R.N.L.B. LUCY LAVERS    /  LUCY               ON 167345

Builder:                        Groves & Gutteridge, IoW.    1940

Length:                        35ft 6ins Beam: 10ft 3ins Draft: 2ft 3.5ins

Displacement: 6 tons

Engine:                          5hp Weyburn petrol

1939 Built as R.N.L.B. LUCY LAVERS registered in London 234/1939, and

                stationed at Aldeburgh.  Took part in the Dunkirk evacuation.

1968 8 November.  Vessel acquired by Company of Town Pilots, Jersey and

               will be  renamed L’ESPERANCE.

1969 16 January. Bill of sale from R.N.L.I. To the Pilots.

1986          Bought by Dive & Ski Club of St. Helier ( Mike Gibson) and and

                 renamed LUCY (LAVERS), spending much time at Sark. The

                 vessels name and port of registry were never painted on the stern.

1997         Retired and stripped. Hull transferred to the Dunkirk Little Ships                 Restoration Trust, who arranged transport to Simon Evans boat yard

                at Sens in France.  

1998 10 July. Awaiting shipment to France.   

2008 14 May. Vessel is going to the East Coast to be restored by Graeme Peart.

2010 1 July. Vessel spotted at Stiffkey Norfolk Boat Yard

                                                                             Picture :  ©  PHOTO ONE   300wa  58.8k  

L’ESPERANCE   ex lifeboat  LUCY LAVERS the engine canopy from which was later to be used in the restoration of Jersey’s HOWARD D.  Pictured on July 2 1974

                                                                                       Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  2636 35.1k  

Vessel seen in use as Jersey Pilot cutter L’ESPERANCE, pictured June 4 1981.                                                                                                                      

                                                                          Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP91/1B/22  601w  8.8k   

LUCY arriving St. Peter Port June 29 1991.                                         


                    Below are four pictures of the vessel at her mooring outside

                    Creux Harbour, Sark taken on July 22 1996  

                                                                                       Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP96/7/29a  307w  764k  

Seen at Sark                                                                                      

                                                                          Picture  :  PHOTO ONE  CP96/7/30a  309w  696k  


                                                                              Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP96/7/31a  312w  565k  


                                                                 Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE  CP/7/32a  314w  563w  



                                                                      Picture  :  PHOTO ONE  CP98/1/9  203w  41.2k  

Stripped down and awaiting shipment, at La Collette boat park, January 13 1998, her engine canopy having been removed for later use in the restoration  of HOWARD D.                                                                                                                                    

                                                                              Picture  :  © PHOTO ONE CP98/4/0 303w  451k    

On a road trailer, awaiting transport to France July 10 1998.                     

                                                                  Picture  :  ©  PHOTO ONE  CP98/4/  305w  519k  

Another view of LUCY awaiting transport.