 6

The formation of Condor Ltd was the result of British Railways announcing the withdrawal the BRITTANY January 1963. The purchase of a hydrofoil for a service within the Channel Islands area was seen by many as a foolish enterprise, but this did not deter Peter Dorey,  and CONDOR I was launched at Messina on March 15 1964 and arrived as deck cargo at Guernsey on April 12 1964. She carried out a V.I.P. trip to Jersey and Saint Malo on April 18, and entered service on May 1 1964.

During the first season saw services to the islands from Saint Malo, Granville as well as Cherbourg, and on September 3 a trial trip was made across the Channel to Torquay, but two further trips had to be cancelled.€

During the winter of 1965/66 considerable internal alterations were made, but the following year saw CONDOR 1 suffer a major mechanical in August and was out of service for the rest of the year.

As the traffic grew it was decided to replace CONDOR I with a larger vessel and she was traded in as part exchange for CONDOR 5, and was withdrawn from service after arriving at Guernsey on June 2 1976. She left two days later under her own power for Messina, but had problems on the delivery voyage, and due to import problems in Italy, she was not transferred to her new owners "Aliscafi" S.N.A.V. spa. until early 1977.

Renamed FRECCIA DI SICILIA she then traded for them until the end of the 1998 season, and was broken up at Messina in July 2003.





   The above two postcards show CONDOR 1 during her first year in service, red      cheat lines and the BP shield on the round of the wheelhouse.                      111w


                                                                                Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 001c  76.3k

This photograph shows the slightly modified colour scheme of all blue bottom, blue cheat line, and the Condor insignia on the round of the wheelhouse. The ships name is still red on the lower hull.

                                                Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE   005c  89.1k

The final alteration shows the red name moved to the upper hull together with the Condor insignia, and blue cheat lines on the side of the deck cabin.         



CONDOR 2                                      PT50

Operator      Condor Ltd.

Builder         Cant. Navali L. Rodriquez, Messina.  Yn. 119    1965

Tonnage       147gr  96net   

                    127 gross …………     

Dimensions   27.99  10.72

                    28.7m  Beam over foils 10.7m Draft hull borne3.5m  

                                                                Draft foil borne 1.5m

Propulsion    Twin screw, oil engines. 2x Mercedes Benz 12v820DB 1350hp at

                                                                   1500rpm  37kts max  33kts ser   

Passengers    125 pass

With the demise of Jersey Lines in December 1968, Condor sought a quick way to provide extra capacity for 1969, and went to the builders of CONDOR I (who operated passenger services under the name “aliscafi" S.N.A.V. spa ) and chartered their hydrofoil FRECCIA ADRIATICA and operated her as CONDOR 2.

She arrived in Guernsey on May 13 1969 and then spent two summers with Condor wintering at Saint Malo before returning to her owners in October 1970, having finished service on September 30.

Due to CONDOR 6 being returned to her builders the FRECCIA ADRIATICA  was chartered again for the 1981 season, arriving from Italy on May 14.

Returned to her owners, the craft was re-engined in 1984 and remained in service until 2001, being  broken up at Messina in July 2003.

                                                 Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE cw 78.8k

Jersey to Saint Malo  August 16 1981                                                          

                                                                          Picture  : COPYRIGHT © PHOTO ONE  

Although trading as CONDOR 2 the vessel’s  name FRECCIA ADRIATICA can clearly be seen on the bow.                                                                            


                                                                                                                Picture  :



CONDOR 3                                        RHS 140               On 341268

Operator        Condor Ltd.

Builder           Chantiere Navali L Rodriquez, Messina.  Yn 133  Comp  4.1971

Tonnage         129gr         129.43grt  65.7nrt  65.6 displacement  

Dimensions     94'1"  20'0" 4'11"

                      28.7m  10.72m (over foils)  Draft hull borne 3.50m  

                                                             Draft foil borne 1.50m

Propulsion      Twin screw, oil engines 2 x MTU 493 V12s each 1350hp at 1500rpm

                                                                                36kts max  32.5 service

Passengers      136 pass  7 crew

Having chartered CONDOR 2 for two seasons the company decided to have a second craft built, the order being announced in August 1970.  The company entered into an agreement with the Nile S.S. Co. Ltd., London to finance the purchase of CONDOR 3, and as a result the vessel was initially registered in London with Nile as the owners. She made her own way from the builders to Guernsey, and entered service on Monday April 12 1971.

The registry of the craft was transferred to Guernsey on December 7 1976 , still with Nile S.S. Co. Ltd., as the owners.

In 1979 with the ever increasing numbers of French day trippers to the Islands, it was decided to replace CONDOR 3 with a larger craft, and thus on October 21 1979 she arrived at St. Sampsons for overhaul, which was completed by   December 5 when she left St. Sampsons for St. Peter Port in readiness for a sale.  Commodore Sg Co and Oneimus Dorey & Sons became joint owners on  December 27 1979, and on December 31 she passed to Condor Ltd.

CONDOR 3 departed Guernsey on January 1 1980 for Southampton  to be shipped to Uruguay for a service to across the River Plate to Argentina, having been sold to Belt S.A. Renamed COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO she entered service in April 1980. Her owners merged with rivals  Alimar in February 1986 to trade as Aliscafos Puente Fluvial with Belt S.A. as managers.

COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO continued in service until November 8 1987 when during a storm she hit the landing pontoon at Colonia, puncturing her hull and sank. Although raised and towed  back to Buenos Aires she was not considered worth rebuilding, and after the hull was stripped it was  abandoned in the back waters of  Buenos Aires. There the hull remained until 2001 when on July 26 it was raised and her remains broken up.

                                                          Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  006c  78.7k   

CONDOR 3  August 9 1972.                                                            

                                                                                                                                                  Picture  :           


                                                                                                                                                       Picture  :        

  Passing Point Robert, Sark.                                                               121w

                                                                                                               Picture  :  © COPYRIGHT  PHOTO ONE 021cw

Taking the 08:30 Jersey to Saint Malo departure on August 21 1974

                                                                                                                                       Picture : © COPYRIGHT : PHOTO ONE  653/18c 211k

It always pays to keep a sharp lookout!    June 5 1976                      310wa  132k


CONDOR 4                                      RHS 140 Rodriguez  

Owner           Condor Ltd.

Builder          Cantiere Navaltecnia SpA. Messina.  Yn 184     1974

Tonnage        129gr  66net  15dw

Dimensions    94'1"  20'0"  4'11"

                     28.68m(oa)  10.72m Breadth(oa)                  

                     23.83m(bp)  5.85m Breadth(moulded)3.31 depth (moulded)

                     28.7m Beam over foils 10.72

                    Draft hull borne 3.5 m Draft foil borne 1.5 m

Propulsion    Twin screw, 12 cyl MTU oil engines each 2,700 bhp   

                    2 x MTU 493 V12  1350hp at 1500 rpm   36kts max  32.5 service

Passengers   136 pass



Built to expand the company’s services, CONDOR 4 was launched at Messina on  May 14 1974, and arrived in Guernsey on June 8, entering service three days later..

She remained in service until the end of the 1990 season, arriving for lay-up in St. Malo on November 7. There she remained until June 1993 when she was sold to the Hermes Ferries Shipping Co. of Piraeus, the managers being Hermes Hydrofoils and was renamed IPTAMENOS HERMES I.   

                                                                                          Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 301webc

Approaching St. Helier.                                                                                                                                    


CONDOR 5                     RHS 160                     On 366383

Owner         Condor Ltd.

Builder        Cantiere Navaltecnica, Messina.   Yn. 191       1976

Tonnage      174gr 83net  15 dw

                  173.66grt   82.86nrt Load displacement  82 tons

Dimensions  30.95m(oa)  12.6m(of)       3.683m draught

                   25.53m(bp)  6.20m (moulded) 3.74m depth(moulded)

                   Length   30.95m  Beam over foils 12.6m

                   Draft hull borne 3.7m Draft foil borne  1.35m

Propulsion   Twin screw, 12 cyl oil engines each 1,920 BHP  MTU

                      2 x MTU 652 V12s  delivering 1950hp at 1500rpm

                                                  39 knots. Max  33 service   

Passengers   180 pass   7 crew

CONDOR 5 joined the fleet in 1976 to replace CONDOR I. She was bought “off the shelf”, with the order being announced on April 6 1976 and delivery being taken at the builders on Friday May 14, hence the non standard Condor livery for the first season. She arrived in Guernsey on May 28, entering service on June 2 1976. She helped to start the cross channel services in 1987 and continued on the route, and should have been replaced by CONDOR 9 in 1991 but due to the problems with the new vessel she remained until the end of the season. Overhauled for the 1992 season CONDOR 5, commenced   a Guernsey – Jersey – Saint Malo service on April 8  1992, but only remained in service until April 21 being replaced by CONDOR 7 the next day. She then laid up in Saint Malo, and due to her not being part of the deal with T.N.T. ownership passed to Commodore Shipping  in August that year.

Sold to Hermes Dolphin Shipping Co. of Piraeus with Hermes Hydrofoils as managers, in December 1993, the vessel was overhauled in Saint Malo before being shipped from there in April 1994 to Greece. Renamed IPTAMENOS HERMES III  she remained in their fleet until 1998 when she was sold to another Greek company Speedy Lines and renamed  SANTORINA DOLPHIN II, but did not remain long in their service being broken up at Perama in November 2004.     

                                                                                                         Picture : © COPYRIGHT  PHOTO ONE

CONDOR 5 In her first year in service, pictured July 27 1976.                      111w

                                                                 Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  006c  447k  

Apart from the alterations to the colour scheme, note the extra supports for the forward  foil, and the life rafts being moved to the top of the deck cabin.                                                                                                       


CONDOR 6               Westamarin W100T catamaran       1980

Operator      Condor Ltd.

Builder         Westramarin A/S, Mandal.      Yn. 75         1980

Tonnage       322gr   217net   

Dimensions   31.73m  9.72m  1.70m

Propulsion     2 x Avco Lycoming TF 405  gas turbines 4,000 bhp, driving water

                                                                                             jets 37 knots      

Passengers   260 passengers




To increase the capacity of the fleet for the 1980 season, Condor decided to replace CONDOR 3, and chartered a new gas turbine powered catamaran which used water jets for propulsion. CONDOR 6 as the vessel was named was owned by K/S Haanes Shipping A/S of Norway being launched by Mrs Kjersti Haanes the wife of the owners on April 18 1980, and arrived in Guernsey from Norway on May 2.  

The vessel entered service on May 4 but suffered problems throughout the summer, steering gear failure on June 4, out of service for the fitting of a trim foil on June 14, again off service June 21 and 22 and from June 24 to July 4. Her last day in service was September 16, and the following day she arrived at St. Sampsons for inspection of the waterjet units. It was found that there were major problems with the units and it was announced that the charter of the vessel would end sooner than expected and the vessel was returned to her owners. CONDOR 6 left  Guernsey for Norway on September 23 1980, where she was laid-up

Renamed GIMLE BELLE early in 1981, it was not until 1983 that she was re-engined with two 16 cyl MTU  diesels  of 4184 hp.. and at the same time ownership passed to the Ocean Belle A/S , Norway.

In 1985 she was sold to Bellship Ltd another Norwegian company, but with contacts in Gibraltar and placed under the management of JKL-Shipping A.S. She was renamed GIBLINE I and registered in Gibraltar and operated to Tangier. In December of that year (1985) the company merged with Bland Line and operated under the title of Gibline Ltd., with the result that Bland Line’s MONS CALPE was withdrawn from service on January 3 1986.

GIBLINE I spent six years on the Gibraltar Strait service before being sold in 1991 to Fast Ferries Siam Ltd. of Bangkok and renamed JET CRUISE I.


                                                                Picture  :  ©  COPYRIGHT PHOTO ONE 005cw

En route Jersey to Saint Malo,  May 14 1980

Picture : © COPYRIGHT  PHOTO ONE 005c


CONDOR 7          RHS 160F          On. 706041            1985 - 1993

Owner                 3i plc.

Operator       Condor Ltd.

Builder                       Cant Nav Rodriquez spa, Messina.   Yn. 217    1985   

Tonnage       208gr  128net  20dw

Dimensions   31.2m oa 26.40 x  6.71 12.6 over foils x  3.7 1

Propulsion    Twin screw, 2 x MTU 396 TB 83 V16s oil engines 3,800 bhp                     Maz speed 40 knots  Service speed 36 knots

Passengers    200  Crew 7


Condor 7 arrived in Guernsey on May 15 1985, and entered service on May 16 having been delayed on the voyage from Messina by bad weather. She was the sixth hydrofoil to see service with Condor, and was the largest. In October 1986 when the ro/ro ramp was blocked in St. Peter Port, she  operated an “Emergency” cross channel service to Weymouth with the result that a regular service was introduced the following year. This service was operated together with CONDOR 5 and commenced every day in Saint Malo calling at the islands (Alderney on certain days) and then on to Weymouth, then returning south in the afternoon.

The craft maintained the service until the end of the 1990 season being replaced in 1991 by CONDOR 9 though she did stand in on occasions, the last being on April 7 1991.

CONDOR 7 then moved to the Guernsey – Jersey – Saint Malo route until September 10 1991 when she lost a propeller and shaft when on the Saint Malo-Jersey leg. She proceeded to Guernsey and  was out of service for rest of season.    

The ship operated the same service in 1992 and remained part of the fleet when TNT took an interest in Condor in August 1992. She stayed in service until October 3 1993 but became redundant due to a pooling agreement with Channiland on the Saint Malo – Islands passenger services which commenced in 1994.

CONDOR 7 was laid up in Saint Malo, but left there on July 7 1994  under her own power for Le Havre, where she was loaded onto MIGHTY SERVANT 3  for the trip out to Zanzibar, having been sold to Azam Marine & Co. Ltd.   for a service to Dar-Es-Salaam. Initially Condor personnel helped to operated her, but gradually locals took over, and early in 1995 was renamed KONDOR 7.


Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  007c  108k

                  Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 005c  240k

                                             Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP/90/10 006c 283k

                                                          August   10 1990

Picture  : © PHOTO ONE CP/9/13  010c

Outbound August 10 1990.

                     Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE    CP90/9/36 014c 262k

                            August 21 1990

                                                Picture  : ©  PHOTO ONE  CP93/10/24  003c  48.2k

Approaching St. Helier during her last year in service, July  8 1993

                                                                                Picture  :  The G.P.C. Ltd.  325web  505k    

A company postcard.                                                                     



CONDOR 8                            1988  - 1997      Catamaran  Marinteknik 36

Owner          Condor Ltd.

Builder         Fairey Marinteknik Shipbuilders (S) Pte Ltd.,  Singapore. Yn. 115 1988  

Tonnage       387grt   269nrt 31dw LR

                   Gross tonnage 387  Net tonnage 269 Load displacement 129 tons

Dimensions   36.33m(oa)  9.43m(extr)     1.323m draught

                    30.76m(bp)  9.40(moulded) 3.46 depth(moulded)

Length          36.5m oa  Beam 9.4 m Draft  1.5 m

Propulsion    Twin water-jets, 2x 16 cyl MTU 396 TB84 diesels each , 5270 BHP

                    Max speed 38 knots, service 34 knots  

Passengers    300    crew 9


The introduction of the cross channel service in 1987 considerably reduced the southern part of the network, and Condor had discussions in June that year with Martinteknik for the provision of a catamaran to operate cross channel alongside CONDOR 7.  The builders offered a 41metre craft for a four months bareboat charter  from July 1  1988. The vessel was being built in Sweden and intended for Hong Kong, but there would be an option for purchase. By August the bareboat charter agreement for this craft had been signed, and a press release on September 2 1987  stated the craft for the Weymouth service would carry 406 passengers at 36.5 knots, 134 feet long and was due in service on June 15 1988. In December 1987  came the news that there was a delay in the new building and the builders now offered a 35 metre catamaran which was under construction in their Singapore yard. Condor decided to purchase the vessel offered and although it could not undertake the cross channel service it would provide the extra capacity required in the islands, while both CONDOR 5 and CONDOR 7 continued on the cross channel service.

Thus CONDOR 8 as the craft was named arrived off St. Peter Port on May 11 1988 as deck cargo on MV KESTREL,  entering service six days later on May 17, being named the same day in Guernsey by Mrs. Nicola Norman. Being a catamaran she was able to berth at La Maselin harbour thus removing the need of the passenger launch at Sark. which resulted in the sale of the tender CONDOR KESTREL.

CONDOR 8 was part of the fleet following TNT taking an interest in late 1992, and she remained in full service until 1997 when due to a continued downturn in passenger numbers  the services were reduced, and she operated only as required, taking turns with CONDOR FRANCE. Her last spell ended on October 1 1977, and she was sold late in that year to Rainbow Fast Ferries Ltd, registered in Valletta,  but used on the Great Lakes in America under the name WATERWAYS I. She had been lifted aboard a heavy lift vessel in Saint Malo on November 28 1997 for the voyage west. She did not remain long in America as in 2000 she was renamed SNAV ARIES having been purchased by Marinvest Srl (SNAV) for use on their services in Italy.

                                               Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP90/5/  002c  319c

Outward bound from St. Helier  September 1 1990             

                                                                Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP94/7/31  013c  262k  

Again seen outward bound  from Jersey, this time on  June 27 1994, and note the

CHANNILAND  logo at the stern, this due to the joint service.            

                                                                   Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP95/4/  006c  299k

A year later, photographed on                                   , still with the CHANNILAND logo, but CONDOR Ferries now on the hull, and the removal red/white and blue bands at the waterline.                                                                     

                                                           Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  014c  97.7k    

Inbound to Jersey  August 16 1996 in Condor Ferries titles.                          



CONDOR 9                               On 8905717

Owner          Commodore Shipping (UK) Ltd. Mgrs Condor Ltd.

         later     Enterprise Marine Ltd.  Mgrs Condor Ltd.

         later     Enterprise Express Ltd.  Mgrs Condor Marine Services Ltd           

Operator       Condor Ltd.

Builder         Aluminium Shipbuilders - Fareham. Yn. 89/09224 1990

Tonnage      752grt  248nrt  60dw                  

Dimensions 48.70  18.40  2.043

                   42.00  18.20  5.54                     

Propulsion    4 x 16 cyls M.W.M. diesels into 4 water jet units.

Passengers   450

CONDOR 9 was built as the result of Condor Ltd entering the cross channel trade, and knowing that the hydrofoils needed replacing, an order for a new fast vessel was announced April 18 1989.

Further information was released on June 24, stating that the vessel was of the wave piercing design and would be 48.7m long with a beam of 18.2m and have a speed of 35 knots, and was due to be delivered early in 1990 and the cost of the vessel was £5m.

The wave piercer design was the start of a new era in fast passenger and car ferry vessels, and as will be seen was not without problems.

Construction slipped, and it was not until June 23 that the vessel was launched, with trials taking place in the week of July 23 1990.

Trials completed, CONDOR 9 arrived in St. Peter Port from Southampton on Saturday August 11 1990, and was named on Monday August 13 by Mrs. Jack Norman. After a short cruise the vessel proceeded to Saint Malo for a reception before arriving back in Guernsey at 21:00 hrs.

On Tuesday August 14 the vessel proceed to Weymouth before being scheduled to visit Jersey later in the day, both for V.I.P. visits, but due to a problem with CONDOR 7, her trip from Weymouth to Jersey turned into the ship’s maiden passenger carrying voyage. Due to a fractured pipe the vessel then proceed to St. Sampson’s for repairs, leaving Guernsey on Thursday 16 August bound for Saint Malo.

CONDOR 9 entered service from there on service to Jersey, Guernsey and Weymouth and return on Friday 17 August 1990. This was during a period of gales, and the vessel immediately encountered sea keeping problems to the extent that she had to be withdrawn from service after arriving in St. Peter Port on Sunday August 19, being replaced by CONDOR 7.

On August 21 the ship underwent sea trials, and then proceeded to Southampton on August 23, and a month later it was stated that the craft would be out of service until the next year,

CONDOR 9 called at St. Peter Port on Thursday 15 November during extensive sea trials carried out north of Alderney using the hydrofoil CONDOR 7 as a comparison. The result was a computer controlled T fin ride system developed in conjunction with the American company Marine Dynamics.

The vessel entered dry dock in Southampton on January 7 1991 for the system to be fitted, and so successful was it that it has been incorporated into nearly all high speed craft since.

The sea keeping problems with CONDOR 9 and those with the car carrying wavepiercer HOVERSPEED GREAT BRITAIN which had to be withdrawn on January 6 1991 from the Portsmouth to Cherbourg route had led Condor to put on hold their plans to introduce a similar craft on the Channel Islands service.

With the new system in place CONDOR 9 was due to re-enter service on the Saint Malo – Jersey - Guernsey – Weymouth service on March 18 but minor problems delayed this until Saturday 23 March 1991 and it was over a month before the vessel fully settled down. Apart from the ride control system the emergency evacuation system on the outside of the hulls was also modified, with the removal of forward steps and moving the forward liferaft further aft.

At the end of the 1991 season CONDOR 9 proceeded to the River Thames to be present on November 26 as part of the World Travel Market being held at Olympia, at which it was stated that 126,000 passengers had been carried on the service.

The success of the ride control system and its use on similar vessels, in fact cut short the vessels’ time on the service, as on August 27 1992 it was announced that the Australian Group T.N.T. had acquired 50% of Condor Ltd., and that two 74m car carrying craft (one leased) would be introduced for 1993, and that a 87m craft would follow in 1996.

In the event only one craft entered service in 1993 and CONDOR 9 was to remain to provide extra capacity when required, and when not needed was used to operate excursions to Alderney she also made a trial trip to Sark to see if she could operate into Maselin Harbour, but never operated a service.

Her time on the route was cut short due to the takeover by Condor Ltd of the BCIF passenger service in early 1994 and the resultant charter of HAVELET. There was thus no requirement for CONDOR 9, and she was chartered out to Viking Line for the summer of 1994 to operate three daily services from Helsinki to Tallinn in Estonia under the title VIKING EXPRESS. She ran with Condor officers, Russian seamen and Estonian cabin staff.

On return, she went out to the West Indies in October 1994, for a charter to Sun Island, but due to lack of passengers and the withdrawal of financial support by the Trinidad & Tobago Government the charter was terminated in 1995. The craft returned to the UK, and from early August to the end of September operated day excursions from Torquay to Guernsey and Jersey, the first to the latter on August 10 and the last on September 30 1995

Early in 1996 CONDOR 9 stood in from April 4 to April 7 on the Weymouth – C.I. service covering for the late arrival of CONDOR 12. She then spent the summer again operating day excursions mainly from Torquay to the Islands, commencing on May 28 but also operated some from Weymouth.

In 1997, with HAVELET no longer on charter, CONDOR 9 was based in Saint Malo operating to Jersey and Guernsey and at the weekends onwards to Poole as a backup for CONDOR EXPRESS, a role she maintained until November 6.

The vessels 1998 season commenced on March 27 again based in Saint Malo but only operating to the Islands, a service she maintained until the end of September 2001.

With Condor deciding to introduce CONDOR 10 to the Saint Malo Channel Island route in 2002, CONDOR 9 was sold early in that year to Stetson Navigation for a service across the Cortez Sea (Mexico) between La Paz and Topolobampo being renamed CORTEZ.  

On April 15 2003 the vessel was rammed when in Puerto Vallerta, causing damage to the hull and flooding the engine room. It was in this condition that CORTEZ was purchased by the American firm Block Island Express and after being totally refurbished and re engined  at the Eastern Shipyard in Panama City, Florida, she was renamed JESSICA W  entering service on August 27 2004 between New London (on the north shore of Long Island, America) and Block Island off the eastern tip of Long Island.

                                                                                                                                                          Picture  :  Condor Ltd

    A publicity shot to show the size of CONDOR 9 compared with a double decker

  bus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    401  582k

                                                                                                                                          Picture  :  Edition P. Desjardins

    Vessel seen in Saint Malo on August 13 1990 during the receiption

                                                         Picture  : © CP90/9/  003c  527k

CONDOR 9 Arriving St. Helier August 14 1990 at the end of her maiden passenger cross channel   crossing which should have been a V.I.P. only trip. Note the Wavepiercer logo on the side of the cabin.                             


                                            Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP92/3  005c  538k

Pictured May 1992 inbound to St. Helier.                                            

                                           Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP93/8  007c  417k

Outbound from Jersey to Guernsey and Weymouth June 8 1993. Note the small TNT logo at the aft end on the lower blue band.                                  

                                           Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE   CP94/14/22a  008c  542k

In St. Peter Port on October 5 1994 being made ready for her charter in the West Indies.                                                                                             

                                            Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CPp99/5/3 010c  422k

CONDOR 9 operates the return sailing to Saint Malo from Jersey July 3 1999.

Note the new style company lettering.                                                          

                    Picture  : © PHOTO ONE  CP00/7/1  012c 238k

The vessel approaching Saint Malo June 25 2000, note the blue paint around the engine exhausts.


CONDOR 11                          1995           IMO 9106091

Owner          Holyman Ferries Ltd.            

Operator       Condor Ferries Ltd.

Builder         Incat Australia Pty. Ltd. – Hobart. Yn. 034 1994

Tonnage       3,989ngt  1399nnt       

Dimensions   78.33m   26m     Draft 3.4m                 

Propulsion     4 x 16 cyl RK 270 Ruston Diesels Ltd. each 4320 Kw  

                   Max speed 37.5 kts  Service speed 32.5 kts

Passengers   674   24 crew              

Vehicles       135


CONDOR 11 made the world papers in 1994, when on October 8 whilst undertaking sea trials in the Derwent River she grounded on the Black Jack Rocks whilst travelling at full speed. Pictures of the vessel perched on top of the rocks appeared in all the papers, but she was later pulled off the rocks and repaired.

Ordered by Holyman Ferries Ltd., it was intended that she would work the Weymouth - Channel Islands in the summer of 1995, before moving on to Cat Link at Aarhus at the end of the season.

Following repairs CONDOR 11 left Hobart in March 1995, and then spent three weeks in Denmark on route proving and crew training before being made ready for Channel Islands service, and due to her late delivery SEA CAT ISLE OF MAN was chartered to cover.

CONDOR 11 visited Guernsey and Jersey for berthing trials on May 13 1995 and entered service on May 18. She experienced a somewhat troubled season, with her last day in service being October 31.  

The vessel then moved for service at Aarhus, being renamed CAT-LINK II in December 1995, having being chartered by Cat-Link A/S. and some time ownership was transferred to CBA Asia Pte. Ltd.,

She remained on this service until being renamed EUROFERRYS I in May 1998 for a charter by EuroFerrys S.A. use at Algeciras, at which her owners were still stated to be CBA Asia Ptr, Ltd., with managers being Euro Ferrys S.A., and registered at Ceuta.

In October 1999 the vessel was renamed EUROFERRYS PRIMERO with her owners now stated to be Europa Ferrys S.A. and her port of registry being Las Palmas.

She was withdrawn from service and laid-up at Algeciras in 2001, then moving on to Portland in July 2002 as CAT LINK II, before being remained ELANORA in November that year.

She was overhauled at Portsmouth the following year and returned to lay-up and was at Weymouth by July 2004. There she remained until January 25 2005 when she departed,bound for Frederikshavn where she arrived two days later. It was expected that she would be renamed JETLINK EXPRESS for use by Jetlink on a service between Frederikshavn and Moss, but this did not happen, and she remained laid-up.

Three months later in April 2005 she was sold to El Salam Maritime, Egypt, but was registered to Maritime Co., For Navigation, Saudi Arabia, under the name FARES 2.

Last report on AIS was on November 6 2010 when leaving Gizan.

                                                                     Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP95/6/33   001c 240k   

CONDOR 11 undergoing berthing trials in St. Helier, May 13 1995                                   

                                        Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP95/6/28  003c  308k

At the East Ramp with her bow doors open. Notice there is no company logo on the hull.

                                                                                       Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP95/8/14A  004c 159k

Pictured departing St. Helier  May 22 1995, still no Condor logo.

                                                                           Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP95/13/9  006c  170k

CONDOR 11 crossing St. Aubin’s Bay, August 2 1995, now with Condor logo

and note the Holyman logo on the emergency exit.



CONDOR FRANCE            1996 - 1998             IMO 9036555

Also operated 1993  - 1995 as SAINT MALO        


Owner              Sea France S.A. , POR Cherbourg      No Mgrs.

Operator           SNAT

Operator          Condor Ferries       

Builder              Hull  FBM Marinteknik (S) PTE Ltd., Singapore Yn. 129. Lan


                        Completed  Marinteknik Verkstads AB, Oregrund.  Comp 1993.

Tonnage             585ngt  387nrt   155  

Dimensions        41.57m (oa)  34.04  11.0m  1.300  3.67depth    

Propulsion           2 x 16 cyl MTU 396 TE 774L diesel engines.  5,438bhp


Passengers          350 pass

This vessel came into the Condor Ferries fleet when Channiland decided to withdraw from the trade. The vessel was taken on charter by Condor Ltd which by this time were trading as Condor Ferries, and on April 22 1996 the vessel arrived in the islands as CONDOR FRANCE but still under the French flag, having been chartered from her owners.

With traffic still declining the vessel was only in Condor service for two years, being withdrawn at the end of her season on September 15 1998, and laid up in Saint Malo. She was re-activated for the start of the Route du Rhum sailing race, and then arrived at St. Sampson’s, Guernsey for overhaul, and repainting on November 9 1998.

SAINT MALO was built at a time when the French Railways (SNCF) wanted to stake a claim in providing local shipping services around the coast of France. With the failure of some of their sponsored operators on the route to Channel Islands, they stepped in, and formed  Societe Nouvelle d’Armement Transmanche (S.N.A.T.) which traded as Channiland and commenced on the routes from Saint Malo and Granville to the Jersey and Guernsey.

The vessel was late in delivery, entering service on May 29 1993, and apart from the summer season, she also operated a number of trips over the Christmas period.

At this time the market was contracting and in an effort to contain costs, an agreement was reached with Condor Ltd, for a pooled service on the Saint Malo route in 1994, and the Condor logo appeared on the hull.

Disaster struck on April 17 1995, when the vessel struck a rock when rounding Corbiere Point, Jersey, sparking a major rescue, but without the loss of life, but leaving many badly injured.

The vessel was salved, re-conditioned and returned to service on August 19 1995, but was withdrawn on November 12 that year.

She was renamed  ACACIA, before leaving on November 24 for final finishing work at St. Peter Port, leaving there on November 27 1998 bound for La Rochelle to be transported across the Atlantic , having been chartered by Brudey Freres at Guadeloupe.


It is difficult to trace her exact owners, as Lloyds Register supplement for early 1999 gives ACACIA with managers as Condor Ferries, in 2000/01 edition owners are Sea France S.A., managers still being Condor Ferries, while a year later, owners are G.I.E, Saint Malo still with Condor as managers. In the 2005/06 edition owners are Societe de Transports Maritimes Brudey Freres.   POR Cherboug  and no managers.

She remained in their service until 2008 when she became SPIRIT 1, it being stated that she was still owned by G.I.E. Saint Malo, and operated by Gerant Cie Mme de la Calaibe.

Three years later she was renamed LOVELY 1 for service by Lovely Fast Ferries, of the Dominican Republic.

                                                                                  Picture  : © PHOTO ONE CP96 PZ/3/12a  002c     

Inwards  June 14 1996.

                                                                                Picture  : © PHOTO ONE  CP96/4/  005c  152k     

Outwards June 14 1996  

                                                           Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP96 PZ/3/13a  009c  300k   

Arriving Jersey June 14  1996

                                       Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE   CP PZ/5/8a  014c 297k

Outward bound  June 18 1996

                                                               Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP96 PZ/11/8a 001c 849k

This picture shows the fast rescue craft and launching derrick installed following her accident the previous year.  Photographed entering St. Helier Harbour July 7 1996.

                                                          Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP94/10/10  002c  86.5k

Pictured as SAINT MALO inwards to Jersey July 25 1994.

See SAINT MALO for other pictures.



Owner          Commodore Shipping (UK) Ltd. Mgrs Condor Ltd.

Operator       Condor Ltd.






Picture  :  © COPYRIGHT PHOTO ONE    


Owner          Commodore Shipping (UK) Ltd. Mgrs Condor Ltd.

Operator       Condor Ltd.







Owner          Commodore Shipping (UK) Ltd. Mgrs Condor Ltd.

Operator       Condor Ltd.







CONQUEROR                         9. 1919  -  10.1920

Owner           Jersey Steam Shipping Co. Ltd.

Builder            Eltringham, South Shields.   Yn 188     1897

Tonnage        224grt  89.46 nrt

Dimensions    131  21.7  10

Propulsion     Paddles Two engines 31”  31”   58" stroke  150 NHP  750 HP  12                                                                                                                 knots

The Jersey Steam Shipping Co. Ltd was set up in following the London & South Western Railways Co’s decision to withdraw their services between Jersey Granville and Saint Malo which they did on March 27 1919.

It was announced on July 27 1919 that the company had purchased CONQUEROR for £8,000 from London owners for their new operation which it was intended link the two French ports and also carryout excursions to Sark. The vessel was registered in Jersey on August 25 1919, and although she was due to arrive in Jersey on Friday August 29, but due to labour difficulties in London, it was not until Friday September 5 that she arrived in Jersey.

During the Great War the vessel had been used as a troop ship across the channel, and had a river licence for 500, and it was hoped that she could obtain a BOT 2 licence for 250.

A paddle steamer over twenty years old was not the right vessel for the trade, and at the same time a couple of French companies also commenced on the routes. The point was made on Sunday December 7 when during a gale she damaged one of her paddle boxes and was out of service for ten days.

On December 23 1919, Philip Hamon Jun was appointed manager and on December 28 1919 the vessel sailed for Le Havre for a special charter which took her up to Ostend, but she was back in the Island by January 8.

The vessel must have been overhauled in March 1920, as on the 30th it was stated that she had returned to service with a certificate for 225 passengers. On June 11 there was mention that the ship would be withdrawn for a week for the new bridge to be completed and the required alterations made to the steering, but a later statement said that she would continue as normal.

As already mentioned CONQUEROR was not the right ship for the trade, and with competition, it was no surprise when on October 23 1920 after barely a year’s trading it was announced that “the vessel is to layup on her arrival here today, the shipment of horses to France, which has been a principal source of revenue to the steamers running to France has now been stopped, whilst the coal strike has evidently not improved matters”.

The ship then remained laid-up, and on August 2 1921, CONQUEROR and effects were put up for auction at Le Mart, Queen Street, Jersey, but as there were no offers the lot was withdrawn.

A newspaper report on May 5 1922 stated that the vessel had been sold, and on May 30 she left bound for Scotland, it being stated that her new owners were Kirk, Dias & Co from the Firth of Forth, and some works state that she was transferred in 1923 to E. R.  McNab, but laid out below is the information taken from the official Bills of Sale.

The vessel had been built in 1897 for use in the Thames area,  being owned by a number of persons, a some of whom were Trinity House pilots and the others being involved in running the vessel. Over a period of time the shares changed, and below  is the list of these changers until she was sold on August 21 1919 to the Jersey Steam Shipping Co. Ltd.

New vessel, Registered in London  27/1897 dated 23 February.

Owners    Thomas George Sandford (THP)            22

                  William Henry Sandford (THP)                11

                  George Sandford (THP)                             11

                  George Henry Gregory                                  8

                  Horatio Sandford (Engineer)                       6

                  Edward Augustus Sandford                          3

                  Robert Andrews (Maaster Mariner)            3

1898 3 March. Bill of sale by Robert Andrews of        2 shares to George Sandford                                       and                                                    1 share to William Henry Sandford.

1902 1 January. Bill of sale by Edward A. Sandford of    3 shares to George Sandford.

1902 1 January. Bill of sale by George H. Sandford of     8 shares to John Page.

1902 1 January. Bill of sale by Horatio Sandford of         6 shares to John Page.

1902 1 January. Bill of sale by Thomas G. Sandford of     22 shares to John Page.

1919 21 August. Bill of sale by William Henry Sandford    12 shares,

                           Bill of sale by George Sandford               16 shares

                           Bill of sale by  John Page                           36 shares

                           all to The Jersey Steam Shipping Co. Ltd.

1919 21 August. Registry to Jersey.

1922 9 June. Bill of sale by Jersey Steam Sg Co. Ltd. to  Edward Rolland McNab,                                                                                                                                     Edinburgh.

Registry to Kirkcaldy register 3/1922 3 August 1922  Owner Edward Rolland McNab.

1923 23 October. Bill of sale by Edward Rolland McNab to  William Smart Taylor,                                                                                                                                       Dunblane.

1924 10 May. Bill of sale by William Smart Taylor, to  John Fenton, Edinburgh.

Registry to Middlesbrough 4/1925 8th April 1925  Owner John Fenton.

1925 18 April. BOT agreement to rename vessel HURWORTH.

1925 28 April. Bill of sale by John Fenton to Tees Towing Company Ltd.

1927 30 August. BOT agreement to rename vessel HUTTON CROSS.

1934 24 August. Certificate cancelled, vessel broken up.

                                                                                                                             Picture  :  F. Foot     Pitt Series No. 89


   CONQUEROR  backing  away  from  the  Albert Pier  with  a  goodly  number of

  passengers                                                                                               305web  364k



CORBIERE (II)                     1923 - 1934                       On 143679

Owner          Walter Marett, Commercial Buildings, Jersey.

Builder                                 Vegesack    1896

Tonnage       152gr  66net

Dimensions   107.1(rl)  21.0  10.2

Propulsion                                              25 HP

The vessel was built as the steam trawler JUTLANDIA  in 1896, and then became STUTTGART and later CLEARSIN and it was as such she was acquired from C. H. Crichton, having been laid up in Liverpool. The vessel was renamed  CORBIERE in November 1923, being owned by Walter Marett.

It was on November 27 that the newspaper stated “ Over the years CORBIERE has run to Saint Malo under Renouf & Co. Now a steamer CORSIN has been secured To allow larger cargoes to be carried and she will be renamed CORBIERE”.

The vessel made the headlines on November 19 1925 when she was in distress, due to being short of coal, but she kept a regular service until July 1932 when the service ceased.

CORBIERE was not out of service for too long, as the newspaper of September 29 1932, stated “ the CORBIERE which we stated some days ago has been bought by Mr. Otero , former engineer on the ship, was purchased on behalf of a local syndicate which intends to restart the Jersey France service with the vessel”. She was in fact registered to Francis Morris of 32 Columbus Street, St. Helier, and the service re-started on October 13.

The vessel left St. Helier on April 9 1933 for a complete overhaul and refit in Portsmouth, and she returned on May 24 under the command of Mr. Corbet, and by August was operating to Portsmouth. But cargo was difficult to obtain and the ship was withdrawn on December 10 1933.

CORBIERE  made one further trip on October 30 1934, and on May 8 1936 it was stated that the vessel had just been sold for breaking up.

                                                                                                                                                                 Picture  :  

    CORBIERE                                                                     301W  239K

                                                                                                                                                   Picture  :  R.F. Wills   135

     This is a section of a post card, showing the vessel working cargo at the end of the

    New North Quay in June 1932.                                                            310w  68.4k

                                                                                                                                                          Picture  :   

    Moored in the English Harbour, laid-up awaiting sale.                             305w  379k