HAVELET                           IMO 7527899    (LN7527899)            


Owners         Brittany Ferries.

                     Channel Island Ferries Ltd.   Mgr: Channel Island Ship                                                                                               Management Ltd.

                    Condor Ferries (IOM) Ltd.  Mgr: Condor Marine Services Ltd.

Operators         British Channel Islands Ferries.  

                     Condor Ferries     

Tonnage         6,918ngt   2,294nrt  1650    1,1650dw

Dimensions    109.7m  length bp  102.24m  x 16.50m  Draft  4.312m

Propulsion          2 x Pielstick  K-H-Deutz il engines  11,200 bhp  16 kts. Passengers     500 pass     1990 560 pass

This vessel first came to the Islands as CORNOUAILLES in 1986 when between March 4 and March 15 she replaced CORBIERE on the Channel Islands Ferries between Portsmouth and the Islands. She returned the following year when she stood in for the PORTELET on the British Channel Islands Ferries service from Weymouth to the Islands.

Her first call as HAVELET was on April 10 1989 when she took up the BCIF service between Poole and the Islands, being on charter from Brittany Ferries.

The following year (1990) she went to Humber Shiprepairers at Immingham arriving on April 1 for  a £2 m, five week refit, which included a new sun deck, new  restaurant and bar. 120 extra seats, making a capacity  of 550 passengers, and during the refit the vessel was registered at Nassau. She returned to service on May 12, joining BEAUPORT on the service from Poole. At this time the vessel was purchased by Channel Island Ferries Ltd. With managers being Channel Island Ship Management Ltd. but still for operation by B.C.I.F., And during this she undertook short charters for Brittany Ferries.

The introduction by Condor Ferries of CONDOR 10 to the Channel Islands route had an impact on the BCIF service, with the result that BEAUPORT was removed from service following her voyage on October 31 1993, being replaced by the cargo ro/ro PURBECK. Condor 10 in the meantime continued to operate from Weymouth.

Even these changes were not enough to save BCIF, it being announced in February the following year that the company was to be taken over by the Commodore / Condor Group. with HAVELET being chartered to work on the Weymouth – CI route alongside the fast ferries. Her last sailing for BCIF was on

January 21 1994 when she sailed from Jersey at 21:08.

The vessel returned to service from Weymouth on March 9 1994, still named HAVELET, now with an all white hull and funnels, with just the Condor Ferries logo on the hull. She continued to work the Channel Islands route until her charter ended, making her last sailing from the Islands at 18:15 on October 29 1996. She was returned to her owners, and went to lay-up in Portland.

In the meantime CONDOR 10 had been replaced firstly by CONDOR 11 then CONDOR 12 and with the introduction of the larger CONDOR EXPRESS in early 1997 all seemed set fare for the future. Unfortunately it was found that even this vessel suffered from cancellations due to weather, and this coupled cancellations due to ongoing engine problems led the States of both Islands deciding to put the provision on the C.I. - UK  service out to tender. Condor eventually won the tender, with the proviso that a new ro/pax vessel would be built. To bridge the gap to the new vessel, Condor bought HAVELET to provide an all weather backup when required, the vessel being acquired on August 5 1998, and she operated over the winter period when required.

Her last voyages to the Islands was in March 1999, and following the entry into service of the new COMMODORE CLIPPER in September 1999, HAVELET was put for sale. She found a buyer the following year and left Weymouth on August 25 2000 as SVENTI SETFAN, being owned by Fortune Overseas Navigation Ltd. Inc., and registered at Montenegro.

By the following year her owners had become Montenegrin Maritime Lines Corp. , with the managers being Adriatic Lines S.A.

Vessel arrived Bar at the end of her last sailing on April 17 2013, then left on April 19 bound for the shipbreakers at Aliaga (Turkey). She anchored off the beach on April 21, remaining there until April 24 when she was placed ashore at 12:14 BST.


CORNOUAILLES was built in 1977 to operate on the Brittany Ferries service between Roscoff to Plymouth route which at this time was gaining in popularity. The ship was replaced at Plymouth in 1984 by BENODET (later to become (CORBIERE) and with this in prospect CORNOUAILLES was chartered out to S.N.C.F. for two years to operate between Dieppe and Newhaven. She was due to enter service in the January but became strike bound, and did not take up service until mid February.

On completion of the charter, the vessel was repainted in Truckline colours and in mid May 1986 commenced a new service between Poole and Cherbourg.

                                                                                 Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE   CP89/5/20A     203cw  42.1k  

HAVELET seen arriving Jersey August 18 1989

                                                                                            Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP89/5/21A  205w  51.0k  

Another shot on August 18 1989.

                                                                                   Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP90/11/18    207w  62.9k  

This picture taken a year later on September 1 1990, in the same position, shows the extension to the promenade deck. Note the thicker red white and blue hull cheat lines, and re-positioned logo.

                                                                                                                       Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP94/2/8 005c  191k

HAVELET seen here outward bound on April 2 1994, with CONDOR 10 just rounding the Elizabeth Castle breakwater, something no longer permitted under port regulations.

                                                                                                            Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP94/8/25  1421cw  282k  

Seen departing Jersey July 11 1994.                                            

                                                                                Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP94/9/23   004c 265k

Inward bound on July 25 1994.

                                                                                                   Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP99/0/1  007c  244k  

HAVELET on of of her last sailings to the Islands, February 1999.

                                                                                                 Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP86/7/24   201w  54.3k  

CORNOUAILLES arriving Jersey April 15 1987



HD I                      2007 – 2008          IMO 9160114

Owner         Incat Chartering.      POR Nassau  Fg  Bahamas

                   HD Ferries (2008)

Operator      HD Ferries

Built            Afai Ships, Panyu.   Yn. NF08  1998

Tonnage           2,357ngt  

Dimensions   80.1m x  19.0m  Draft   2.16m

Propulsion       4 x Ruston 16RK270 diesels.   Speed    47kts.

Passengers   450          Cars 89


HD 1 first arrived in the Islands on Monday February 19 2007 for berthing trials whilst en-route from Gibraltar to Portsmouth, and she also called at Saint Malo. The vessel had been overhauled and renamed at Gibraltar.

Following the installation of a stern ramp, the vessel was open to the public at the French port on Monday March 12 followed by Guernsey and Jersey on the next two days, entering service from Jersey on Thursday March 15. HD 1 suffered a major impeller problem in the middle of the summer, causing difficulty in manoeuvring, which resulted in a number of contacts with other vessels and quays. This, and the number of cancellations due to weather saw an early withdrawal for the winter, finishing on November 5 2007, and then she proceeded to Portsmouth for winter lay up, during which the faulty unit was replaced.

The vessel did not fare much better in 2008 and was withdrawn from service on Sunday September 7. After loading company equipment she sailed on Tuesday 9  bound for lay up in Newhaven, was not to return.

HD 1 remained laid-up at Newhaven for a year, but on September 28 2009 she was seen with auxiliary equipment running, and on November 6 she departed bound for underwater work at Falmouth. She arrived back at Newhaven on November 18, then was made ready a voyage to her new owners in South Korea. She departed as MOON FLOWER on November 30, and was due at Kaohsiung on December 31.

AIS reports show that she was still in service on May 18 2011.  

The vessel had been built in China to an Incat design in 1998 under the name AFAI 08 but was renamed INCAT K3 before entering service for the Canada’s Bay Ferries in 1999, operating between Miami – Nassau and Miami – Freeport routes. The vessel had been chartered from her new owners The Cat Ltd. The service was not a success and ceased in the autumn of that year, and the craft passed to the ownership of Savory Industries of Nassau, and then spent periods in lay-up at various ports. During this time she passed into the ownership of Incat Chartering also of Nassau but still remained laid-up.

In May 2003 she was chartered by Caribbean Ferries for service between Martinique and Guadeloupe, and that was followed in May 2005 by a short period with Star Ferries operating a complex schedule in the same area.  

In 2006 the craft moved to Europe arriving at Algeciras on June 10 being chartered by Acciona Trasmediterranea for a service between Alicante, Palma and Ibiza.

Following the charter she was laid-up until she took up service with HD Ferries.

                                                                                                                   Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE    

   HD 1 arriving St. Helier  July 16 2007.                                                            015  900k

                                                                                                      Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE    

    Loading equipment in Jersey,  Monday September 8 2008, prior to leaving for lay-

    up at Newhaven.                                                                                            010  376k

                                                                                             Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE   

   Laid up at Newhaven, September 28 2009                                                        013  262k



HEATHER BELL               1867 – 1868              On 22090    

Owner         Jersey & Continental Steam Packet Co., Lim.

Builder                            Glasgow.    10. 1858

Tonnage       152grt  95nrt

Dimensions  135.2(rl)  18.1  8.3

Propulsion    Paddles

1866 Return 364s  283w Pass

The owners of this vessel were established early in 1867 to provide a service between Gorey and Portbail. The first vessel they purchased ACQUILLA foundered on May 23 1867 while on its way to Jersey from Liverpool. HEATHER BELL was quickly purchased to fill the gap, and she arrived St. Helier from Burnham on July 13 1867. The vessel opened the service from St. Helier to Portbail on July 17, and it was stated that she would return via Gorey. It was stated at the first A.G.M. of the company that the ship had been purchased for £3,000 and that she had carried 5,426 passengers in her first season.

The ship maintained the triangular service in 1868, and by November  was also operating to Saint Brieuc, but she was withdrawn following her arrival on December 25 that year.

Put up for sale at a Public Auction on June 15 1869, she was sold   to Capt. De Caen for £1,700, and sailed for England via Portbail in ballast on June 28.


The ship had been launched on September 13 1858 as HEATHER BELL being built for service at Wick and owned by  Peter Christall of Burghead, Moray, Merchant; Donald Gray of Golspie, Sutherland, Writer; and Samuel S. Baterson of Cambuomare, Sutherland, Gentleman

On January 5 1864 she was registered in Glasgow to Peter Lindsay Henderson a well known ship owner. Only three months later on April 27 her registry moved to Bridgwater, still with the same owner, but the Mercantile Naval List gives the owners as The Burnham Tidal Harbour Co.,  Glastonbury, Somerset.  

On July 111867 the vessel sailed from Burnham for Jersey, arriving on July 13, for use by the Jersey & Continental Steam Packet Company Ltd.

Following her sale in Jersey to Capt. De Caen,  she did not remain long with him, being  sold the following month to London buyers, and on August 24 1869 she was registered in London to James John Stark, Merchant. Again she quickly moved on, as the Jersey paper of November 28 1870 stated “that the ship had been purchased by Capt. Goodridge on  behalf of a company for service between Swanage and  Bournemouth next year. She has had a new boiler and has been overhauled.”  

On November 161870 her registry had been transferred to Poole with her owner being given as George Burt of Swanage.

Her registry was closed on July 19 1877 having been broken up at Southampton.

                                                                                                Picture  :                

    HEATHER BELL depicted against Mount Orgueil Castle, Jersey.               004  277k  

                                                                                                             Picture  :  Jersey Heritage Trust Collection

                                                  Colour wash by P. J. Ouless of vessel dated April 3 1860               36k


HELPER                         1919 - 1927            On 68432

Owner           Alderney Steam Packet Co. Ltd.

Builder             Allsup, Preston.  Yn 22       Completed 1873            

Tonnage        173grt  78nrt

Dimensions  131.3(rl)  20.1  10.0

Propulsion     Paddles, Osc steam 2cyl 30" -48"         80 RHP                    

Passengers 1919 return 231exc 7crew

At the end of WW I there was severe shortage of vessels to maintain the inter island services from Guernsey. Guernsey Steam Towing & Trading Co has ceased to function, disposing of their SERK in 1913 and ALERT in 1916, while Alderney Steam Packet Co had sold the small COURIER in 1913.

To help fill the gap and provide a second vessel the Alderney Company purchased the paddle steamer HELPER from Cosens Ltd , Weymouth.   

Announcement of the purchase was made on October 24 1919 and the vessel arrived in St. Peter Port on November 6, making her maiden voyage (to Alderney) November 12.

HELPER was used mainly in the summer months on the service to Sark, but relieved COURIER on the Alderney service during overhaul, and spent most of the winter laid up.

It was announced on March 21 1927 that the ship had replaced COURIER during her overhaul, and then would go to Dartmouth for survey after Easter, but events overtook these plans. On March 31 while at Sark the ships mooring ropes parted, allowing the ship to be driven against the harbour wall, resulting in damage to three plates, and also smashing the area near port paddle box.

After temporary repairs she remained in service until April 14 when she took her last regular sailing to Sark, followed by and excursion on April 18 (Easter Monday).

On April 25 it was announced that a new ship had been purchased by the company, and HELPER sailed for Appledore on May 5 where the crew took over the replacement vessel which was renamed RIDUNA.

HELPER was broken up in the second quarter of 1929, and her Guernsey registry was cancelled on July 8 1929.  

The vessel was built in 1873 as SIR FRANCIS DRAKE being registered at Plymouth on June 26, with West Cornwall Railway Committee owning 60 shares, and being Managing Owners, with Plymouth Great Western Dock Company owning the other 4 shares.

By June 8 1880 the sole owner had become Great Western Railway Co.

On March 8 1908 permission was granted to rename the vessel HELPER, this to release the name for a new vessel. Two years later, by a Bill of Sale dated August 4 1910 the vessel passed to London ship broker Joseph Constant, who resold her to Weymouth owner Cosens & Co Ltd on August 30, with registry being transferred to Weymouth on September 13 1910.  

During WW I the vessel from April 1 1915 to May 10 1915 was used as a tug by the Admiralty at Newhaven, and from December 1 1917 to February 21 1918, the Admiralty again used her, but this time as a mine sweeper.

HELPER did not remain long with Cosens & Co. Ltd. after the War, passing by a Bill of Sale dated October 31 1919 to Alderney Steam Packet Co. Ltd., with registry passing to Guernsey on June 24 1922.

                                                                                            Picture  :               

     HELPER departing St. Peter Port.                                                            101w  

                                                                                          Picture  :  Courtesy         

                                                                                                                        322w  274k

                                                                           Picture  :  Courtesy      

                                                                                                      331w  576k

                                                                                    Picture  :               

      A rare picture of HELPER backing away from the Harbour at Sark, with

  JOY BELL also in the picture having just left Creux. The picture is thus between

   April 1925 and April 1927.                              


HERM COAST              1947  -  1948               

Owne r       British Channel Islands Shipping Co. Ltd.

                 Island Shipping Co.

Builder           F. Curtis & Co.                 Completed 31.1.1944    

Tonnage     123grt  43nrt

Dimensions 88.0 (rl) 22.5

Propulsion  Single screw, oil engine

Built as M F V 1532 for the War Department, and completed on January 31 1944, the vessel was purchased by the British Channel Islands Shipping Co. Ltd. being registered in London on  March 4 1945 as HERM COAST. Acquired to provide the cargo service  from Guernsey to Alderney and Sark when the company took over the Island Shipping Co. Ltd., when its principles found that they could not finance the venture.

HERM COAST arrived in Guernsey from Dartmouth on March 15, and made her first call to Alderney on March 17, and Sark the next day. The vessel was transferred by Bill of Sale dated April 28 1947 to the Island Shipping Co. Ltd, and the registry was transferred to Guernsey on June 18 1947.

Her service in the Islands was cut short on June 5 1948, when she was in collision in the Le Gouley Passage just outside Creux Harbour with another company vessel the ROBINA. HERM COAST received severe damage, but managed to get into the Harbour where she sank.

Temporary repairs were carried out before being towed to Guernsey wher further repairs were made before being towed to Southampton by TOPMAST 9, arriving there on  June 17  to be repaired by Camper & Nicholson Ltd.

She did not return to Guernsey, being sold on August 19 1948 to Tilbrook Trawlers and  renamed SEA MONARCH being registered in Milford Haven.   

In late 1951 she passed to Huxley Fishing Co. of Lowestoft with Colne Fishing Co Ltd being her managers, and was renamed RED SNAPPER,her signal letters being published on September 19 1952. A year later she passed directly to the Colne Fishing Co , and her name was altered to SNAPPER.  

In mid 1963 she was sold to the Amalgamated Fisheries Co. (Pty) of South Africa and was registered in Capetown. By 1967 her owners had become the Golden Harvest Trawling Co. (Pty) , and her end came on October 16 1968 when still named SNAPPER  she went ashore 3 miles south of Richards Bay,  and became total loss. At this time it was stated that her owner was R. Arundel.

                                                                                                Picture  :  J. Samon Ltd.               

                          HERM COAST seen inside Creux Harbour, this a small section of a

          post card.                                                                        312w  277k

                                                                           Picture  :  Valentine & Sons Ltd.  H.5260    

    Another view of the vessel in the pier-head at Sark.                               315w  497k

                                                                   Picture  :  Valentine & Sons Ltd.  H5259     

    A unique post card, which depicts HERM COAST at the quay, while outside of

  the Buron Rocks is ROBINA which was to collide with the former on June 5   1948. ROBINA had only entered service on June 1, thus this picture must have

  been taken between those two dates.                                                  310w  471k

Below are three photographs which would appear to be of the vessels maiden voyage to Alderney.

                                                                                                Picture  :  Courtesy  G. Harris     

    HERM COAST arriving Alderney on maiden voyage ?                          301w  236k

                                                                                                       Picture  :  Courtesy  G. Harris    

    Three passengers and a dog.                                                              303w  253k

                                                                                            Picture  :  Courtesy  G. Harris    

     The Skipper ? and two passengers                                                      305w  245k



HONFLEUR                      1874 - 1911   

Owner          London  & South Western Railway

Builder         Aitken & Mansel, Kelvinhaugh.   Yn. 68    Completed  February 1874

Tonnage       1874  410grt  228nrt

                   1884  413grt  208nrt    altered 1888   123nrt

                   1889 398 grt  107nrt

                   1889 429 grt  133nrt

                   1907  440grt  122nrt

Dimensions  176.4 rl  x 24.1  x  12.35 ft.

Propulsion    Single screw,  1874  2 cyl 26” 52”  -  30”  100 hp

                                        1888  3 cyl 19.5” 31” 51” - 33”  125 hp

This small passenger / cargo vessel was completed in February 1874 and made her maiden voyage from Southampton to Le Havre on February 16 1874. She was built for the secondary services of the L & SWR , and was to remain in passenger service for thirty six of her thirty seven years with her owners, and for much of this period she served or was based in Jersey.

In the early years HONFLEUR operated during the winter providing and extra mail service to the Islands with CAESAREA, with the latter proceeding onwards to Saint Malo while HONFLEUR went to Granville. In latter years the vessel was based in Jersey for the Granville service and at times also to Saint Malo.

The times the vessel operated the Jersey to France services are tabulated below.

1874 From October on through Southampton – CI – France service.

1875 Through service to end of April, replaced GRIFFIN July – September, then          through service to mid May 1876, and again from October, with August to mid          October on Jersey – Granville route.   Repeated again in 1877, 1878 and 1879

         1880 The through service to March 12, then only a few visits until arriving to          take up summer service in 1882.

1882, 1883, 1884, 1888,  During summer months August – September on Jersey -  

         Granville route

1885, 1886, 1887   Relief February – March,  and also July – September

1888 The ship was re - engined and boilered.

1889  During August – September on Jersey - Granville route

1890 April 20.  Arrived in Jersey to permanently replace GRIFFIN on the Jersey          station operating the Granville service, remaining until August 5 1896 when          she was replaced by the newly built VICTORIA.

1897 to 1903 Only a few odd cargo calls.

1904 1 February.  Arrived Jersey to replace VICTORIA (which went off

          Plymouth) on both Saint Malo and Granville routes. Replaced by larger           vessel during June – September.

1905 Operated Jersey station, January to end of May and October to end of May 1906.

1907 Operated Jersey station, February 23 to May 8.

1907 Vessel was re-boilered with a boiler from the ALMA and other alterations          were carried out at the same time.

1908 Operated Jersey station, January 1 – end of March, and November 1 to end of          March 1909.

1910 7 January. Operated Jersey station, to March 18  when she made her last          sailing, and was not seen again.

In February 1911 she was sold to Mr. S. Galbraith of Glasgow who resold her in May 1911 to Nav a Vap “Ionienne” G. Yannoulato Freres. She was then registered at the Greek port of Argostoli under the name of CHRYSSALIS – this name, however, was spelt as CHRYSALIS in the 1916-17 edition of Lloyds Register.

The ship was acquired by the French Government in 1917, which renamed her FAUVETTE, and remained with them until 1924, when she passed to Ihsan Bey and was registered at Constantinople as the IHSANIE. Later the same year or early 1925 she passed to other  members of the Bey family and renamed AIDIN, which was changed in 1928 by the Beyler brothers, Hadji Ali and Mahmud, to AYDIN. She returned to the to the Bays in 1933 and was renamed CIHAT and in 1936 was converted into motor vessel with bridge aft. In 1938 she was sold to Mehmet Kasim Basak who renamed her DEMIRHISAR, and the ship has remained with him until 1986 when she passed to Rahmi Yagci of Istanbul and renamed RAHMI KAPTAN. The vessel was deleted from the register in July 2010, a life span of 136 years, something of a record!

List of the vessel’s names.

1874      Built as   HONFLEUR

1911      Renamed CHRYSSALIS.

1917      Renamed FAUVETTE.

1924      Renamed IHSANIE.

1925      Renamed AIDIN.

1928      Renamed AYDIN.

1938      Renamed DEMIRHISAR.

1985      Renamed RAHMI KAPTAN.

                                                                                       Picture  :               

    Swinging in St. Helier Harbour, pictured between May 1887 and June 1889.                                                                                                         305w  248k

                                                                                     Picture  :  R. Du V,  No 224    

    Entering Granville after 1896.                                                              303w  729k

                                                                                   Picture  :  H. G. Allix.  No. 135    

    Seen departing Jersey in her final form, note the taller funnel, and the aft life-boats

  raised on a poop deck, these alterations were made in early 1907.         307w  620k