KEVRENN            1969 - 1989                  LN 6829757

Owner            Societe Vedettes Armoricaines.               POR Brest

Builder              S.I.C.C.N.A., St.Malo.       Yn. 98      Comp   6.1968

Tonnage        194grt 103nrt  52dw

Dimensions  110'  25'1"

                                                33.53m oa  29.29m bp

Propulsion    2 x 12 cyl Poyaud  - Soc Surgerienne de Const Mec - Surgers. each

Passengers       300                                                                                                   428 hp.

The vessel was built in 1968 for Societe Vedettes  Armoricaines, to maintain their services from Brest and La Conquet to the island of Ushent (Oussient).

The following year she was moved to commence a new service for the company between the Normandy port of Granville and Jersey which she opened on April 14 1969.

The market built up, and to cater for this a new faster vessel BRITTANIA was completed in June 1976, and KEVRENN after her trip on June 4 returned to Brest.

The vessel came back to Channel Islands waters in 1984,  but this time operating between Carteret and St. Helier, as she was deemed too long to use the port of Gorey. She was not fast enough to compete with the catamarans on the much shorter route to Gorey, and the service was withdrawn at the end of the 1985 season.

During 1986 the vessel stood in on the Granville – St. Helier route due to breakdowns of BRITTANIA, and at this time both vessels were looking tired. KEVRENN returned to the service when BRITTANIA was sold in July 1988, but by this time she she was no match for the more modern vessels of other operators and made her last trip on September 16 1989 returning to Brest. Alterations had been made over the last couple of years, with the bulwarks being cut down at the bow and stern being altered and the lifeboat removed.

The vessel remained in service at Brest until about 2002 when it would appear that Vedettes  Armoricaines ceased to trade, and KEVRENN went to join two other compant vessels at the “Cimetière à bateaux” at Landevennec. The vessel did move at times and was at Camaret in August 2007 but returned to Landevennec, with the three vessels being moored side by side.

She remained there until Wednesday October 6 2010, when with KOMETA tied alongside she was towed to Brest where she was lifted onto the quay to be broken up by la société Guyot Environnement. Récalcitrante

                                                                    Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  661/7  310w  421k     

    Inward bound to Jersey,  September 26  1972                                       

                                                                    Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  661/11  315w  980k     

    KEVRENN in her prime, well kept and with a full load of passengers inward    bound to St. Helier August 21  1974.                                                          


                                                  Picture  :  CAP - THEOJAC Editions Reunies  305w  121k    

    Departing Granville.                                                                                  

                                                                       Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP89/4/9  301w  430k    

    Inward bound to St. Helier from Carteret with very few passengers on August 4

   1989  looking a little sorry for herself, and appearance not improved with the    removal of her bulwarks forward and the changes at the stern.

                                            Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  va3 100w  196k       

  Moored in the “Cimetière à bateaux” at Landevennec, May 21 2009 with JAGUAR   and KOMETA.                                                                 



KINLOCH                 1926-1927       R.Q.T.D.     On. 77520


Owner            Channel Islands Packet Co. Ltd. (H. G. Benest  Mgr)

Builder             A & J Inglis, Point House.       1878

Tonnage        427gr  176net

Dimensions  205.0(rl) 24.1  12.7

Propulsion     Single screw, SR 2cyl 29" & 54" -42"  158 NHP

Data from LR 1923/24             1906 return 403pass  22crew

The vessel was purchased by the Channel Islands Packet Co. Ltd. (H. G. Benest Mgr) in 1926, arriving in Jersey from Glasgow on June 5 that year. She then operated to Saint Malo, Granville, Sark and trips round the Island. The season closed on October 5 and the vessel laid up in St. Helier.

Early in 1927 she was overhauled in St. Helier, and on April 29 the local paper noted “The vessel now looks very smart in her new coat of grey paint and yellow funnel”. The next day KINLOCH moved into the stone dock for survey, remaining there until May 13. She entered service on June 4, and her season lasted until Sunday 25 September when she made an excursion to Saint Malo with 166 passengers.

The following day the paper announced that the vessel was being coaled, and she sailed for Southampton after deck chairs and other equipment had been taken ashore and stored. It was stated that another steamer would be procured for the next season, but this did not happen.

The vessel would appear to have gone to Scotland as one report states that she was broken up at Bo’ness in 1928, but she appears in Lloyds Register Casualty Returns as being broken up in the period April 1 to June 30 1929  

KINLOCH was built in 1878 by A & J Inglis on behalf of the Campbeltown & Glasgow Steam Packet Joint Stock Co. Ltd. for their Glasgow to Campbelton service. She remained with the company until being purchased the Channel Islands Packet Company Ltd.

                                          Picture  :  Laurent-Nel  2758 301  638k       

    KINLOCH with black hull moored in Saint Malo.                                           

                                   Picture  :  C. Hection Emeraude, Dupuis et Langeard  305  574k    

     Moored in Saint Malo.                                                                          

                                               Picture  :                 310  578k      

     A stern view of KINLOCH again moored in Saint Malo.                           


KOMETA                1987 - 1990                                    On 7121499   FNZI

Owner         Societe Vedettes Armoricaines.  POR Brest

Builder        S. Ordzhonikidze Works, Poti.  Date 1970

Tonnage      151gr  106net   

Dimensions  35.11.  9.56m  2.16m

Propulsion   Twin screw, 12 cyls Zvezda Works, Leningrad oil engines, 2,200 bhp,


Passengers   116

KOMETA was first seen in Jersey on May 28 1987 when she was used on the Vedettes Armoricaines service from Saint Malo, replacing JAGUAR which had sustained a major engine problem the previous year. She was hardly the vessel for the route but operated again in 1988 and 1989. She again commenced in 1990 but made only a few trips, she stood in for AR VOR (which was operating from Granville) from July 9 to July 12, but sailed to/from Saint Malo. The ship made only one further trip on August 8 and was not seen again.

KOMETA as its name suggests was built in Russia, one of a large class of hydrofoil which were designed for use on the country’s rivers. She was imported for use on the owners service from Brest and Le Conquet to Ushant, but suffered continued mechanical problems, also dogged her Saint Malo – Jersey service, and it is doubtful if she saw any further service when she returned to Brest. She was joined in lay-up at Brest by JAGUAR in 2000 and their state deteriorated to such an extent, that on May 28 2004 the port administration issued an order for their removal. This saw the two vessels moved to the “Cimetière à bateaux” at Landevennec, near Brest, being joined later by KEVRENN.

The three remained there until Autumn 2010, when JAGUAR departed for Port Launay, while KOMETA with KEVRENN still alongside, was towed to Brest on Wednesday October 6 2010, where she was lifted onto the quay to be broken up by la société Guyot Environnement. Récalcitrante

                                         Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE   CP89/5/8  301w  53k     

  KOMETA in bound to St. Helier August 18 1989                                         

                                                  Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP98/6/10  305w  81k     

  Pictured departing Jersey  August 28 1989.                                        

                                                            Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE        va 3  100w  196k    

  Moored in the “Cimetière à bateaux” at Landevennec, May 21 2009 with JAGUAR      and KEVRENN.                                                                 




KYANG                         1949 - 1950           On 180189

Operator         Marigold Sg. Co. Ltd

                       Radcliffe Channel Islands Sg. Co. Ltd.

                       Cohu  (Motor House Ltd)

Builder            James Taylor,  Chertsey   1942  POR Plymouth 1948.

Tonnage         96gr  56net 80dw

Dimensions     111.7(rl)  17.9  6.9

Propulsion      Twin screw, oil engines each 225hp   11 knots   

KYANG was another of the Fairmile launch design, but unlike the Commodore vessels, was converted for cargo duties and was only able to carry twelve passengers, but had two large lifeboats. Her funnel was also removed.

She first came to the Channel Islands in January 5 1949 when she arrived under Capt. Maybury from Plymouth in an effort to set up a cargo link from that port under the name of Marigold Sg. Co. Ltd. The service was not a success, and made only three more calls, the last departing Jersey on March 6.

A month later on April 15 1949 she was back in Guernsey to commence the Radcliffe Channel Islands Sg. Co.’s service from Guernsey to Sark and Alderney. KYANG remained on the route until being replaced by RADCLIFFE in July, leaving for Plymouth on July 24. .

The ship returned to Guernsey on December 20 1949, arriving from Falmouth, having been chartered by Mr F & M. Cohu to provide an emergency service to Sark and Alderney when the Radcliffe Channel Islands Sg Co. ceased trading. The service was given a licence for a month and this was extended by a further month.

KYANG maintained the service until February 9 1950, sailing for Plymouth on February 16 1950.

Built in 1942, KYANG was first registered at Plymouth on June 16 1948 to Leslie William Andrews, of Marwynne, Challaborough, Bigbury-on-sea, Devon, and in September that year she passed a two year MOT Load Line survey.

On December 31 1948 she passed by Bill of Sale to John F. Threlfall, Fine Shades, Newton Ferres, Devon.

After her Channel Islands services the vessel appears to have done little, and on August 19 1950 she was offered for sale in Lloyds List.

The ships Registry was cancelled on June 29 1951 upon being sold to the Egyptian Government.

Cutting  : Courtesy Robert Le Maistre  

This illustration is taken from a Guernsey Evening Press cutting, and shows KYANG leaving St. Peter Port.