L.TAURUS /  SYLBE       7 - 1992       On 363689          IMO 7113337  

Owner         J. G. Thompson and Mrs. M. M. Thompson

t/a               Torbay Seaway Freightliner

Operator      BCIF

Builder         D.W. Kremer Sohn. G.m.b.H. & Co., Elmshorn  1971  Yn 1129

Tonnage       982grt  554nrt  1542dw

Dimensions  80.70m  12.91m  4.16m

Propulsion  Single screw, 6 cyl   Alpha Diesel A/S   NE 79  230bhp  1692kw

The vessel was acquired by John Graham Thompson and Maureen Marie Thompson,  Torquay, (who traded as Torbay Seaway), from the P & O Group by a bill of sale dated July 17 1987, and the vessel left Leith for Torquay as ROF BEAVER on July 30, arriving on August 4.

This was a Ro/Ro cargo vessel, able to load vehicle traffic through a large stern door, and after being renamed L. TAURUS she arrived in Jersey on August 24 with a cargo of 150 cars, then sailed on to Guernsey for berthing trials, before leaving for Falmouth and a six day refit. Following this she made a number of ad hoc voyages to the Islands from both Poole and Torquay before starting a regular service from Poole at the end of September 1987 under the banner Torbay Seaway Freightliner.

L. TAURUS continued as required until April 11 1990 when it was announced that due to increased demand British Channel Islands Ferries were to charter the ship. In fact BCIF had purchased the ship the previous day through their subsidiary company Aubreyville Ltd which was registered in the Isle of Man, and owned the vessels for Huelin – Renouf Ltd.

BCIF had moved their main service to Poole from Portsmouth on January 1 1990, not a popular move with their customers, and the purchase of their competitor at Poole was no doubt seen as a way to re-establish their position.  The ship was renamed in the June, L. TAURUS making her last trip as such on June 15, re-appearing as SYBLE in Guernsey on June 20 1990.

The ship continued to voyage to the Islands as required, but she gradually spent more and more time laid up at Poole.

Taken out of service at the end of 1992, she was sold and her registry was closed on May 1 1993.

The vessel had been built in 1971 as  BIBIANA  for  Part. Contimar Beteiligungs, and spent her first fours years on charter to various companies and was renamed during some of these. In 1971 she became IRISH FAME, in the same year she was renamed MONARCH FAME, and in 1972 reverted to BIBIANA. In 1973 she took the name HELGA I and remained as such until 1975 when purchased by P & O.

ROF BEAVER was overhauled at Marseilles, and her delivery voyage took about 8 days, arriving at

Immingham on May 8.  She left that port on May 10 for Sullom Voe, called at Leith on 13 May, leaving on 21 May for Lerwick.                               

On 1975 11 August the registered managers became P & O Sn Nav Co. Ltd  (P&O Ferries)

And from the beginning of October adopted the title P. & O. Ferries (Orkney & Shetland Services), replacing North of Scotland, Orkney & Shetland Sg. Co. Ltd., and at the same time the ROF part of the name was painted much smaller.

By bill of sale dated February 10 1976 she moved from P&O Sm Nav Co Ltd to Hain – Nourse  Ltd., and came under the management of P&O Ferries (General European)Ltd., and the final change while owned by P&O came on March 21 1977 when management passed to  P &O Short Sea Shipping Ltd.

The vessel remained in service to the Northern Isles until April 7 1987 when she arrived Leith to lay up awaiting sale . She did not remain there long, as by a bill of sale dated July 17 1987 she passed to John Graham Thompson and Maureen Marie Thomposon, 1 Studley Road, Torquay, and was renamed L TAURUS.

Subsequent History  –

1993 Renamed AGIA ANNA

1995 Renamed TAMMY

1996 Renamed NIKOLAS

1997 Renamed QIN HUANG DAO

1997 Renamed ALBATROS

2008 Renamed ALBATROS I

2008 Renamed M YUKSEL

By ms Maritime Equipment & Shipping Ltd. (Akar Grup Deniz Tasimaciligi Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Sti., Moldovia to AGS Ltd., Turkey, arrived Aliaga May 14 2012.

Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP89/6/21  

L TAURUS seen departing Jersey August 31 1989

Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP90/2/11  

A year later departing as SYLBE on September 10 1990

Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP90/2/14  

Another picture on September 10 1990 clearly shows the ramp and stern door.



Owner          Societe des Bateaux de la Cote d’Emeraude “Les Vedettes Vertes”.

Builder          S.I.C.C.N.A., St.Malo.     Yn. 91            1966

Tonnage       104grt  58nrt

Dimensions   25m  6.20m  1.80m

Propulsion     Single screw , Baudouin 12 cyl oil engines each 200 HP

Passengers    200

This vessel was built in 1966 for the owners services from Saint Malo and Granville, including the route to the island of Chausey. Her first call to Jersey was on May 16 1967 arriving from Saint Malo. She operated a number of excursions during the summer, 24 August following the withdraw of the hydrofoil CONDOR I, she operated a limited service to cover the gap.

She was not seen in 1968, and the following years she made a few trips, but on May 1 1969 she commenced a two to three times a week service from Granville to Jersey. She did the same in 1971 but was replaced on the route in 1972 by BELLE DE JERSEY but continued to double up when required.

In 1981 she is shown as being renamed LA BELLE MALOUINE, but photographs show she had this painted on the ship before. She remained in the fleet until 1997 when she was sold to  Compagnie des Iles le Lanno of Vannes and renamed ER LANNIC.  

Still in service 2009

Seen laid up at Etel in May 2010, and later it would appear that she was being


                                                                             Picture : ©  PHOTO ONE  638/101cw  14.0k       

Arriving Jersey,  May 25 1969.                                                          

                                                                                                                                                      Picture  :               

Departing Granville                                                                          

                                                                                        Picture  :               





Operator     Isle of Sark Sg. Co. Ltd.

Builder        Klipffel & Zito, St.Malo, ship completed by Dubigeon, Brest.  1953

Tonnage      146gr 103net

Dimensions  99'8"  23'5"  7'II"

Propulsion   Twin screw, oil engines each 460 HP         10.7 knots

Passengers   250

The vessel came to Guernsey in 1969 when the services to Sark were taken over by the Isle of Sark Shipping Co. Ltd., arriving at St. Sampsons from Torquay on September 9 as BATEAUU MORGAT for hull inspection prior to purchase. Inspection complete, the ship was purchased on September 22 being registered to Sark Shipowners Ltd. Papers for renaming vessel LA DAME DE SERK were in hand by October 14, but the name was not painted on the vessel until February 12 1970, and she entered service on March 2. She was not the ship for the route, and made her last sailing for the company on November 16 1974, but it not until June 13 1975 that the ship was sold to Mr. Bruce R. Parsons of Halifax, Nova Scotia. She left St. Sampsons two days later on June 15 bound for London.

The vessel was built in 1953 as MORGAT for S.A. Des Vapeurs & Transport Brestois, Brest. to operate the ferry service between Brest and Le Fret, and having been replaced in 1964, she was sold to C.W. Bristow at Torquay and renamed BATEAU MORGAT and operated there until purchased for use at Guernsey.

On reaching London in 1975 the vessel was laid up, and remained so until being sold on July 27 1982 to Miss J.S. Stewart, but a month later on September 1 she passed to Shaun M. Farmer, and then on June 9 1983 30, there was a bill of sale of 30 shares each to L.N. Farmer and E.H. Farmer. During this time the vessel was converted into a sailing ship but difficulties soon emerged, and in December 1984 the ship was arrested by Customs & Excise at Dover having entered the port for shelter after leaving Brighton. On July 25 1985 the ship was visited by staff from the Dover Yacht Co. Ltd. to

 make her ready for a tow to Falmouth having been bought at auction by Mr. Peter Emms of Worcestershire. On February 13 1986 the ship went ashore at St. Mawes (across from Falmouth).

Little is heard of the vessel until early 1991 when she arrived in London. She had been sold to the Scandic Crown Hotel and placed in the dry dock in Nelson Dock at Rotherhithe on the Thames. She was completely refurbished and converted into a restaurant for use by the hotel., and was due to open in April that year. By 2000 the hotel had become the Holiday Inn and while still named LA DAME DE SERK is only used for special functions.

Web site Shipspotting.com suggests that the ship was broken up in situ in about 2010.   

                                                          Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE   680/3 3058cw 46.56k  

LA DAME DE SERK on passage Sark to St. Peter Port  August 13 1970.   



                                          Picture : ©  PHOTO ONE  680/6 305cw  50.2k   

LA DAME DE SERK Guernsey to Sark  August 14 1974.                   

                                                            Picture : ©  PHOTO ONE 680/7  340cw 72.8k  

In bound to St. Peter Port  August 28 1974                                          

                                           Picture : ©  PHOTO ONE  680/8 300cw  67.7k  

Another taken on August 28 1974.                                                                  


LA DUCHESSE DE BRETAGNE          1967-68       

Owner           Jersey Lines Ltd.

Builder                    Wm Denny & Bros Ltd.,   Dumbarton,  Yn 1428

Tonnage              2,875grt  1,079nrt  456dw

Dimensions    311’ 9”  43’ 5”  11’ 1” draft

Propulsion        Twin screw  steam turbines.     25kts

The vessel was built in 1950 as BRIGHTON for British Railways Newhaven to Dieppe passenger service. A car ferry service was introduced on the route in 1964, with the result that by the end of the 1966 season the passenger only BRIGHTON was withdrawn and put up  for sale.

The announcement that the vessel had been purchased by Jersey Lines Ltd was made on December 9 1966 and with it the company intended to expand into the cross channel market. With a top speed of 25 knots Jersey Lines saw the potential of offering a fast cross channel service to the Islands and France.

The ship left Newhaven on January 25 1967 for Antwerp where she was overhauled, leaving there on April 30, and entered service on May 15.

She operated a complex service linking, Southampton, Plymouth and Torquay to the Islands and also Saint Malo but at 25 knots the vessel burnt an enormous amount of fuel which in the end was to see the downfall of the company.

Her first season ended on September 23 when she proceeded to Antwerp for winter lay up and overhaul.

She recommenced on April 7 1968 but by August her service to Plymouth had been replaced by one to Torquay, but she continued on to September 25 when she was dry-docked at Southampton then laid up.

In December 1968 it was stated that the company was in trouble, and following liquidation the vessels were disposed of.

LA DUCHESSE DE BRETAGNE was towed from Southampton to Portsmouth on July 18 1969, and remained there until February 11 1970 when she left for Bruges in Belgium to be broken up.

1967 21 May(Sun) First passenger service, Jersey-St.Malo.

                                                                                       Picture  :             

   LA DUCHESS DE BRETAGNE entering St Helier Harbour.              301w  391k

                                                                                           Picture  :  Valentine    

    Vessel arriving on her maiden voyage                                                  305w  923k

                                                                     Picture  :  Bamforth & Co. Ltd  ET 5486R     

    Vessel seen passing through the pier heads at entering St. Peter Port.      307w  .99w

                                                                         Picture  :  Gordon, Son & Deyermond Ltd., 3007    

    Vessel                                                        310w  1.07m

                                                                                               Picture  :  Greff    

    Seen leaving the quay in Saint Malo.                                                         401w  227k

                                                                                           Picture  :  La Cigogne   

    Sharing the Saint Malo lock with yachts.                                               405w  490k    



Owner         Jersey Lines Ltd.     

Builder         Earle’s S.B. & E Co. Ld., Hull     Comp  7-1931

Tonnage       896gr  666net  335dw     

Dimensions  172.5  x  42.7  x  14.7            

Propulsion    Twin screw, SR 3cyl  16.5” 27” & 46”-24” by builders.  

Offices at 5 Bond Street.

LA DUCHESSE DE NORMANDIE arrived in Jersey on May 3 1964, painted in a two tone green colour scheme, ready to commence service on May 10. The vessel had been purchased to fill the gap left by the withdrawal of British Railways Channel Islands to France services.

Apart from excursions, the main part of the service was the transportation of cars from the Islands to France, and the ships large open deck area was an advantage.

Initially advertising regular passenger car ferry services serving Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Herm, Jethou, St. Malo, Granville, Paimpol and Lezardrieux she soon settled into a more realistic programme.

The ship operated through the winter 1964/65, with overhaul being February / March 1965, during which a tea bar was built aft on the top deck, and at the same time the green colour scheme gave way to a blue hull and a black topped red funnel.

Increasing competition during the summer months resulted in the service cut for longer during subsequent winters.

To facilitate the easier handling of motor vehicles, a life / ramp was installed before the ship re-entered service on April 5 1966, and to increase the deck space the small areas at the forward end of the upper deck were filled it.

The ship finished her Jersey 1965 season on Sunday 10 November, and the following day sailed from Jersey for lay up in Plymouth.

Unfortunately the company was in financial difficulty and went into liquidation.

The ship was sold for demolition and arrived Zeebruge from Plymouth on August 1 1969 to be broken up.

During her time in the Channel Islands the great volumes of black smoke which emanated from her funnel, the vessel earned the nickname of “sooty”.

The vessel had been built in 1931 as SIR RICHARD GRENVILLE for the Great Western Railways as a tender for the liners which called at Plymouth. She was on war service as an Examination Vessel from August 25 1939 to January 19 1946.

The vessel became part of the British Transport Commission fleet upon nationalisation on January 1 1948, and remained in service until October 31 1963 when due to the reduction in the Trans-Atlantic liner traffic,  the service was withdrawn.

Sold to the Devon Cruising Co Ltd. who quickly sold her on to Jersey Lines Ltd. for Channel Islands service. She was re-fitted to carry 20 cars and 550 passengers, and renamed LA DUCHESS DE NORMANDIE before arriving Jersey on May 3 1964.

                                                                         Picture  :               

    LA DUCHESSE DE NORMANDIE pictured on the Albert Pier the day after she   arrived in Jersey

                                                                     Picture  :               

    Pictured during her first year in service                                                            2151  411k


                                                                    Picture  :               

        Passing La Moye Point, Jersey. The tea bar can be seen between the aft lifeboats.

                                                                                                                                   2154  436k

                                                                                 Picture  :  Unknown     

   Seen arriving St. Helier, Jersey.

                                                                                  Picture  :               


         Departing Granville, giving off a cloud of dense smoke for which she affectionately   became known as “sooty”.                                                                                  2902  914k

Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  


 Scale drawing of the vessel from ship plans, and coloured as per her first year in service.



LA GRACE DE DEIU            1947







Before a proper passenger service commenced from Carteret a couple of French fishing boats ran a few excursions to Jersey , this vessel being one of them.

                              Picture : Editions Normandes Le Goubay     

  LA GRACE DE DIEU seen here arriving back at Carteret from an excursion to

   Jersey, note the number of passengers!.                                             300wa  154k


LADY PAT                                           On 183831

Owner         William C. Cockburn - Mercer.

Builder         J. Samuel White,  Cowes.  1944.      

Tonnage       18grt  11nrt

Dimensions  45.4  10.5  5.1

Propulsion    Triple screw   195 BHP

The vessel arrived in Jersey on April 27 1947 to replace the slower ST. AUBIN on inter-island and French services.  She arrived as SOLENT SWIFT and operated her first trip – to Sark – as such on May 6, before being renamed LADY PAT, sailing for the first time under her new name on May 11. The vessel was registered to  William C. Cockburn – Mercer who was part of Jersey Maritime Services Ltd., and she also appeared under the associate company Jersey  Fishing & Boating Co.

She ran charter trips as required to Guernsey, Sark, Granville and other ports and islands, and was able to carry up to 12 passengers. LADY PAT continued to operate until about 1953 when she was put up for sale, but it was not until March 17 1955 that she was sold to Douglas A. Hall of Jersey and converted into a yacht.

Subsequent changes of ownership were 1959 4 August to P. Le Marquand : 1963 10 April to R. M Vinson : 1964 17 December, to W.M. Hardcastle : 1969 7 October to R.W. Hardy :  1973 13 February to E.P. Wilkinson : 1973 17 February to D. & A. Williams : 1981 16 February to David John Cheap : 1986 25 November to Work Introduction (Deal) Ltd., (owned by D.J. Cheap), and she kept her name through this time.

She was till on the register in September 2000.


                                                                                                Picture  :  Owners    

    LADY PAT at speed outside St. Helier Harbour.         Hull colour was dark blue

  with a yellow band                                                                                      301 web  56.62k


LES DEUX LEOPARDS            1967 - 1977

BELLE DU CAP                         1978 - 2009

CORSAIRE D’ EMERAUDE      2009 - current

Operator         Service Maritime. (Mgr B. de Saint-Denis)

                   Vedettes Vertes / Emeraude Lines

                   Compagnie Corsaire.

Builder              S.I.C.C.N.A., St.Malo.                 1967

Tonnage        100gr

Dimensions  25m  6.50m  1.85m

Propulsion   Twin screw, oil engines each 265 H.P.    12 knots

                   New Volvo engines installed 2009

Passengers  200 passengers


The vessel was built to replace TORBAY BELLE and provide more under cover accommodation and better facilities for the ever increasing number of passengers on the route. LES DEUX LEOPARDS was launched on May 27 1967 by Mrs. Dorothy Langlois, and was a sister to LA BELLE MALOUINE built the previous year but was twin screw. She entered service on the Carteret – Gorey route on May 31 1967, and also made excursions to the French islands of Chausey on a number of occasions. Her first season ended on September 26.

The vessel was joined in July 1973 by the larger LES TRIOS LEOPARDS after which she provided extra services as required, until September 12 1977 when she sailed from Gorey to Carteret and was withdrawn, being replaced the following year by the catamaran PEGASUS. After being laid up in Cherbourg, she made a positioning trip to Saint Malo in August 1978.

Sold to Vedettes Vertes at for their vedette services at Saint Malo, being renamed BELLE DU CAP and she did make a couple of relief sailings to St. Helier, the first being on May 24 1979 before taking up her new role, operating to Cap-Frehel and Chausey.  

In 1988 with the amalgamation of all subsidiary group companies the ships owners became Emeraude Lines S.A., and the following year the livery changed to red and green trim on the white hull.  

The vessel made a return to Jersey in 1992, when she operated from Gorey to both Carteret and Portbail between May 1 and May 8 and on the latter day she departed at 12:05 hrs for Saint Malo.

In 1997 following the sale of LA BELLE MALOUINE the vessel moved to Granville to operate the route to Chausey, a service she maintained until the end of the 2006 season when the owners withdrew from the route, and the vessel returned to operating from Saint Malo..

In early 2003 Emeraude Lines sold their vedette operation at Saint Malo to Navix of Vannes who formed Compagnie Corsaire as the operating company and fleet returned to white hulls and blue trim, a scheme which well suited BELLE DU CAP.

At the end of the 2008 season the vessel was sent to Lorient to be re- engined, and when she returned to Saint Malo in 2009 she had been renamed CORSAIRE D’EMERAUDE in line with the company’s new naming policy.

The vessel was replaced in the fleet by a larger and faster vessel just before the start of the 2013 season, and was laid up in Bassin Dugay -Trouin.

In May 2014 the vessel was sold to Ireland and renamed GALWAY GIRL.

                                                                         Picture  : ©  PHOTO ONE  693/3 301cw  67.5k

LES DEUX LEOPARDS approaching the Gorey pilot boat August 7 1973.


                                                                          Picture  :  ARTAUD Freres 306 305w  990k     

Departing Carteret.                                                                                     

                                                                                         Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  301cw 56.5k  

 As BELLE DU CAP arriving Jersey for the first time on May 24 1979.    


                                                                                       Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  315cw  77.8k  

 A stern view shows the hastily applied new name with the old one clearly visible.                                                                                                         

                                                                                     Picture  :  “EMGE” M. Guerin     

    BELLE DU CAP from a post card.                                                               320w  1.08k

                                                                                       Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE    

    Leaving Gorey     May 1992, now with the titles EMERAUDE LINES on her hull.

                                                                                                                                  301w  846k

                                                                                      Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE    

    Another picture departing Gorey.                                                                     305w  597k

                                                                              Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 173aw 254k  

BELLE DU CAP August 28 2008 back in a white hull with blue trim, just prior to being re-engined and re-named.                                                                                   


BELLE DU CAP at the Loirent ship yard April 20 2009.

                                                                      Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  680aw  65.3k  

 Vessel undergoing overhaul and being re-engined.                                        

                                                                                    Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 681mw  73.2k  

The hole cut into the side to gain access into the engine room.              

                                                                              Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE   

    Just before the name was removed from the stern.                                686w  812k

                                                                                        Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE   

    CORSAIRE D’ EMERAUDE Departing Saint Malo  May 23 2011, now with the

    company web site address on her hull.                                                             001  786k

Picture : ©  PHOTO ONE  0162ac  153k   

CORSAIRE D’ EMERAUDE now out of service, and seen laid-up in Bassin Dugay-Trouin August 11 2013.


LES TROIS LEOPARDS          LN 7324663          1973 - 1984

Operator       Service Maritime. (Mgr B.de Saint-Denis)

Builder         Chantiers et Areliers de la Perriere, Lorient.  1973  Yn 378

Tonnage       128gr  42net

Dimensions   30m  7.25m  2.10m

Propulsion    Twin screw, Baudouin 12 cyl oil engines each 600 HP      13 knots

Passengers    300

Built to cater for the ever increasing numbers of passengers on the Carteret – Gorey route, the vessel was ordered in November 1972, and arrived in Jersey from Lorient on her delivery trip on July 12 1973, entering service two days later.

In early 1979 ownership changed when Service Maritime was acquired by M. Monfort who operated services at Benodet, Gullivenic, but  in 1981 he sold the company on to Compagnie Cote des Iles.

Withdrawn from regular Carteret- Gorey service at the end of the 1983 season, she then alternated with AIGRETTE V in 1984 to operate Carteret – Gorey and also Granville to Chausey. LES TROIS LEOPARDS operated to Gorey between April 7 and May 26 and from July 4 to August 18 when she sailed to Chausey, and was not seen again.

The Granville – Chausey service was not a success and the vessel was sold early in 1985 to Transports Littoral Varois, and registered at Toulon as AMOURS DES ILES XI, but soon the owners altered their name to Transports Maritimes & Terrestres du Littoral Varois

The vessel remained with them until late 2005 when she was sold to Vaniek B of Croatia, being renamed PERLA and registered at Rijeka.    

Vessel still in service.

 Picture : ©  PHOTO ONE 727/1 304cw 78.9k  

LES TROIS LEOPARDS approaching Gorey  4 August 197

Picture : Artaud Frerres.  101w  13k

Leaving Carteret in 1973.

Picture : ©  PHOTO ONE 304cw  306.3k  

Pictured approaching Gorey 25 July 1975


LINGER                          1960 - 1965                     On. 300574                                  

Owner         Mansfield Markham.


Tonnage      46.69grt   14.94  31.75

Dimensions  62'  16'           

Propulsion   Triple screw, Dorman oil engines each 110hp    14 Knots

The vessel was built as a Torpedo Recovery Vessel, being purchased direct from the Admiralty by Mr. Mansfield Markham, and she arrived in Guernsey at the time he took up residence in Guernsey, and she was to be converted into his private yacht.

First mention that LINGER was to be used on the Sark service was on July 4 1960 when Mr. Markham’s purchase of Commodore Shipping Co. Ltd., was announced, it being stated that she is now being converted into a passenger-carrying yacht by John Upham Ltd., and that she would be in service in August.

This did not take place, and on September 29 LINGER was registered in Guernsey to Mr. Markham, and on the same day a Bill of Sale to Commodore Shipping Co. Ltd. was also registered.

Company records show that on September 29 it was resolved to purchase the vessel from Mr. Markham for £11,000, and the price was increased to £11,500 at their meeting on December 22, but still the vessel did not enter service.

Mr. Marham was trying to negotiate a new shipping agreement with Alderney and Sark and the sticking point was the size and capacity of the vessels to be used.

With the sale of SILVER COMMODORE, something had to move, and LINGER eventually entered service in February 1962, a picture shows her in St. Sampsons on February 19, and another on February depicts her arriving at Sark. A new shipping agreement was sealed in June 1962, and as the ship was not a great success at the Board meeting on September 28 1963 Mr. Markham agreed to purchase the vessel at book value, but nothing occurred. A year later on October 28 the matter was again discussed, but it was not until March 8 1965 that it was agreed that the vessel was no longer required and she should be put on the market for £3,000.

She was sold by Bill of Sale dated July 5 1965, and at the meeting on July 27 it was stated that she had been sold for the required amount.

Below is a list of the subsequent owners taken from the Guernsey Register.

1965 July 5.             BOS to Lawrence Lang, 201 Wilmslow Road, Handforth.

1967 September 20. BOS to Glyne Holdings Ltd., Swansea.

1967 October 30.    BOS to Pleasure Yachts Ltd., Gibraltar.

1985 February 11.   BOS to Jeanette Marje Wittingham, Gwywedd, Wales.

1987 February 16.   BOS to Anthony Love, Wolverhampton.

1988 October 4.      Registry closed on direction of Board of Administration.

1989 January 10.     Registry delivered up and cancelled.

Picture  :  ©  Brian Green  BG01  82.1k  

LINGER seen here in St. Sampsons Harbour, pictured by Brian Green on February 19 1962, a week before she entered service.

LISIEUX                                1965

Operator    French Line.

Builder              Forg. & Ch. De la Medit.  S.A.., Havre.

Tonnage            2943 grt

Dimensions       302.8    42.6  23.3

Propulsion         2 steam turbines.

In the early 1960’s British Railways decided to terminate their shipping services from Southampton, and one of the casualties was the BRITTANY which operated between the Channel Islands and France – mainly Jersey to Saint Malo. Although the vessel was withdrawn late in 1962 a limited service was maintained until September 1964.

Following British Railways withdrawal from the Saint Malo station in 1964, the French Government decided step in, and with the change-over to a car-ferry operation on the Newhaven – Dieppe route, a decision was taken to use LISIEUX to operate the service. It was to be operated under the French Line banner with the announcement of the service was made on May 28 1965.

LISIEUX with her funnel duly painted red, commenced service on Saturday 10 July, and from 12 August extended her time table to include Weymouth and an excursion to Guernsey.

French Line found like British Railways that the operation was not profitable, and on 2 September it was announced that the season was to be curtailed, and would end on 26 September. On that day the ship made her usual day excursion from Jersey to Saint Malo, and on her return sailed light back to back to Saint Malo and was not seen again.

Laid up at Le Havre, she was sold in 1966 to Petros N. Nomicos Ltd, Piraeus, being renamed APOLLON, and in 1975 she passed to Apapitos Bros without change of name. Due to engine problems she was laid up in 1980, and October 1982 she was towed to Eleusis to be broken up.

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     LISIEUX  Approaching the lock in Saint Malo  July 17 1975           ct WA  67k

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      Moored at No. 1 berth St. Helier Harbour.                                                 311 web

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LISIEUX at No 1 berth, Albert Pier, Jersey, with CONDOR I in No 2 berth.

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Pictured in Weymouth with in the background another Dieppe vessel BREST which was on charter to BR.                                                         305 web  2312k

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A card of the vessel approaching the lock at Saint Malo.                      305w  1.25m

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 Vessel seen alongside the Gare Maritime in Saint Malo.