THE LADY PATRICA            1946                       On 167884      

Owner          T. L. Penny

Builder          Wagstaff & Hatfield, Port Greville, N.S.  1.1945

Tonnage        288grt  111nrt

Dimensions   133.4(rl)  26.0  13.1    140.0 oa

Propulsion     Single screw, Oil engine 8cyl

H.M.S. MMS 1066 was built in Canada as part of the War effort, being completed in January 1945.

On June 7 1946 the vessel was registered at Southampton as THE LADY PATRICIA being owned by Mr. Thomas Leslie Penny of Paignton, Devon. It was intended to operate the craft from Guernsey, and she arrived in St. Peter Port from Cowes on June16.

She made a number of trips to Sark and Alderney, but was not granted a proper passenger certificate due to being of wooden construction, and as a result left Guernsey for the mainland in August.

She was quickly sold by bill of sale dated September 27 1946 to Robert C. E. Ashby of Torquay with H. L. Quick being Manager, while other paperwork states Bowmakers were the managers. Reports of late 1946 state that the ship was fitted out for 15 people for a voyage to the Cape, but by mid 1947 the ship was up for sale at Bathurst, and a year later she was for sale in Dartmouth. By November 15 1949 Bowmakers & Co were the owners, and they sold her to Salway Morgan & Co., and on September 27 1952 they sold her to Belsize Boat Yard, Southampton.


                                                  Picture  :               

THE LADY PATRICIA as H.M.S. MMS 1066                                   101w  9k


TOCQUEVILLE                       2007  -  2010                  IMO  9442823

Owner           Conseil General de la Manche.

Operator        Cie des Iles de la Manche.

Builder          Gamelin, La Rochelle.      7 - 2007

Tonnage        269grt  115nrt                                    

Dimensions   37.20m x 8.60m x 3.09m  tirant d’eau  2.00                           

Propulsion     twin screw  MTU  16v400      27knots

Passengers     265                                     

TOCQUEVILLE was especially built so that she could take the ground in Granville and Carteret and thus do away with having to re-position to another port. Even with this advantage the vessel spent little time in the owners service.

The vessel was built at La Rochelle and arrived at Granville from her builders late on Saturday 6 July 2007, entering service on Friday July 13.

The management of the services at the time was SNCM, but in April 2010 this changed to Finis’t Mer , and part of their tender submission was that they would only operate with two not three vessels.

TOCQUEVILLE had been overhauled at Cherbourg, leaving  at 15:30 on Tuesday March 16 2010, and arrived Granville at 18:30. She then made a couple of trips to Jersey, her last being on March 21, when she departed at  18:00 for Granville and was then taken out of service and laid up in Saint Malo.

She was still there in August 2011

2011 November 24. By this time moved to new berth.      

2014 April 11.  Still in Saint Malo.

2014 October 14. Sailed from Saint Malo at 07:55, bound for La Pallice where she                    arrived at 07::55 the next day (15th).

2016 January 14. Sailed La Pallice for La Rochelle.

2016 3 March. Vessel started transmitting its AIS code at Kaohsiung, South Korea.

                                                                                             Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  001c  560k  

TOCQUEVILLE arriving Jersey on maiden voyage July 13 2007.         

                                                                                               Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  002c  572k

Departing Jersey July 13 2007.                                               

                                                                                     Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  003c  606k    

Pictured at Deauville against a very threatening sky, September 26 2007, the visit for a corporate function.                                                                                   

        Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  004c  291k

TOCQUEVILLE laid up at Quai Charcot in Bassin Jacques Cartier, Saint Malo May 2011.

Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  005c  395k

TOCQUEVILLE passing through the lock system at Saint Malo on May 22 2014 to undergo a four hour sea trial. She had just been repainted, and there was no name or port of registry on display.


TORBAY BELLE   1949  Guernsey  1952  -  1967 Carteret      

Owner           1949  Motor House Ltd.

                     1952 Service Maritime, (Mgr B. Saint-Denis)

Builder           G. R. Mitchell, Portmallon, Mevagissey, Cornwall.   1935

Tonnage        49grt  22nrt

Dimensions    72.0(rl)  16.6  5.5 draft

                     69.1   15.85   8.0depth

                     69.1  15.8  draft 5’6”    

Propulsion    Twin screw, Ruston & Hornsby Ltd., oil engines each 104 bhp  7.5Kts.

Passengers    80 passengers(Gorey)      128 pass at Ipswich

TORBAY BELLE first came to the Islands in 1949 when she was acquired on May 5 by  Motor House Limited, of Guernsey, arriving St. Peter Port from Dartmouth on May 13. The company operated services between Guernsey and Sark and she commenced on May 21. At that time there was a war between rival operators and Sark Chief Pleas (the Island’s Government) who decided to introduce a monopoly, and although Motor House had provided a year round service the route was granted to an English company.

Thus TORBAY BELLE was withdrawn on June16 1949 after only three weeks in service and went to lay up at Poole. When advertised for sale in June 1950 it was stated that her passenger certificate was for 128 passengers, and that she had been re-engined in 1949 with two Perkin diesels. She remained at Poole until April 17 1952 when her registry was closed having been sold to a French subject.

That French subject was  Mons B. Saint-Denis proprietor of Service Maritime, Carteret which operated the service to Gorey in Jersey and who the year before had lost their LE CAP ex PERLE DES ILES.

TORBAY BELLE retained her name, and made her maiden voyage for her new owner on May 29 1952 under the command of Capt. Pignot. By 1966 the vessel was over thirty years old and with the summer only service becoming more popular, it was decided to replace her with a new larger vessel. She maintained the service until June 20 1966, being replaced the next day by the new LES DEUX LEOPARDS. She made a few relief trips during the season, and was renamed EL DURO under the Panamian flag for a short time.

Following her replacement at Carteret she had by March 1968 been sold to Mr. M. Gabillet of Paris, and converted into a yacht and reverted to the name TORBAY BELLE, leaving Jersey for the Mediterranean on April 3 1968. The vessel was seen in Jersey again, for on August 28 1972 she visited the island as a yacht, still under the French flag, but with her funnel removed.

TORBAY BELLE had been built in 1935 and registered at  Dartmouth on July 27 1935 to Mrs. Blache G. L. Peters of Torquay , who on March 15 1939 sold 32 shares in the vessel to William J. Peters of 32 shares. On April 27 1942 the vessels registry was cancelled as ship was acquired by the Minister of War Transport. Following the end of hostilities the ship was again registered at Dartmouth by her new owner Donald Baden Taylor of Wembley, Middlesex, on June 27 1946.

A year later on June 20 1947 the registered owners became The Devon Star Shipping Co. Ltd., Torquay, with John Kerr being the manager and was at Ipswich in the early part of 1949.

                                                             Picture  :  PHOTO ONE  

Leaving St. Helier for Gorey to start her season. May 13 1962.            141w   20k

                                                                                               Picture  :  Gaby  

Arriving Carteret.                                                                                151w  11.2k

                                                                             Picture  :               

                                                                                                       131w  14k

                                                      Picture  :               

At her winter lay-up berth in St. Helier Harbour.                                         101w  20k


TRAVATA                                  1996

Operator       Cotentin Ferries             

Builder          Chantier Glehen, Douarnenez,        1996


Dimensions   89’    27m  beam  6.4m  

Propulsion    Twin screw,    855cv                                                         Passengers   178

This odd looking vessel entered service with little warning on July 27 1996 when  she made a V.I.P. trip from Port Bail to Gorey (Jersey) and took up service the following day. She remained for only one season, during which she suffered a number of set backs. She had to be towed back into Jersey on August 6 and 14  with her licence being suspended the following day. She was back in service the next  day but broke down again on August 22 and did not return until 27 .  

Her last regular service was on September 4 1996 on the Granville route, but she made two further sailings between Port Bail and Gorey on September 9 and 10.

She was sold in 1998 to Vedettes inter-Islands Vendee (VIIV) for service to the French Atlantic Island of  Ile d’Yeu being renamed ADMIRAL DE BOUGAINVILLE.

The company went into bankruptcy in about 2005 and the vessel was laid-up, and remained so until September 2008 when she was purchased by Finist’Mer, it was stated that she would be refurbished and renamed NOUVELLE LOUISE for use on their services. In fact she was at Douarnenez in September 2009, still named ADMIRAL DE BOUGAINVILLE and when seen in the same port in May 2010 nothing had changed and she was in very poor condition, and it must be doubtful if she will ever return to service.

The vessel still named ADMIRAL DE BOUGAINVILLE was taken to Nantes early in

                      Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  001c 120k   

Inward bound to St. Helier August 2 1996                                            

                                                                            Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  002c  232k      

ADMIRAL DE BOUGAINVILLE seen laid up at Douarnenez May 22 2010.



TRIDENT                 1983 – 1985              

TRIDENT 3              1986 -  1996

Owner          Vedettes Blanches

Builder          Westramarin A/S, Mandal.     Yn. 84      1982            

Tonnage        252grt  132nrt               

Dimensions    29.21M  9.25M  1.491M  

                     27.34   9.02   3.15          

Propulsion    Twin screw, 12 cyl oil engines each 2,200 bhp  26 kts.      

Passengers    205 passengers

Westramarin 95

Launched in July 1982 to the order of an Italian company which suffered financial problems before completion, which resulting in the vessel being named VENTURE 84 and registered to Conoco Norway Inc, and registered in Monrovia  

Acquired by Vedettes Blanches in time for the 1983 season she was renamed TRIDENT, and was shown off to the Islands authorities in Saint Malo on ……………. She made a V.I.P.  trip to Jersey on March 26  entering service on April 1 1983.

In 1985 Vedettes Blanches expanded further, and acquired their third catamaran which was named TRIDENT 2 and thus the following year the three came under the Trident banner, with TRIDENT being renamed TRIDENT III, although she traded as TRIDENT 3.

The owners were part of a Group restructure in 1988, with all the companies coming the umbrella title of  Emeraude Lines S.A., which became the ships registered owners.

TRIDENT 3 spent nearly all her time on the Saint Malo – Channel Islands route, and  remained in service until June 29 1996, her demise brought about by the introduction of  SOLIDOR 3 which could accommodate both excursion and the car passenger traffic.

TRIDENT 3 then moved to the eastern Mediterranean as FERGUN EXPRESS III having been sold to the  Fergun Shipping which operated between Turkey and Northern Cyprus.

                                                                                                                  Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  t3 005c  102k

Arriving Jersey on a V.I.P. Trip 26 March 1983                                          

                                                                                                                   Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  t3001c  492k

                                                    Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  t3 002c  94.4k  

                                       Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  t3 003c 128k  

Departing St. Helier July 19 1985.                                                    

                                                                                                      Picture  :                 t3 006c  581k  

Leaving Saint Malo.                                                                                

                                                                                                           Picture  :   Emeraude   t3 007c 993k

Company postcard                                                                        

                                                                                                                   Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  t3 004c  85.1k  

Approaching St. Helier September 4 1993. Note the extra band of green just above the waterline.                                                                                       


TRIDENT 2                                1986 - 1989                    

Owner          Vedettes Blanches.

Builder         Westermoen Hydrofoil A/S, Mandal.  Yn. 47    5 -1976          

Tonnage       202grt  136nrt   30       

Dimensions  26.67M  9.02  2.65     1.296M

                   24.16    9.02   2.65              

Propulsion   Twin screw. MTU 12 cyl oil engines, each 2,200 bhp  26kts.    

Passengers   160dk pas            

The vessel came to the Channel Islands in 1986 replacing BELLE DE DINARD on the Granville to Jersey route, and with her extra speed was able to extend the service to either Sark or Guernsey. The vessel was registered at TRIDENT II but always traded at TRIDENT 2.

She only spent four seasons on the route, being replaced by TRIDENT 4 which was able to carry an extra fifty passengers.

One interesting point regarding the vessel, is that the roundels emblazoned  with a sea bird positioned on the side of the wheelhouse during the ships time on the Clyde remained while in the Channel Islands. This idea of a disk on the side of the wheelhouse was repeated later on the other TRIDENT’s.

Built as HIGHLAND SPEEDBIRD in 1976 for Western Ferries Ltd, she left the  builders at Mandal on May 12. After calls at various ports round the south coast of England to show off the craft she arrived at Rothesay at the end of the month, and commenced a summer services on the Clyde on June 14.

She was not a success and was sold to Vedettes Blanches in time for the 1985 season.

.She was sold for service between Fromentine to Ile  d'Yeu in time for the 1990 season, and was renamed CAP SUROIT being owned by Government of the Republic of France and operated by Regie de Vendee. Replaced by a fast mono hull in 1990, the vessel remained in the area and in 1997 was renamed DUMONT D’URVILLE being managed or owned  by Yeu Continent Compagnie and registered at Les Sables d’Olanne.

She is still in the 2008/09 Lloyds Register as such, but one report states that she was sold to the  Caribbean in 1997.  

                                                                                                                         Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE 001c  73.2k

TRIDENT 2                                                                                

                                                                                                               Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE © 002c  132k

Departing St Helier  July 19 1985                                                       

                                                                                                                                                                      Picture  :                                004c  110k

                                                                                                     Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP89/4/7  003c 334k

Outward bound from St. Helier August 4 1989, during her last year in Emeraude service.                                                                                       


TRIDENT 3                                 1986 -  1996

See TRIDENT  above




TRIDENT 5                       1990 - 1999

Owner          Emeraude Lines S.A.       

Builder         Westermoen Hydrofoil A/S, Mandal.  Yn. 36   1974

Tonnage       251grt  149nrt

Dimensions 29.13m(oa)  9.00

Propulsion   Twin screw, 2 x oil engines  Soc Alsacienne de Const. Mec, Mulhouse                                                                                                                28.kts

The vessel was completed in 1974 as VINTGOR for ,Det Stavangerske D/S, Norway, and used on route Stavanger and Bergen

Acquired by Emeraude in 1990 for a stated 9mF, she was renamed TRIDENT 5, arriving in Jersey from Saint Malo for the first time on April 14 replacing TRIDENT 4 on that route, and then alternated with TRIDENT 3 on the onward service to Guernsey.  

In 1995 TRIDENT 5 finished service on September 8, and then went off for two years in the Caribbean before returning to C.I. service on June 25  1998, but only remained until June the following year, when she went off to the south of France to operate a service for Air France between Saint Tropez, Cannes and Nice Airport during the summer.

In June 2000 the vessel passed to Mediterranea Pitiusa which operates out of Formenttera, and was renamed AIGUES DE FORMENTERA. She was last in use at the end of September 2010.

                                                                                                 Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP90/9/30  001c  334k  

TRIDENT 5 inbound to St. Helier August 21 1990.                                                             

                                                                                                                    Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  002c  399k  

1991, still in the same colour scheme, but now with the addition of a rescue boat and davit placed aft on the cabin roof. Note the inside of the hulls are painted black.

                                                                                                                   Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  003c  363k  

Now in the amended colour scheme.                                                               


TRIDENT 6             LN 8022975        IMO 8022975             1990 - 1994     

Owner          Emeraude Lines Fort de France, Martinique.

Builder         Westamarin A/S, Mandal.  Yn. 78   1981

Tonnage       211grt  164nrt  50dw

Dimensions   29.10m  x  9.10m  x  1.20m

Propulsion    Twin screw,  2 x AGO oil engines 3,600bhp  (2648Kw)  Soc Alsa                                                                      de Con Mec, Mulhouse  (SACM)

Passengers    208 pass   


The vessel was acquired by Emeraude in 1990, making her first trip to Jersey from Granville and onwards to Sark on June 28, and then took up services from Carteret / Portbail July 7. September 1 that year saw her replace TRIDENT 4 from Granville.

The vessel was used as required during the next couple of years, but in 1994 with the arrival of the high speed car ferry EMERAUDE one less passenger vessel was required, and she commenced her last short season on April 22 and made her final sailing on June 26  1994.

The vessel was then sold to Javno Poduzece “Jadrolinija” P.O. of Croatia and renamed OLEA being registered at Rijeka. She remains in service and 2011 saw her operating out of Zadar to the off shore islands, with her season finishing on about September 18 after which she was laid up.   

The vessel had been built in 1981 for Alisur as ALISUR AMARILLO, the company operating in the Canary Islands, but although tried on a number of route she was not a success, and was sold for service at Fort-de France, Martinique and was renamed AZUR EXPRESS in 1988. She only remained there for two seasons before being purchased by Emeraude.

                            Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP90/10/10  003c  465k

TRIDENT 6 inbound to Gorey, August 23 1990.                              

                                                                    Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP90/10/13   005c  489k

Departing Gorey, same day as above.                                            

                                                      Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP91/4/13  001c   k  

Inbound to St. Helier August 1991.                                                      


TRONDENES              IMO 6606258      (LN 6606258)        1992 - 1993        

Owner          Island Ferries (CI) Ltd.

Builder         Bolsones Varft, Molde.  Yn. 206        1965

Tonnage       223grt  88nrt (LR 1991/92)

Dimensions  34.17  9.50   -

                    29.98  8.97  3.66

Propulsion   Single screw, 5 cyl oil engine Normo.   650bhp

Passengers   250 deck.

The vessel was acquired in 1992 with the intention of operating a passenger / carferry / freight service between Cherbourg – Alderney and Guernsey.

Island Ferries (CI) Ltd. was formed in Alderney, and on February 14 1992 it was stated that  one of the consortium  together with a Lloyds surveyor are going to Norway to inspect the vessel, and five days later it was stated that the company have contracted to buy the vessel at a cost of £50,000 with modifications costing a further £12,000.

Surveys and stability took some time, and it was not until June 1 that the ship arrived at Cherbourg after a four and a half day voyage, and on Thursday June 4 she arrived at Alderney, moving on to Guernsey on June 7.  

The schedule called for the vessel to operate Cherbourg to Alderney on a Tuesday and Cherbourg to Guernsey Wednesdays, and by July 8 it was stated that passenger accommodation had been built aft of the bridge, a stern ramp had been fitted, and that the ship had been painted with a red hull, white upper works and red/white and  blue funnel, the work being undertaken in Cherbourg.

The ship with a French crew entered service with a trip Cherbourg – Alderney trip on July 21 1992, but her trip to Guernsey the next day had to be postponed by a day due to problems  with the masters certificate.

Due to the Alderney and Sark (Licensing of Vessels) Law 1950, the vessel was not allowed to carry passengers  or freight between Guernsey and Alderney, and this greatly reduced the company’s ability to earn money. With poor carryings on the services operated, a new route was introduced to Weymouth, but this did nothing to improve matters especially as on January 7 1993 when entering the English port the ship suffered a mechanical problem and hit a number of yachts causing severe damage.

The service continued to loose money, and in July 1993 the company looked at a re-financing package but this did not come and the ship was laid up in Weymouth. The vessel remained there until early the following year when she was sold.

The vessel had been built as TRONDENES in 1965 for A/S Troms Fylkes Dampskipsselskap, and remained with them until 1990 when she was sold to More Kabel A/S, for cable laying work, and remained registered at Tromso.

She was sold early in 1992 to Aasmund Torvik of Fosnavag who re-sold her quickly to Island Ferries (CI) Ltd., of Alderney, being managed by O.E. Maeland Shipping, and the vessel being registered at Haguesund.

Following the failure of Island Ferries, the ship remained laid up in Weymouth until early 1994 when she was sold to Sogemer  S.A., of Gabon being renamed BUFFALO and registered in Libreville

There are indications on some web sites that by 2006 the ship was owned in Togo, West Africa

Picture  :  ©  CP93/2/16aw  72.9k  

Seen in St. Peter Port March 6 1993

Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP93-2-25aw  67k             

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP93-2-24aw  97.2k   

The boat deck with the accommodation module installed prior to entering service.  

Picture  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP93-2-23aw  68.2k             

        The funnel, showing the company’s destinctive logo.  

Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP93/2/22aw  77.0k            

      A stern view, showing the open area of the car deck, and also that the

      ship remained registered at Haguesund

Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  201w  44.8k   

TRONDENES seen laid up in Weymouth on October 12 1993

Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  203w 54.9k